A/N: Because I'm making you all wait donkeys years for Reborn since I've encountered a brick wall, I'm going to post this as a side entertainment. You might recognise it, as I originally posted it before, but I took it down because I was getting nowhere with it either. But now I've pulled 22 more chapters of this out of the hat so we're safe for a while :D

But this is a sequel to Destiny and it is sort of a pre-req to read at least chapters 2, 3, 6, 18, 19 and 20 of that to truly understand what is going on.

In terms of a quick summary:

After a lovely Christmas in Torchwood, the Doctor and Rose's two-year-old daughter, Leah, suddenly falls ill and is taken to a UNIT hospital, where mysterious child deaths are occurring, with the sick children speaking of apparitions. The Doctor investigates, and discovers after Leah becomes critically ill that the apparent products of children's imagination are real, and are killers.

The Doctor purposely raids a UNIT medical research centre in order to steal a disease to make himself ill enough to see the creatures, but on return to the hospital discovers Leah has been abducted and Rose has been hurt. UNIT arrest him for the theft, forcing Jack to go after Leah alone. The Doctor and Rose escape UNIT together to pursue Jack, but during the confrontation with the mystery creatures, the Doctor is severely injured, and Rose is attacked by the creatures.

After being saved, the Doctor has to go into surgery, but Rose discovers that her near-death experience has likely caused her to have a miscarriage of a baby they didn't even know about. When the Doctor regains his senses he reacts badly to the miscarriage both mentally and physically, causing him and Rose to have a major falling out. Unable to live with it, the Doctor, Rose and Jack agree to wipe their memories of the miscarriage. On arriving back at Torchwood, they discover the head doctor at the UNIT hospital was an nameless imposter.

Canon is A/U DW post-Series 4, A/U TW pre-Children of Earth. Heavy smut and whump to incoming.

UPDATE 14/02/2015: Have now fixed all the Gallifreyan to conform to my dictionary!


Chapter 1 – Two Little Boys

The prank hadn't quite gone according to plan.

Well, that was a slight understatement, Theta couldn't help but think as he and Koschei tore through the Time Academy pursued by half the teachers in a firey uproar. It had been Koschei's idea after a recent field trip to Sol 3 to mix a concentrated dose of laxative into the staff's food dispenser, not effective on Gallifreyans enough for the full effect, but it did mean they were being chased by roughly 50 Cardinals in a crescendo of farts and general bowel problems.

Koschei and Theta were struggling not to burst into laughter at the bodily orchestra behind them... They hadn't meant to laugh that hard when they were hiding in the staff room, and it had consequently caused them to be discovered. Thankfully they had thought to wear black cloaks over their robes to disguise themselves, something of which they were now very grateful of as they both ran with every modicum of remaining adrenaline towards the grounds where the other students were so they could make their escape.

"C'mon slow poke!" Koschei yelled in delight, side glancing at Theta, who openly laughed. "Just half a mile left!"

They rounded a corner, but suddenly there was a cry of pain and the sound of a body hitting the ground, and Koschei stopped dead in his tracks to find Theta collapsed onto the floor, holding his ankle.

"Theta?" Koschei yelled, dropping down next to him and gazing into Theta's hazel and now pain-ridden eyes.

"Keep running!" Theta implored through gritted teeth. "I've done my ankle in!"

"You've gotta be kidding!" Koschei said, grabbing Theta around his chest and hauling him to a small open cupboard to the side, hiding behind the white wall. Koschei propped him up against the wall before poking his head around to keep watch as Theta grimaced in pain, pulling off his shoe to check his ankle. It was swollen and reddish purple in colour.

There came the sound of running footsteps and farting teachers and Koschei shrunk back behind the wall to hide. Moments later the teachers streaked past and disappeared around the next corner.

Koschei quickly turned back to Theta. "What's wrong with it?"

"I dunno," Theta muttered.

"Is this your half-human thing?" Koschei asked.

"Must be," Theta admitted, slightly quietly. He hated his half-humanity. His body was weaker than everyone else's; his bones far more delicate and his strength, agility and stamina far less than any of the other students. He hated knowing it, he hated talking about it... he just hated it. Koschei was the only one who didn't tease him about it. Koschei was his best friend.

"C'mon," Koschei got to his feet, helping Theta up and slinging his arm around his shoulder, "new plan. If we cut across here we can get to the girls' dorms and find Reuth."

"I'll only slow you down," Theta protested with a shake of his head.

"I'm not gonna let you get caught," Koschei said firmly, and began to half-support, half-drag Theta across the corridor. They had barely made it across before the sound of the angry teachers gradually began to get louder.

"They're coming back," Koschei realised, stopping to look up.

"Leave me here," Theta said instantly.

Koschei look at him with a raised eyebrow. "Are you even listening to me?" Koschei wondered, propping Theta up on a table and turning his back to the half-human boy, grabbing his legs and coaxing him to jump on his back. Somewhat apprehensively Theta did, clinging for dear life onto Koschei. Koschei boosted him with a grunt.

"Great Rassilon, how many Promarzzi Bars did you have for lunch?" Koschei cursed, laughing.

"Eight..." Theta muttered guiltily.

Koschei laughed, but had to sober up when he realised the sound of the advancing Cardinals was getting closer. Spinning on his heel Koschei held tightly onto Theta, and ran.

900 years later in his linear timeline, Theta was running.

With his daughter Leah in one arm and the TARDIS key clutched in his other hand. He already knew that they wouldn't be able to escape in time. This was the Shadow Proclamation for Rassilon's sake, how had it got that he was running away from the biggest police force in the Universe? Never mind that he thought they could escape?

But they were running, anyway. Straight to the TARDIS to make an escape into the vortex. Leah was crying loudly, the two-year-old absolutely terrified as she got the best view of the pursuing Judoon chasing after them through the corridors of the Shadow Proclamation to the docking bay. But they weren't going to make it. He knew that. He just had to think of a quick and ingenious rudimentary escape plan for when it came to the crunch...

They rounded a corner, and almost ran straight into a barrier of Judoon blocking the corridor. He quickly looked back to check the other escape route... but they were completely sandwiched.

"Daddy!" Leah yelled, alarmed as the Judoon drew out their guns...

"Hold on tight!" he yelled in response, ducking down and diving between the Judoon stood in a line and out the other side even faster than they had a chance to realise what happened. Feeling rather pleased with himself, he boosted Leah in his grip and began to run again...

Something sharp suddenly shot into his right thigh, and then something else very quickly hit his side. He'd been hit by the Judoon guns. He stumbled and quickly realised that whatever they were firing was not going to be fatal... perhaps paralysis at best. But he couldn't stop, he couldn't collapse, he had to get back to the TARDIS first. Two more shots found their target and his right leg started to seize up, making it hard to run on. He very quickly switched to hopping mode and hopped the last few metres to the TARDIS with Leah bobbing up and down in his right arm, just about throwing himself in the TARDIS in time and slamming the door in the faces of six frustrated Judoon.

He gasped and quickly set Leah down before he collapsed to the floor, grunting. His whole body was seizing up, his leg already completely numb.

"Leah," he breathed, reaching out to take the girl's hand as she dropped down to kneel beside him, "you have to be brave for Daddy. You need to run to the infirmary and get one of the bottles of green liquid in the medicine cabinet and a needle gun. Can you do that for me?"

She nodded silently, getting to her feet and making to rush off to fulfil his request.

"Don't run with the needle gun!" the Doctor quickly yelled as she disappeared out the far door. He moaned and tried to sit up but he was almost completely paralysed, now...

Leah returned with the items in hand, placing them next to her father's body and kneeling down beside him, staring at him in concealed terror.

"That was good," he praised, and she smiled slightly. "Now do you remember what we practised? You need to do it exactly the same on me, right now."

She bit her lip, lifting the needle gun in both hands and filling it up with the green liquid. It was obviously quite heavy for her but all the same, she lifted it and pressed it against the Doctor's neck.

"Up a bit," he croaked – his voicebox was starting to go... "Left... Okay, that's good," he whispered, "do it."

She took a breath and pulled the trigger. Instantly the paralysis began to recede once more... but it wouldn't be for long. He needed help. He got to his feet and gave her a kiss and a hug of congratulations until she was smiling again, hugging him tightly.

"You did so well!" he said, smiling before he pulled back and looked at her seriously. "Now, I'm going to take us to Uncle Jack, and when we get there you need to run out, find him and bring him back to the TARDIS, okay?"

Leah nodded, still absolutely silent. He pushed himself to his full height and moved to the console to set the coordinates. Leah quickly ran over to hug his leg for support as they landed with the customary jolt, the Doctor wincing.

"Okay, go and find Uncle Jack," the Doctor said gently, and within seconds she had run off out of the doors.

Jack didn't even hear the small child running towards him, her feet padding silently but very quickly behind him. As a consequence he jumped about a metre in the air when someone suddenly tugged on his trousers and he spun around to find Leah staring up at him with tears in her eyes.

"Daddy," she said, pointing in the direction of the TARDIS. "Daddy hurt badly. Daddy need you, Uncle Jack."

Jack nodded and quickly got up, already sprinting to the TARDIS. "Martha! Medical kit!" he yelled as he ran past the medical room and straight into the TARDIS. He found the Doctor lying on the floor next to the console, completely unmoving. As he ran over to him Martha came into the TARDIS, clutching a medical kit in one hand.

"What's happened?" she asked, running to the other side of the Doctor.

"I dunno... Doctor?" Jack asked the man on the grating. "Can you hear me?"

The Doctor grunted, eyes flickering open slightly to meet Jack. "Para..." he gasped, his brow furrowing. "Para..."

"Paralysis?" Martha asked, taking several medical instruments from the bag. "Okay, that's easy. Just keep breathing," she said as she drew out an oxygen mask from her bag and slipped it over his head just as he fell unconscious.

"What's going on?" asked a voice from the doorway – Gwen was standing there with Leah standing next to her holding her hand, staring at her father in ultimate terror.

"Doctor's down," Jack said quickly, checking the Doctor's hearts. "Can you take Leah out of here? And get Rose back here."

"No!" the girl suddenly yelled, ripping out of Gwen's arms and running over to her unconscious father's side, dropping to sit cross-legged beside him. "Daddy," she said quietly, taking his hand and holding it tightly in her own two tiny ones.

Jack quickly realised there was going to be absolutely no reasoning with Rose Tyler's daughter when it came to the Doctor.

He offered a small smile and turned to the girl. "Can you tell me what happened, Leah?"

"Big monsters with big guns," Leah replied shortly. "Daddy ran, but he got shot."

"Nothing new there, then," Jack muttered as Leah looked back at her father, just as Martha tapped Jack on the shoulder to attract his attention.

"Help me move him," she said.