A/N: So this is only my second fic so please be gentle with me. It is not beta'd so sorry for the mistakes that slipped through the cracks. It was supposed to be set this weekend (Aug 5th) but I forgot about the premier. So it now takes place the last weekend of July (but it does explain Darren's ring in the live chat interview O_o). Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or any of its characters and this is purely fiction and purely for fun.


"Darren, your local Chinese food place is so much better than mine" declared Chris as he took a huge mouthful from the carton in front of him.

"Yeah …but your pizza place trumps mine" Darren replied mouth half full of food.

They ate in silence for a few minutes, both men enjoying the food and the company. It had been a long Friday on set and they were both looking forward to a quiet night.

Chris was so preoccupied with his chopsticks that he missed the mischievous gleam in Darren's eyes. Darren scooted closer to the table and began to play footsie with the boy across from him. Chris allowed himself a slight smile, but otherwise he gave no indication that he felt Darren's foot at all. Instead he began what he thought would be the most causal of conversations.

"Work doesn't start for two weeks, but this is our last free weekend, seeing how the movie premier is next week. How were you planning on spending it?"

Darren's foot was now at Chris' inner thigh caressing him through his jeans. "Well," he said just as casually "I'd love to have my cake and eat it too. Actually I'd love a piece of cake right now". He said the last sentence a little softer than the first.

"Darren, I said 'weekend plans' not 'dessert plans' " chastised Chris.

"I was talking about the weekend" Darren sighed, sliding down on his chair so he could move his foot even further up Chris' thigh. "I would love to spend the weekend making love to the light of my life…" he looked straight at Chris and winked.

Chris' heart did a little flip-flop. "And if that doesn't work out…?"

"Well, I guess I'll try to spend as much of it as I can with my best friend" Darren replied easily, his leg and ego getting tired from his inability to break Chris' cool exterior.

"And if that doesn't work out…?" Chris gave a smug grin as he felt Darren remove his foot from his thigh. Inwardly he pouted a little because the foot had not only been warm to the touch, but it had made him feel warm inside.

"Well I guess I'll spend some time with youif you can fit me in." Darren tried to sound exasperated, but the twinkle in his eyes gave him away.

"So… you were planning on coming over tomorrow…"

"Yeah… duh… I need my CrissColfer fix." Darren was winking again.

"But I'm here now?" Chris questioned, tilting his head and squinting a little. Darren's heart did its own flip-flop.

"Oh, no, no… you came to me – this is your CrissColfer fix and don't try to deny it"

Chris felt himself blush. "Well what about Sunday?" He just had to ask.

"Oh it will be you again... you just can't seem to stay away from me" replied the older boy with mock seriousness and a wiggle of his triangular shaped brows.

Chris saw and opening and grabbed it. He had taken off his shoes after Darren had abandoned his thigh. He swiftly stretched his leg out under the table toward Darren's crotch. Because his legs were significantly longer than Darren's, he was able to push his sock clad foot directly between Darren's legs. Redemption Chris thought.

Darren gasped for breath, throwing his arms in the air. He pushed back from the table, coughing frantically. Oh my God! Darren was choking! Chris rushed to Darren's side pounding him on the back.

When the shorter man's coughing had subsided, he rushed into the kitchen coming back with a glass of water.

"I'm so sorry Darren!" Chris was looking at his friend's face still flushed from the coughing fit.

Darren waved him off with his hand and spoke haltingly. "Good move buddy… next time just give me some warning …my mouth was full of food."

Chris face dropped; it did not go unnoticed by Darren. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"I'm so horrible at this" Chris faltered, waving his hands around. "Flirting, …being close to someone. If I ever get a boyfriend, I'll probably kill him. Remember the fire?" Darren smiled. Yes, he remembered the fire and as a result Chris was no longer allowed to use the stove in Darren's apartment.

"Aw come on, you're a great flirter – I think I blushed at your comments once or twice today alone." Darren was trying to make Chris feel better – but wasn't working. "You're gonna make someone a great boyfriend. But until then – you've got me to practice on."

"How many lives do you think you have left?" Chris was pouting and he was adorable.

"More than enough to handle you Mr. Colfer" That got a smile out of Chris. "Are you ready to watch a movie?" A nod and a smile. Hot damn Darren was on a roll. "How 'bout a scary one tonight? – You can practice cuddling me and keeping me safe." A big smile and a blush. Checkmate. Darren grinned his goofy grin and held his hand out for the younger boy to take.


Chris woke up with a start. There was a faint blue glare from the TV. The movie had ended, probably quite some time ago. The first thing he felt was Darren draped over him, sleeping heavily on his chest. The second thing he felt was his hard-on straining against his pants and after he mentally face palmed himself he realized he could feel something else poking against his leg, something that did not belong to him. He blushed in the dark. He had to get out of this situation, now.

He wrapped his arms around Darren and slowly turned the older boy to the back of the couch. Darren mumbled something and wrapped his own arm around the younger boy. Chris lifted up Darren's arm and slid out of his grasp to the floor. As soon as Chris was off the couch, Darren rolled forward onto the seat. He lifted his head up confused. "Gotta go to the bathroom" Chris whispered by way of explanation and he started for the hall bath.

Darren muttered something like "Me too" got up and headed for the master bath in his bedroom.

Chris after using the toilet, a feat in itself, Chris slashed some water on his face and took a moment to collect himself. He walked across the hall into Darren's room. Darren was already in bed. The older boy lifted up the sheet in response to Chris' presence. Chris sighed, smiled and wiggled himself out of his jeans. Creeping in beside his friend, spooning against Darren's chest and stomach, Chris felt the butterflies start up again. The older boy's arm wrapped around him, and together they both gave a collective sigh and were soon asleep.


Chris did not sleep long. He was playing the 'what if' game with himself. His thoughts, feelings and fears were causing his chest to ache and head to pound. He turned around to look at Darren, still blissfully asleep. Darren. He didn't want a first boyfriend. He wanted Darren. He wanted Darren so bad it hurt, in more places than one. He looked at his watch - time to get up. He shrugged back into his jeans, leaned over, and kissed Darren's forehead wishing he did not have to leave so early.

As if he was Sleeping Beauty, Darren's eyes fluttered open and he smiled up at Chris. "I have to go" Chris whispered and Darren groaned reaching for him, making Chris blush.

"Do you have a drill?" Chris had meant to ask last night, but he had gotten caught up in the cuddling and protecting.

Darren picked his head up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "What?"

"A drill - a tool used to make holes and fasten pieces of wood together…"

"I know what a drill is…"

"Do you have one?"

"Yes …somewhere" Darren was covering is head with his pillow.

"Could you find it and be by my house in two hours?"

"Mmph" was all Chris heard.

"Is that a Yes?"

"Mmph" came the reply.

Chris lifted up the pillow and kissed Darren's cheek, sweetly saying "Thanks honey, see you at ten." He dropped the pillow back to its original position.

"Lumph you" came out from under the pillow.

"Love you too!" Chris said heading for the door, blushing and smiling from ear to ear.

He had to get home in time for the delivery men.


Ten o'clock on the dot there was a knock at Chris' door. He opened it to find Darren leaning against his door post with two coffees and the drill case. "You can't still be tired?' Chris chastised.

Darren perked up when he saw Chris, well when he saw what the younger man was wearing. Chris had on a tight navy blue pocket T. Darren could see the outline of Chris' developing pectorals under the tight shirt and there was nothing to hide the swells and valleys of Chris' upper arms. Chris' time in the gym was paying off in a big way and Darren wondered if Chris could hear his heart speed up. Not able to help himself, Darren's eyes travelled lower. There he found Chris' simple black running shorts, not cargos but actual shorts – more than 5 inches of porcelain skin could be seen on each of Chris' thighs. Darren's heart hitched and his cock twitched and he tried to not picture those shorts strewn casually on his bedroom floor.

He took a deep breath and put on his 'flirty Darren' façade. "Oooh …me gusta!"

"What…these are my 'doing' clothes" Chris said seriously, but he could not hide the blush that crept up his neck. Sometimes he thought Darren looked at him like he was the last dessert in the buffet line – and Darren loved dessert. Chris chastised himself. It was much too early in the day for the butterflies he was feeling.

"Ah, …okay Mr. Home Depot." Darren rolled his eyes as he crossed the threshold handing both cups, in their little card board holder, to Chris. Darren felt wicked. Well, he always felt wicked, but he decided not to restrain himself at that very moment.

"I don't know who you plan on doing, but I have feeling I'm the only one here… so I hope its me."

Chris felt his stomach dance with nervousness at Darren's words. It would be so easy to forget his plans for the day and spend it curled up on the couch with Darren in his arms where he always felt warm, loved and complete.

Darren made his way to the dining room and flung himself backwards over the nearest chair, imitating 'Kurt's' now infamous 'Animal' pose. "My body is ready!"

As Darren came up both boys caught each others eyes and immediately they started laughing, hard. The spell had been broken. They were just friends again.

"My god, Darren, you've got to stop trolling …and you've got to stop sending me those gifs" Chris was wiping away a tear he was laughing so hard.


Darren stopped laughing abruptly when he saw the living room. "What is the name of Potter is this shit"

"Don't curse" Chris chided.

"Sorry..." Darren corrected himself "What in the name of hell is this shit"

"Much better" Chris smiled coming up behind him. "This is our project for the morning."

Chris walked tentatively into the middle of the living room, stepping over pieces of wood, screws, brackets and hardware. "It's an entertainment centre."

"…And it exploded in you living room?" Darren questioned, eyeing Chris suspiciously.

"Not exactly... I got it like this."

"Why?" was all Darren could say, he eyes surveying the seemingly hundreds of pieces.

"Well I was shopping at Wood You ..." Darren shook his head at Chris' words. This was going to end badly. When Chris went shopping it always ended badly. "…and I saw an entertainment center I absolutely loved, but they did not have an assembled piece in cherry wood and of course everything else here is cherry wood…"

"Of course…And?" Darren was waiting for the bad ending.

"And they said they couldn't have one assembled and delivered until next Saturday and we were gonna be back to work…"

"And?" Darren sat down bracing for impact, he had a feeling it was gonna be worse than he thought.

"They said it's not hard to put together and they could deliver an unassembled one this morning. …Ta Da!"

"Oh. …I'm gonna need much more than coffee to deal with this Christpoher. I need a drink"

"Darren, it won't be that hard …I promise" Chris whined, his voice pleading, going up an octave.

As Darren was heading to the kitchen he spied a little blue gift bag, with a bow on it, on Chris's pass through. "What's that?" he asked casually "One of the cast have a birthday coming up?"

"No, actually it's a 'Thank You' gift"

"For who?" Darren was rummaging through Chris' cupboards wondering why he didn't buy a muffin or two while he was at the coffee shop.

"For you… for helping me today."

Darren came round the corner with a Pop Tart in his mouth. "For me?" He grabbed the gift bag off the counter.

"For helping…" Chris stated, taking the bag back and putting on the counter again.

"Can I open it now?" Darren began to peek inside.

"You can't get a Thank You gift until you've done something to deserve the Thank You. Eating my food does not count… Are you gonna help me or what?"

"If I say 'Yes', can I open it now?"


"Come on… I promise to help you, …and the bow is so pretty and I won't be able to concentrate with it sitting here taunting me. Please. …Please. …Please." Darren gave Chris his best puppy eyes. Chris stood his ground, shaking his head no.

It was time for Darren to pull out the big guns. He sauntered over to Chris, wrapped his arms around the taller boy's waist and tilted his head up slightly, adorable pout still on his mouth and in his eyes. He rocked side to side in Chris arms, much like a child would when attempting to get their way. "Honey, I promise to help. May I please open the present now?"

Chris could smell Darren's curls, feel his hands burning him through his shirt. And his hips. Oh. My. God. What was he doing? Trying to drive Chris insane? Chris could feel his body starting to betray him, but he treasured the feeling of Darren this close, doing these things to him for just a moment longer. "Fine." He conceded, knowing Darren would untangle his arms from around his waist and rip into the present. Because Darren so predictable, - not.

Darren gave Chris a chaste kiss on the lips, before pulling away and heading to the counter. "Yay! Thank you!" he called over his shoulder.

"What …no tongue?" Chris said, brain recovering quickly, rest of his body - not so much.

"I don't even know what it is yet?" Darren was taking out the tissue paper. "I'm not just some floozy." Chris rolled his eyes and leaned on the dining room table, willing the heat in his belly away. Sometimes it seemed Darren was a walking sound bite – a parody of his actual self.

"Wow …a …ring…" Darren held up the oil rubbed band, looking at it in the light. "I don't wear much jewelry…"

"Yeah, I know…" Chris was stepping forward, "but it was so you. Look closer."

So Darren made a show of staring at the ring, holding it close, holding it far and somewhere in between he saw it in the pattern encircling the ring. There was a 'D' then a backwards 'D'. No, it was a 'C', an overlapping 'C'. The ring was a series of 'D's and 'C's overlapping each other making and elegant pattern. Darren's heart began to pound again.

"Chris…" he whispered, "it's our initials."

Chris tilted his head to the side and came in close to scrutinize the ring. But he knew what was there. "Well actually… its 'DC' for Darren Criss." Darren's heart dropped.

"But it could stand for Darren and Chris?" He looked at Chris hopefully.

"I guess it could…"Chris relented. Did Darren sound disappointed he wondered. "The big question is: Do you like it?"

"Yeah, man I love it!' His buddy Darren was back. The older man slipped the ring on his right hand, flexing his fingers a few times to get accustomed to the band.

"So now that I've got a ring… are we going steady or what?" Darren's eyes sparked mischievously.

"If by 'steady' you mean, steadily insane than the answer is most definitely 'Yes' " Chris dropped the banter and became serious. "Now can we start on this thing?"