Well, I'm back! Unsure how this is gonna go since it's been yonks since I've done a continuing story and OC stories have never worked really well for me either. BUT I found that I couldn't help it and this idea had been in my head for a while, so I have to get it out there.

This first chapter is OC only so that's why I'll be uploading the 2nd chapter soon after which will be set in Underland and have some of the characters we all know and love!

I do hope you like it and if I'm making spelling/grammar mistakes that affect the flow of the writing then please let me know.

I'm rating it M because I'm paranoid, there's swearing in chapter 2 and horror planned for later on in the story. I'll put warnings up for those chapters.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Caroll or Tim Burton. But you all already know that or else I'd be making a sequel in which Alice comes back and those kisses taken away from the original script would be put back in!


That's how she felt right at this moment.

'Run. Just keep running and don't look back.' She thought.

The trees and bushes and flowers rushed past her as she ran through the woods. It had been too much to stay back there at her family home. Too suffocating. Too restricting. She had to get out and breathe. The outdoors were helping her do that and gave her a sense of calm, peace and of course, freedom.

The sun shone down on her. It wasn't terribly hot, but the running made it feel so. Lena was glad of her flat sandals that she'd worn. Not the maxi dress though. She loved maxi dresses but running in them proved difficult. Especially when one was not very tall, but she had both hands lifting it slightly. This one was pink roses on a background of dark green leaves. It flowed gracefully in the wind, Lena noticed. That was a good thing, at least.

She was running out of breath. She slowed, then stopped and bent over to catch it. Fresh tears began to fall down her cheeks as she stood tall and remembered why she ran in the first place: Eric.

Gone. Lost to her.

A year now, since that awful day, but still more painful than she could have ever comprehended. She would have loved to have shut it out of her memory. At least until she felt better prepared to deal with it. Now her family were trying to get her to talk about it, to get out more, to get a job now that her university course was finished. Lena knew she should do all those things, but the pain wouldn't allow it. She wasn't ready to let go and move on. If her family didn't like it, then tough. She couldn't change who she was and she wouldn't change who she was.

She finally took note of her surroundings. It was very small clearing with tall grasses and Lena noticed that she'd left the path.

'Oops.' She thought. Her dyed dark red hair hung loose and windswept to just past her shoulders and her full chest still heaved from the running. 'I may be lost'.

While debating whether to go back (not that she wanted to) or to run on, one tree that stood on the far side of the clearing and slightly hidden in the shadows caught her eye. The base of it appeared to be non-existent, a large rabbit hole Lena presumed. Curiosity was not a trait Lena usually had, but this time it was certainly there, like it was pulling her towards this tree. Well, she had nothing else to do. Lena shrugged and walked over to rabbit hole, gripping her dress again so she wouldn't trip.

Kneeling down, she gazed into the hole but it was as dark as dark could get.

'Would have been nifty to have a torch' Lena thought. But maybe she'd see some scary mad hare and it'd attack her for disturbing its sleep or something.

'Don't be stupid Lena, there's no monster hares in the hole to eat your face off. Stupid girl.'

She caught a scent that she hadn't smelt before. Like flowers in a breeze that seemed to be coming out of the hole. Lena leaned forward to try and catch the scent again. Nothing. She leaned further forward. There!

'Intoxicating' she thought and leaned forward some more.

The ground gave way. And the Earth fell from her in an instant.