Note: I have made my story a little different to how Tin Man went; Adora is alive and Jeb is only 15. (But this is only to help me with my story) Oh and to let you know I have borrowed some scenes from Tin Man but made them fit into my own story, but it was the only way to make it look like history was being repeated.

Forgotten Memories

"Where the hell am I? The girl said to herself as she stared up at a crystal, blue sky; where there were two suns shining brightly.

Now this really did confuse the girl... Two suns! Now that couldn't be right.

She closed her eyes quickly and hoped that would correct things. When she finally open her eyes again there was still two suns!

The girl quickly shot up and looked around her and found herself surrounded by very tall trees, which she guessed must have been over 20 foot high, when she leaned her head back and trailed her eyes up the thick trunks, she couldn't see the top of the trees they seemed to disappear into the sky above.

She continued to take in her surrounds, but couldn't see nothing but trees, that seemed to go on for miles.

One thing the girl was certain of was that she was nowhere near home and that wasn't just because of the two suns, back home there was hardly any trees at all, just tall buildings one after the other.

The girl slowly stood up and as soon as she put her full weight on her feet, she started to feel light-headed and she quickly placed her head against one of her hands and wondered if she had hit her head on something and when she looked back down at the ground she saw lots of large rocks everywhere, so maybe that was why her head felt so bad.

She placed her hand against one of the tree trunks to steady herself and after a moment or two she took another look around once again, wondered what to do? There was no point hanging around here, but which way to go? Every direction looked the same... miles and miles of endless trees.

The girl placed her back flat against the trunk and wondered how she could have gotten here, the last thing she remembered was falling asleep in her own bed back home in London. Could she be dreaming? Somehow it felt too real for that though.

After a few minutes she decided on what direction to take, even though there was no real reason for that route, but she had to choose one and just hoped it was the right one, she still had no idea what she was looking for; Maybe someone who could get her home again.

As the girl started to walk away, (very slowly as her head still didn't feel quite right) she would surely be late for work, she could just hear her supervisor going on now, about how time keeping was the most important thing, even though, her supervisor was the worst one out of all of them.

How was she ever going to explain this situation, everyone would think she had gone insane, maybe that was what was happening to her, because none of this made sense at all.

The girl wondered if she would ever see her work colleagues or her friends again. Come to think of it she didn't really have any close friends or any family that would even notice she had gone, so no-one would come looking for her. The girl now wished she had made more effort to her family, but come to think of it she didn't think it would have made any difference, not with her alcoholic father and her older brother who kept getting himself locked behind bars. She wished her mother was still around, everything had been good for about 10 years until they lost her in a car accident, a drunk driver was speeding and drove straight into her mother's car, the thing that made it worse was the drunk driver survived.

The girl had been so caught up in her past as she continued to make her way through this forest, that she didn't realise it was starting to get dark and now there was large shadows starting to appear around her, now this was really starting to scare her, she certainly didn't want to spend the night out here.

She looked up at the sky, but the trees had gotten so much thicker now, that she couldn't even see the sky.

The girl started to walk even quicker and prayed that she found shelter before it got too dark and she couldn't see what was right in front of her.

As she continued to rush through the forest, her foot hit something and before she knew what was happening she fell flat on her face, luckily enough she fell against something soft. The girl lifted her head and wondered what she had tripped over and most importantly what she had landed on, she couldn't remember seeing anything this soft in the forest.

She found a small pile of leaves on the ground in front of her; someone had cleared up all the leaves, but why only this part of the forest?

At that moment, a foot came into her view and then another. This certainly made her smile, she just hope the person was friendly and would be able to help her.

She slowly trailed her eyes up and took in a pair of light grey trousers and as she lifted her face up higher she found the person was also wearing a white shirt with a top coat and a long grey coat that went down to their knees. She leaned her head right back and looked up at the person's face, but because of the bad light she couldn't make out their face, only that the person was wearing a hat.

"And who might you be? the person demanded.

Well, the person was definitely male and he didn't sound very happy see her, well not as happy as she was see him anyway, whoever he was? She was just glad to finally run into someone, she didn't fancy spending the night in the forest alone... Even though she knew she was taking a risk, what with him being a stranger.

When she didn't answer straight away he leaned over and brought his face down towards hers. She found herself staring up into a pair of bright blue eyes and for some reason she felt herself relaxing even more... she couldn't bring herself to look away.

"Have you lost your tongue? He asked.

She opened her mouth to answer him, but for some reason no words came out of her mouth, either that or she had gone deaf to her own voice. Those eyes somehow had hypnotised her completely.

"It's getting late, Wyatt. Come in and I'll get supper ready."

Now that was totally a different voice, a little quieter as if they were calling from a distance, but it certainly sounded like a female voice.

The next minute those eyes were gone and it felt like someone had thrown a bucket of cold water over her... it was actually just a cool breeze hitting her face, which made her shiver slightly. She brought her hand up to her face and realised it was slightly wet and something seemed stuck to her cheek.

"Looks like we have company, my love," the guy responded back.

She peeled away the thing that seemed stuck to her cheek and found out it was one of the leaves from the pile that she had fallen on. Did she have that stuck to her face all this time? Why was it that she always embarrassed herself in front of other people? This was her life all over... no wonder her friends didn't stick around for long.

She placed the leaf back on the pile below her and slowly turned her head to find that the another person was now standing beside the guy and they were both staring down at her, she truly hated being the centre of attention, what could possible be going through their minds?

"It's a girl, but why is she dressed like a boy?" The female asked.

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