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The pure white, slender towers of the White Queen's castle began to come into view. It looked spectacular in the late morning sunshine that beamed through a few white, billowing clouds. The sunbeams danced on the many windows and glinted down to look like diamonds. It was utterly breath-taking to Lena; Tarrant's description of it was very good but it hadn't done the castle justice. Soon, they were strolling along the straight path that led up the great castle doors and was lined pink blossom trees. It felt so peaceful, so quiet but birdsong could be heard in the distance.

It was so mesmerizing that Lena took a moment to register the fact that a large grey cat now floated in front of her and Tarrant.

"What's this, then?" The cat asked; a wide grin stretching all across his face. His grey fur was lined with bright blue and Lena could only guess who this was.

"Cheshire cat?" The recognition seemed to please him. Tarrant made a huffing sound.

"Indeed, but the question I'm wanting to know the answer to is who are you?" He spun around purring in mid-air, grey mist swirling about his person.

"Lena Bruce. It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr Cheshire cat." She held out her hand, to which the cat took it with his paw and shook it.

"Such a polite dear. And please, just Chess." He grinned once more then turned to Tarrant. "Seems to me like you've attracted yet another, sweet little thing. What would Alice say?" His grin appeared more malicious then and Tarrant simply glared at the feline, though he started shaking with anger and his eyes began turning amber.

"Tarrant..." Lena kept her voice quiet but stern. She could do without another outburst, especially one that might involve a strangled cat.

Chess chuckled to himself. "Until later, sweet Lena." He faded; the last thing to go was his grin. It was only then that Tarrant began to regain his usual composure.

"He had better not show up for tea." He turned his head to Lena. "I may not be able to keep control, even with your strange ability to keep me calm."

Lena was pleasantly surprised. That comment was unexpected. "I help keep you calm?"

"Why, yes. It's almost as if I'm sitting in my Calm Space. But that cat tries my patience at every opportunity he gets. The amount of times I've imagined making him into a hat…"

"Let's just go into the castle and what-not. Remember what I said about that madness." Lena said hurriedly.

Tarrant smiled and said; "Yes but that was the madness of my love for Alice. That was the madness of turning a cat into a hat…have I made a rhyme?" That made Lena smile.

"Come on, you. Let's go meet the Queen."