The Match

I bet tha' new girl wins." Taylor said absentmindedly. "She's pissed and angry as hell. Can't beat tha' – Kelly only had two martinis, tha' ain't gonna be enough. Wonder what Miss Fritton slipped into her drink."

"Probably nothing, she looks like she's never touched alcohol in her life. A glass or two of anything with liquor was going to have her drunker than a skunk. However, Kelly doesn't give up, and Annabelle looks likes she's going to faint or vomit soon. Maybe both" The posh totty replied with the same absent tone as the chav, she was paying too much attention on Kelly and Annabelle to realize that the rest of the players had stopped playing and instead too, stood dumbstruck watching the two girls go at each other with the same masochistic resilience that boxers have.

"Dear Lord, how did this happen?" Polly asked horrified as she ran next to Chelsea before ducking as one of the small heavy hockey balls went flying over her head. "They're going to kill each other."

"A hundred pounds says Kelly kills her first though." Andrea said as Annabelle was pushed violently to the ground by the head girl. The thin girl quickly got back up and wiped the blood that was trickling from her split lip. Her whole face was marred with fresh bruises and scrapes that where turning an ugly colour as the blood mixed with grass and mud.

"I will take tha', Morticia. Tha' girl's too wasted to notice anything. And how did this happen? Well, I's not too sure. We was having a fine time despite that Daddy's girls over there was a bit late. We all had some whisky to warm up and then we started playing. Kelly made the princess the other team captain, I dunno why, I guess to see what she was made of."

"It all seemed to be going alright, although I did notice from the beginning that Kelly and Annabelle kept hogging the ball and trying to deliberately get the ball off from one another and personally defending the goal each time the other got near it." The posh totty added as she winced when Kelly got hit with the ball full force. "That's going to leave a bruise..."

"It just got to the point there was no reason for the rest of us to keep playing." Andrea finished.

"Have... either of them actually scored anything?" Polly asked, trying to assess how much damage the girls had done to each other and themselves.

"No. Although by this point I don't think it's too much about scoring, and more about who's the last person standing." Celia answered quietly as she flicked another page of her book.

"It's going to be days before either of them can walk properly. It's going to look like they had some seriously rough sex in a broom cupboard." Chelsea said giggling. "Maybe they're into that kind of stuff. We all know the most uptight ones are usually the most perverse."

"Trust you to know that, Chelsea..." Celia commented, for the first time bothering to look up from her book. "Wait... is Kelly about to lose?"

Annabelle had the ball and was running full speed ahead to the opposite goal. Kelly was too far away to catch up with her now but that didn't stop her from trying. Annabelle turned around to look at Kelly as she raised her stick, but by doing so she didn't notice her loose shoe lace. She tripped, accidentally hitting the ball backwards instead of forwards before falling down and fainting due to the impact. The ball in the meantime flew in the air until colliding with Kelly Jones square in the head who had been running too fast to notice the ball, much less stop. Immediately, the head girl dropped her stick and fell unconscious next to Annabelle.

"Does that... does that mean it's a draw?" The chav asked incredulously staring at the two limp bodies. "What a pair of wankers, I was about to make some good money there!"

"I think somebody should check they're not dead. They don't seem to be moving." Chelsea said slowly as she winced to get a better view of the girls but not actually moving.

"Anyone want to make a bet on who wakes up first and what their reactions are? We're already calculating the odds." A first year asked pulling out a thick notebook and pen.

"I'm in." All the girls said in unison.

Annabelle slowly opened her eyes but a bright light burned them, forcing her to shut them quickly.

"Take it easy, kid. That's a nasty shape your in."

"Wha-? What happened? I don't remember." Annabelle muttered, the throbbing pain raging in her body made it difficult for her to think straight. Her whole body felt exhausted and when she tried moving, her body screamed in protest. As the seconds passed, she noticed the pain was concentrated in certain areas on her arms, legs and head but what annoyed her the most was how slow her brain seemed to be working. She opened her eyes again, this time prepared for the glare and was met with the sight of a disheveled looking Kelly Jones.

There was a bandage going around her head and her perfect porcelain face was free from make-up allowing Annabelle to see the freckles that adorned her cheeks and nose despite all the bruises and scratches. Annabelle continued staring at her, not understanding where the eternally calm and in control, domineering head girl had gone. Who was this girl who looked so worried and innocent and maybe even a little bit guilty?

"Looks like someone did an awful number on you too." Annabelle rasped out.

The head girl snorted and an amused half smile graced her features. "Yeah... who knew you had it in you."

"Wait... did I-? Oh my god, Kelly! I'm so sorry! I'm really so sorry!" Annabelle quickly answered, pushing herself up in an effort to be more convincing.

Kelly chuckled and waved her hand dismissively. "You only gave me the concussion." Annabelle's eyes widened. "The rest is down to my pride and stubbornness. As for you, well, I'm partly responsible for that too."

"I- I don't remember much. I only remember going to Aunties to celebrate getting on the team, and I remember some champagne. Definitely champagne. And then I was running to the pitch and then... then I don't remember much. Just snippets of you and me playing. Bu-But, Kelly, are you alright?"

"It's just a scratch, kid. It's going to take a lot more to bring me down, I'll tell you that." Kelly said smiling a tired, lopsided grin. "Anyway, I've got to go now. I've got a school to run, you know? I'll see you later, Fritton. Just go to sleep and you'll be okay too, yeah?"

Annabelle smiled timidly and closed her eyes, immediately a wave of lethargy hit her and she started drifting off. But just before she did, she swore she felt soft lips slowly kissing her forehead and a silky voice quietly saying, 'you'll be okay, kid.'

Kelly Jones straightened up quickly and blushed furiously when she noticed what she had done. Stupid, stupid Jones... what the hell do you think you're doing? 'You'll be okay, kid?' What the hell was that anyway?! You've got to quit this nonsense before you start acting like a love sick posh totty. This cannot end well! She berated herself as she quietly left the room.

"Soooooo! How did it go in there?" The posh totty asked with a far too knowing grin.

"Yes, I gave her the talking to she deserved! You can't just do what she did to me and expect to get away with it, oh no! I made sure she understood the severity of her crime." Kelly immediately answered. Severity of her crime? Now where the hell did that come from? Kelly wondered as she started walking to her room ignoring the blonde who quickly caught up with her as she giggled.

"Oh, did you now?"

"Yes, yes I did. Look, it's 3 o'clock in the morning, Chelsea. Do me a favor and bugger off." The head girl ordered, trying to muster all the authority she could on the last sentence but the blonde wasn't dissuaded.

"So you're telling me Annabelle Fritton isn't in you're good books anymore?" She inquired innocently.

"No, she never was and if she were, I'd burn my library; and if you don't leave me the hell alone in the next ten seconds you'll be joining Fritton in my black list, okay?"

Chelsea sighed, "The course of true love never did run smooth."

"Quit quoting Shakespeare and scamper off. Don't you have something better to do than pester me incessantly?"

"Hey! You started!"

The head girl reached her door and turned around to face the blonde. She was in no mood to play entertainer and Chelsea, despite usually having more slack than most, was pushing Kelly's patience. She slowly raised her eyebrow, giving her the full force of the blank, unamused expression that sobered even Matron with its intensity.

"What were you saying?" Kelly asked in a sickly sweet voice.

"Nothing, Kel. I was just on my way to bed."

"Jog off, then." She answered in a deadly calm voice. The blonde nodded vigorously and quickly left. Once she did, Kelly smirked to herself, "Still got it..."

When Chelsea reached the dorm, the large room immediately erupted into into action. Everybody was yelling and waving around money, checkbooks, and demanding they be told what happened.

"Isn't that what big brother's for?" Chelsea asked looking at Polly.

"Kelly cut the power off the cameras in the infirmary. I've got nothing." She answered shrugging.

"Just tell us what happened!" Somebody yelled.

"What did Kelly say when you confronted her?"

"Was there yelling?!"


"On a scale from 1 to 10 how bad was it?"

"Will they survive the wounds?!"

Chelsea closed her eyes and stomped her feet. "Shut up! All of you! Just shut up and I'll tell you what I know!" The room was immediately silenced. "There was no yelling, no crying, no broken furniture and no blood."

"Does that include windows?" A small girl on her right asked her.

"Yes, there were no broken windows!" The blonde said in an exasperated sigh. "And they'll both survive. Kelly did get a concussion though, and she was limping." As she spoke, Chelsea saw hands moving around her, exchanging money in what was frankly quite a civilized and controlled manner.

"Did you hear at what time exactly did Fritton wake up like a' told ya?" Taylor asked.

"Yeah, I clocked it – 2:46 a.m., Kelly sneaked into the room at 11:28p.m. and didn't leave until 02:51 on the dot. You happy now?" She asked the room.

"No!" A chav from the corner yelled. "What were Kel and Fritton like when she left da room?"

"Kelly looked relieved and Annabelle was peacefully asleep. And that is all I know. Oh yeah... and she quoted Shakespeare."

A geek perked up, "Which play?"

"Much Ado About Nothing."

"I knew she'd quote Shakespeare. Everybody form a line and coff up." The headmistress ordered as she stepped out of the shadows. The girls groaned but did as they were told. The posh totty went to her shared bed to wait for her friends. The look Kelly had when she left the room, happy? No, it wasn't happy. Hopeful. Yes, hopeful. Made the posh totty think that maybe this was what the head girl needed. She hadn't seen hopeful in her face for a long time, and it was good to see it again. Yeah... maybe this really could work out.

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