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Timmy just lay there on the cold, cement floor, unable to move. Crocker wanted to…kill him? Sure, he hated Timmy-no, despised him-but Timmy never thought he was going to attempt murder.

"Adrian Jennings?", Crocker said suddenly, snapping his head up quickly. "Come!", he commanded. Timmy listening for a moment, then heard footsteps against the concrete floor come up to Crocker, then screech to a stop.

"Yes, Master?", said Adrian. That voice was awfully familiar to Timmy. Neck cracking, he snapped his head up and saw Aj, bowing down to Crocker like he was his master.

"Aj! What are you doing!", Timmy shrieked at the sight of him. "Don't bow down to him! And why weren't you in school?"

Crocker instantly spoke for Aj. "School? He's never been to school in his life. I've implanted a chip in his brain so he already knows everything. That's how he built all of this", he gestured around the big room, "just for me. Adrian, do you know him?", Crocker eyed him suspiciously.

"N-no, of course not, sir! I do not know this human.", Aj said. The way he talked to Crocker reminded Timmy of a robot.

"Very well, then.", Crocker brushed it off. "Adrian, vaporize him!"

"No!", Timmy hollered, his voice echoing the room. Aj held up his robot-hand, with a laser similar to the one that almost killed Timmy.

"Aj, don't you remember me? I'm Timmy, Timmy Turner! We go to school together, we're best friends with Chester McBadbat, and we're number one on the unpopular chart!"

Aj looked unconvinced, so Timmy tried again. "Even if you don't remember, are you really going let him boss you around like that? And let him destroy an innocent child?", cried Timmy with complete desperation in his voice.

"Innocent?" Crocker retorted with a sneer. "You're anything but innocent! You've been living a lie with a precious secret. You have fairies!", he shrieked, obviously trying not to go whacko like he used to in his classroom.

Ignoring Crocker, and seeing that Aj was pondering about what Timmy said, he tried convincing him once again. "You're a human being, just like me, and you're really going to let Crocker live your whole life for you and be his slave?"

"Prepare to die, Human." Aj said, pointing his gun at Timmy, ignoring him. The fairies gasped, Timmy whimpered, and Crocker laughed.

Aj fired, and everything was quiet (except for Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof crying).

Timmy, waiting to be destroyed, felt nothing. But a scream was heard. He wondered if it was his own scream, but his mouth was sealed shut. He opened his eyes, and was Crocker. His long legs we buried in a messy pile of goo on the floor up to his waist. He shrieked again.

"NO! How could you? You are my slave!"

Aj had a smug look on his face. "Not anymore," he said, twirling the gun around his fingers, then blowing the smoke off of the top.

"You defeated me! You win thi-," his mouth had already melted, along with the rest of him. Timmy watched in total glee as his teacher melted into a black and white pile of goop.

"Well, I think that's the last time we'll hear of him!" Aj exclaimed, shooting Timmy a friendly smile.

Timmy grinned, but it quickly faded. "No…," he said. "No, it's not. I made this mess, and it's time to set everything straight and back to normal." Ignoring the confused look on Aj's face, Timmy spun around on his heels and jogged to the cage that the fairies were trapped in.

With a big grin, he pressed the big, red 'RELEASE' button. A high-pitched beep signaled that they were finally free.

"Guys!" Timmy yelled as he jumped up, ready for the usual family hug.

"Timmy!" Wanda said. "We're so happy you're okay!"

"We thought you were gonna be…well, you know…," Cosmo sadly cut off his sentence, but regained his happiness. "Well, Sport, Crocker's gone, we're free and so are you! Whatcha' wanna wish for?"

"Cosmo, Wanda: I wish everything was back to normal!"


Timmy opened his eyes slowly and cautiously. He raised himself up to look out of the window, and what he saw made him jump out of the bed and into the fishbowl.

"Cosmo, Wanda! They're car is here!" Timmy yelled, making water splash everywhere.

Cosmo and Wanda poofed out of their bowl, fully awake and fully…wet. Steps were heard and they soon poofed themselves back into the bowl, which was now only half filled. The other half was on the floor.

The door creaked open…Timmy could hardly hold his excitement. He balled his fists up until they turned white, his giant buck tooth bit into his bottom lip until his lip was bleeding. But he didn't care, he just wanted to see his parents again.

The friendly and familiar faces of his mom and dad were standing in his doorway, and Timmy realized how long it had been for him, and how short the time had been for them.

"Timmy, we're home!" his parents announced.

Timmy couldn't hold it back. He let it all out: the tears, the screams of joy, and, of course, the hugs and kisses.

"Mom! Dad! You're back! You're home for good! Never. Ever. Ever leave me again! I missed you so much!" Timmy said through the sobs and tears.

"Timmy, sweetie, we weren't even gone for two months! We were only gone a week since something was wrong with the ship and we had to turn around." his mom explained. "Why are you acting like this?"

"Sorry," Timmy said, smiling. "It's just…it seems a lot longer than that to me! And you're not going to be on another trip for a while, right?"

"That's right, Timmy! Vicky went on another cruise, and won't be back until November 26th! Which means more time with you!"

"And I couldn't wish for anything better!" And it was true. I wouldn't trade this moment for the world, Timmy thought as he leaned in for another family hug.


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