Let's not fight

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One day, Rosie and Toshi decided to do a camping trip in the park; as for how Toshi was dragged along, whatever had happened the boy was not happy.

"We're doing this again, why?" He asked as he set down his camping stuff across from Rosie. "I have better things to do."

"Climbing a treeee~" Rosie sang as she held up a picture and waved it tauntingly.

Toshi scowled before he reached for it. "You know that I was helping Duna with something."

"All I know is that if this gets around, Mister Master Fighter who saved the world will be oh so embarrassed."

"Damn girl, give me the photo!" Toshi grabbed at the picture, holding one of Rosie's arms to make sure she didn't go anywhere but she was still able to keep the photo out of his reach. "Give it to me!"


Finally, Toshi just grabbed her other arm, snatched the photo, and ripped it to shreds.

"Ahh, you're so mean, Toshi!" Rosie hit the boy's arm and Toshi glared at her.

"Stupid rich girl, you think you can get your way just cause you're used to being spoiled. Maybe some people don't like that! You can't just tell people what to do when they don't want to do it!"

"You're just used to being alone. Just cause you had a bad past doesn't mean that you can make the people around you miserable by acting like a lone wolf who acts like he doesn't need any help!"

Toshi started slightly before he scowled once more, turned his back to the girl, and began setting up his tent up quietly.

"Cold shoulder, huh? Two can play at that game!" Rosie turned away from the boy and also began to put up her tent.

A few minutes later and Toshi was walking away from the campsite to find berries or something else to eat since he refused to go get fast food; they were camping out after all.

Rosie watched him go before she went in the opposite direction of the boy to do the same thing.

Once they had both eaten dinner and night was falling, the two went inside their tents, still not speaking or looking at each other.

Spinax growled worriedly from inside his Dino Medal.

"Be quiet." Toshi said as he put his medals off to the side with his raptor tooth and slipped off his shirt. "I'm not going to give in that easily. She's got to learn that she can't always get her way."

Spinax purred but said nothing else as his master laid down and went to sleep.

Rosie couldn't sleep that well; she was scared of the dark. And she didn't have her Dino Medals with her either. After a while of trying to get some sleep, she gave up and left her tent, heading inside the one that was opposite of hers.

Toshi woke up sometime in the middle of the night when he felt warmer than normal. He was about to pull off his blanket, thinking that it hadn't gotten as cold as he had originally thought, when he stopped as he noticed something clinging to his chest. When he tried to move away, the thing just held on tighter as if making sure he couldn't go anywhere. Toshi sighed when he realized that it was just Rosie.

"Does this mean the fight's off?" He asked quietly as he put one arm around the girl and decided to go back to sleep.

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