WOOO, my first Fairy Oddparents story! Finally, I'm letting my *obsession* go free. It seriously is my obsession now. I spent too much time with my 6-year-old cousins…

ANYway, this is a Titanic story, so I'm bound to cry while writing this :p

This story came to me while reading some Magic Treehouse story (my grandma LOVES Magic Treehouse -_-) and I felt the need to write this. So, here I am, 2:31 in the morning, writing this story. Now 2:32. Probably gonna be a fail like all of my other stories.

Oh, this is either gonna be a twoshot or threeshot, OR a VERRRRY long oneshot. (Is threeshot even a word?) O.o

So, enjoy my failed story. :D

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Timmy Turner usually didn't pay any attention to his crazy teacher, Denzel Crocker. But today's history lesson was different. It was about the Titanic.

Timmy leaned forward in suspense, chewing on his eraser, which happened to be Cosmo's head.

"Ow! Ow! OW! Tiiiiimmmmy!", whined Cosmo. "What? Oh, sorry Cosmo. This story is just so…cool!", Timmy said, leaning forward again.

"Cool? Since when is another old story about another old boat sinking cool? BOOOO-RIIING!", Cosmo said, fake-yawning.

"Cosmo!", Wanda scolded. "Thousands of people died on that ship! It wasn't boring for them! Couldn't you have a little more compassion?" "Poof, poof!", Poof agreed.

"Maybe, if I knew what 'compassion' meant…", said Cosmo, confused. Then he recovered, yelling, "C'mon Timmy! This is too boring! Wish for something stupid! Like…a volcano of monkeys exploding under Crocker's butt! Wish for something!"

"TURNER!", yelled Crocker, shoving his face into Timmy's face. "Was that your green eraser with a face yelling at you? Erasers can't talk! Or have faces! That must be one of your…FAIRY GODPARENTS!"

"Fairy godparents? Uh, no! This is my brand-new talking eraser! Everyone has one these days!"

"Really? Where did you get it?", Crocker asked, obviously buying it.

"Um…Internet? Say something, O Great Talking Eraser!", said Timmy, signaling Cosmo to say something.


"COOL!", Crocker's face brightened up. "I want one! I'm gonna get one right now! CLASS DISMISSED!", he said, bouncing out of the window.

A chorus of screams echoed the room as every kid ran out of the room. Timmy and his fairies waited until every kid left the room, then Wanda, Cosmo, and Poof poofed back into fairy form.

"Wow, the Titanic story is so sad! I wonder what it would actually be like to be on it while it was sinking!", Timmy said, looking up to his fairy godparents.

"Nooo way, Sport. There is NO way I'm granting that wish!", Wanda said, shaking her head. "It's way too sad, and Poof probably shouldn't see all of that!"

"But, Wanda, how cool would it be to know what it was like on the Titanic? I could tell everyone about it!"

"Yeah, and then they'll ask how you know all about it. And someone's gonna figure something out. Like- I dunno- you have fairy godparents?"

"I could say it was a dream!"

"Are you gonna wish it or not? Wish already!", Cosmo butted in. "Alright! I wish we were back on the Titanic in 1870!"

Wanda groaned at her godchild's mistake in the dates, and her, Cosmo, and Poof granted the wish.

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Timmy opened his eyes, and looked around. "Cool, we're on the Titanic!" He took one more look around. "…Shouldn't it be sinking?"

Wanda checked her watch. "It's only 11:39, Sport. Wait, that means-"

Her clock turned to 11:40. The Titanic hit against something, sending Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof sliding across the floor. Then, everything went on like nothing happened.

"Don't these people know that they just hit an iceberg? Hey! People! You just hit an iceberg! The Titanic is sinking!", Timmy yelled to the partying people. "Why don't they see me?", he asked. Suddenly, someone just walked through him. He saw the insides of a humans stomach for a spilt second, then someone walking ahead of him.

"D…Did he just walk through me?", Timmy asked. "Well, of course, Timmy!", Wanda said. "This is in 1912, you weren't born yet! Heck, you're grandparents weren't even born yet! You're great-grandparents were probably you're age in 1912!", she explained.

"Were you guys born yet?", he wondered.

"Of course, Timmy! We fairies have been around for thousands of years! Especially Wanda, she lived with the dinosaurs!", Cosmo said, earning a glare from Wanda.

"Wow, let's go look around!", Timmy said. Cosmo disguised himself as Timmy's watch, Poof disguised himself as Timmy's hat, and Wanda disguised herself as Timmy's coat. "Wait, if no one can see us, then why are you guys still disguised?", he asked. "Good point, Timmy", Wanda said, and they all poofed into fairy form. "Alright, let's go!"

They explored most of the ship. When they reached the third class of the ship, Timmy started getting bored. "Well, we saw about all of the ship. Can you fast forward time a little bit? This is getting boring.", Timmy sighed.

"Well, it's midnight right now, so in a couple of hours, the Titani-", she was cut off by Timmy saying, "Well, I want some action! Come on, let's get to the sinking part already!" Little did they know, there was water sloshing up towards them. "Timmy! Look at the water!", Cosmo yelled. He flew up to hit and ripped of his clothes, revealing his bathing suit. He splashed into the ice cold water, and came back up as an ice cube.

"Brrr! So…C-c-cold!", he stuttered. Wanda frowned, and set Cosmo's ice cube on fire, melting the ice.

"C'mon, I wanna see some action! I wish time would fast forward and the ship would start sinking!", Timmy wished. Cosmo and Wanda exchanged worried looks, and granted the wish.


Timmy kicked his feet, and only felt air. He was clinging onto cold metal. He opened his eyes, and gasped. He saw: people screaming and holding onto the railing, falling off of the top of the boat or just plain letting go. He looked to his left: a girl clinging onto the boat railing, which was the end of the boat. Another girl came by and shoved her off so she could have a spot. The first girl slipped and rolled down to the other side of the ship, which was starting to dip deeper into the sea.

Timmy look to Cosmo and Wanda, who were still fairies. But they were clinging on the metal, just like him. "Wait, you g-guys have wings! W-w-why are you hanging on for your life?", he asked, stuttering from the cold.

"O-our wings were f-f-frozen stiff, s-so we can't fly!", Cosmo yelled, also stuttering from the cold.

"Oh…hey, Wanda? W-w-was it r-really like this on the T-Titanic?", Timmy asked, with sadness in his eyes. They all knew, even Cosmo knew, that if Wanda answered, 'yes', that Timmy would probably start crying.

"Well…I'm afraid so, Sport. In fact, this is exactly how it was. We're really back in time. All of this happened…and it's really happening right now. You don't exist yet…", Wanda explained. She looked like she was about to cry, too.

Timmy sniffed, and started crying. "This…this is too terrible. This shouldn't have happened.", he said sadly. He looked down, and saw people rolling down the deck. He looked up: this part of the ship was so high up that he felt like he could touch the stars. He looked down: he almost fainted from how far up it was. Then he saw a man, holding a little girl, about 5 years old, slip and fall down…down….down in the black water. The little girl screamed until they hit the icy cold water.

"I WISH THE TITANIC NEVER SANK!", Timmy suddenly blurted out.

Wanda couldn't grant the wish, because she was holding on the railing and Poof, so Cosmo raised his wand, struggling to hold on the railing with one arm.

Timmy heard a loud 'CRA-A-ACK!', and everything went black, just as Cosmo granted the wish.

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Oh, and you'll see why Timmy's wish probably wasn't a good idea, even though it saved many lives. You'll see why, though. It has something to do with his parents…

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