To Save The Winchesters Turn to Chapter One
E/O Challenge:

Disclaimer: To claim ownership turn to chapter 2.
A/N: Ladies have you ever wanted to get into our dear Castiel's pants? Well you can. Because you are Castiel. And….go!

You are angel and you are do not like this. You don't like waking up with a collar on your neck with Enochian carved into it. You don't like the blood on your trench coat because it isn't yours.

But most of all you don't like waking up with a picture of your charge and his gangly brother beaten in a generic warehouse.

You have 8 hours to find them. Then who will stop the hell I'm creating?

There's two choices on the bottom of the note. Unfolding your wings, you wonder-

Do you go to Boston or to Atlanta?


To go to Boston turn to chapter 3, to go to Atlanta go to chapter 2.