The Legacy

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Chapter 1

It's been nearly 12 years since her father left the WWE and now she was following in his footsteps. Sure her family was well known, but little did she know that there was a select few who didn't know who she was. But she wasn't going to let that stop her, she was just as stubborn and head strong as her father and just as beautiful and sweet as her mother. She was the perfect combination of the both of them.

"Are you sure you're ready to do this?" Kelsey asked her best friend.

"I was born ready." Dani answered.

"Well, what are you waiting for then?" Kelsey asked.

"For me to wake up. It feels like I am living in a dream." Dani answered.

"Well, this is not a dream. Come on lets go." Kelsey responded.

Dani and Kelsey walked up to the security guard standing at the double doors that lead into the backstage area of the arena. After showing him their passes, he opened the door and let them in. He already knew who she was before she showed him her pass. The guard had worked for the WWE while Dani's parents worked for the company.

"Have you told your parents yet?" Kelsey asked.

"Not yet. But I left them a note telling them to watch RAW tonight." Dani answered.

"Ok. I just hope they don't flip out." Kelsey answered.

"Me too. Here's the women's locker room." Dani responded. "I'll be out in a few."

Since Dani and Kelsey had gotten there early, Dani decided to get into her ring gear, before anyone else showed up. She slipped into her shorts and halter top that was both black, blue and purple and had her dad's former cross logo on it. After lacing up her boots and making sure that everything looked perfect, Dani headed back to where she left Kelsey.

"You look amazing!" Kelsey stated.

"Thanks. I just hope that I don't get too nervous tonight." Dani responded.

"You'll do just fine." Kelsey stated.

Dani and Kelsey headed towards catering to grab something to eat and drink. Dani already knew who she was going up against that night and who was going to win. She met the other Diva's yesterday when she came into sign the final draft of her contract. As Dani and Kelsey were sitting in catering, Dani's phone went off.

"Hello?" Dani answered her phone.

"Dani, why did you leave us a note to watch RAW tonight?" Her mom asked.

"There is a surprise that you should see." Dani answered.

"Ok. Can't you just tell us?" her mom asked.

"No. I want you to watch it. Please?" Dani pleaded.

"Alright. We'll watch it." Her mom responded.

"Thanks. Got to go mom." Dani stated before hanging up.

"Is she suspicious yet?" Kelsey asked.

"Slightly." Dani answered just as a group of wrestlers walked in. "Now there is something to look at."

"Who are you talking about? There are like 10 of them." Kelsey asked.

"The one with the tats." Dani answered.

"Nice. But he looks a little too old for you." Kelsey responded.

"I don't care. I know who he is, but he doesn't know who I am." Dani stated.

"Please be careful." Kelsey responded.

"I didn't say I was going after him, I just said that he was something to look at." Dani stated.

"Ok. What about the one standing next to him?" Kelsey asked.

"Yeah, he's cute too." Dani answered but she never took her eyes off the tattooed hottie.

Soon it was show time. Dani was in the third match of the night against Kelly-Kelly. Dani had been training non-stop for the last two years and couldn't wait to get in the ring. She adjusted the last piece of her costume to make sure that she could see through the eye holes in her mask.

Dani walked out to the ring while her entrance song played throughout the arena. Dani and Kelly squared off in the ring and each had a chance to pin the other several times. But it wasn't until Dani used her dad's finishing move that she was able to pin Kelly for the win.

Meanwhile at her parents house, they had just watched the diva's match and exchanged looks with each other. Neither of them knew for sure if the masked princess in the ring was their daughter or not, or if she was in the audience with a sign. They both hoped for the later and but Dani's dad had a feeling that history was going to repeat itself.