Insane?-Chapter 1

Kathrynne was walking towards her house when a hand covered her mouth and pulled her into an alley, she tried to scream but she couldn't hear her own voice while the stranger pulled her deeper and deeper into the alley and the darkness.

Olivia's POV

I was sleeping in my apartment when I heard my phone rang, I sat on the bed, looked the clock 2:30, I sighed and answered it. "Benson."

"Olivia they found a body in an alley next to your building, the victim was raped and then killed with a 44' caliber." I heard my captain's voice in the other side of the line.

"Okay I'm gonna check this out right now, did you already called Elliot?" I asked finally getting off the bed.

"Yes, he is on his ride to there." I heard Cragen say.

"Okay, bye." I said turning my phone off and leaving my apartment to the cold night.

When I finally left my building I just had to turn left to find the crime scene, I showed my badge and asked. "What we've got?"

"Kathrynne Chord, 37, killed with a bullet in her chest, the perp marked a pentagram on her cheek, too." The officer said to her.

"Pre or pos mortem?" I asked staring at the body, I recognized her, had see her one or two times, she lived on the same building as I do, I never talked to her, wish I had, could help in the case.

"Pos mortem." Melinda said to me before that the officer could say something.

"How long has she been dead?" I asked trying to figure out why somebody had done it to her.

"About an hour, maybe two." She said to me examining the body's right cheek.

"I'll see if the others neighbors heard something." Was weird to say that, and was weir that I was a neighbor of a victim; actually that whole case was complete weird to me, why the hell a person would mark a pentagram in another's cheek? I thought while I walked back to my building to interview the others neighbors.

I arrived in the first apartment and knocked the door waiting the old lady who lives there to answer it.

The door opened and I could see an angry-tired old lady. "Olivia, better be important are not even three a.m.!"

"Did you hear any suspicious noises in the past two hours?" I asked letting my brain run trying to figure out what exactly happened to that woman.

"No, I didn't. Is that all?" She said impatient while I thought about some possibilities, that didn't look like be something personal, which wasn't good because just in my building there was around 5 or 6 women around the same age as Kathrynne and description, it including me.

"What do you know about Kathrynne Chord?" I asked while I thought that I was probably wrong, I wasn't a victim.

"Not much, just that she has no family. Did something happen to her?" The old lady asked getting worried.

"Does she have any friends or a boyfriend?" I asked avoiding the second question.

"I saw her with a guy once, James I think." She answered.

"Do you know James last name?" I asked thinking if the name sounded familiar, it didn't.

"Magore, Magere, something like that." Then I remembered a guy who lived two blocks away my building named James Maguire, he could be the guy "Maguire?" I asked to verify my idea.

"Yeah, I think was this, James Maguire." Okay, that was a start.

"Okay mistress, thank you for your time." I said faking a smile.

"No problem Olivia, just don't wake me up this hour again." She closed the door and I left the building meeting Elliot on the door.

"Did you find something?" Elliot asked me.

"Yeah, she has a boyfriend named James Maguire, he lives two blocks from here and I know him." I said pulling him out of the building, to my ex-boyfriend's house. This case was getting a little close home.

Elliot's POV

"How the hell do you know him?" I asked guessing that he was one of her many ex-boyfriends.

"I dated him a few years ago." She answered me while pulling me to a dark building

"And you never told me becauseā€¦?" I asked as usual.

"That was no big deal we just dated for a few weeks." And the same usual answer.

"You should have told me." I said as usual waiting her usual answer 'I'm not discussing this with you.'

"You're right. Sorry." She said out of my expectations, she must be really tired.

"It's here" She said knocking the door in front of her.

He answered quickly the door and looked surprised of seeing Olivia.

"Hey Olivia, what's up? Who is this?" He asked, the first question sounding friendly but the second angry.

"He's my partner, detective Stabler. We need to ask you a few questions, may we come in?" She said professionally.

"Sure, what this is about?" He asked winking a few times.

"What's your relation with Kathrynne Chord?" I asked before Olivia could.

"She was used to be my girlfriend, but we broke up yesterday, she thought I was betraying her." He spoke up with us.

"Were you?" Olivia asked before I could.

"No, but she even threatened to kill me thinking I was." He answered.

"So the broke up wasn't friendly?" I asked.

"No, it wasn't. But what this is all about, have something happened to her?" He asked and Olivia didn't say a word, was up to me say the bad news.

"She's dead, know anything about it?" I asked, but that sounded like a threat.

"Take it easy man." He said doing a gesture of surrounding. "And, no, I know nothing about it and I absolutely didn't kill her."

"Do you know anyone who would want to kill her?" Olivia asked to him.

"No, I don't know a lot about her, just that she has no family." He said winking more a few times trying to avoid the tiredness.

"Okay thank you for your time." I said leaving the house with my partner.

"It seems to be the only thing that somebody knows about her." Olivia said to me, like she was thinking aloud.

"What do you mean?" I asked her staring into hers brown eyes.

"One of my neighbors just knew it about her too, it and about James." She said explaining it to me.

"Did you talk to all of them?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"No." She said.

"So let's go do it and then we can see if we have any forensics." I said to her who was obviously uncomfortable in this case, too much close to home I thought, literally.

"Okay then." She answer me, she was obviously much tired, even more than me.

Olivia's POV (An Hour After)

Elliot was driving us to see what Melinda had for us, I was tired because I haven't slept well in days, the cases were becoming more and more excruciating to me, coming closer and closer of home I had receive already around 20 threats just in a week and now one of my neighbors was dead.

I got out of the car and walked towards the morgue feeling number in each move, which Elliot noticed.

"Are you okay?" He asked me with a worried look in his face. "Look like you haven't slept in forever." He said, and he was right, I couldn't remember the last time I had really slept.

"I'm fine El, just too much in my head." Actually I was worried because the victim looked a bit like me, was around my age and lived in the same building as me, and that didn't look personal.

"You worried because you look a bit like the victim, live in the same building as she, are around her age and that didn't look personal, don't you?" Shit. He got it right, but I wouldn't tell it to him as usual.

"No, I'm not a victim El." I said that realizing that I was trying to convince myself of that too, not just him.

"I know Liv." He said but the tongue in his voice told me that he didn't buy a word of what I said.

We came into the morgue.

"What you got for us Melinda?" Elliot asked probably wishing we had DNA as much as me.

"We've got DNA and prints, but none hit on the system for either of it." She said as picked up a file. "But I got something interesting in the mark, it was pre mortem, but he used a liquid to it don't bleed much as it would, which made the injure look like pos mortem."

"What was this liquid?" I asked staring fixe to her trying to keep myself in the reality.

"Plasma, the same type we use in some TVs." She said. "This guy is a sadist, she must have screamed for hours because of the plasma."

"How did nobody hear anything then?" Elliot asked in my place.

"I found a fiber in her mouth, she was probably muzzled." She said but she was obviously hiding something.

"With what?" I asked her kinda afraid of the answer.

"With her panties." She said picking up the fiber and the panties to we see the strong resemblance.

"You confirmed under a microscope?" Elliot asked to her seeming don't believe that a person could do something like that.

"Sure, and they are the exactly the same fiber." Melinda said just causing an even more surprised reaction on Elliot.

"Anything else that may help us find this guy?" Elliot asked still staring at the dead body in front of him.

"Just one thing, I think it was personal, to use the plasma was too much to don't be." Each of her words made me feel safer and more relaxed, was personal after all.

"And the only one who seems know her is her ex-boyfriend who has motive to rape and kill her too." I said. "Do you think this is enough to a search warned?"

"I do, I'm calling Alex." He picked his phone and dialed her number. "Hey Alex, we need a search warned."

"We have motive and he seems to be the only one who knows her." He said wile waited her answer.

"They broke up a few hours before she was murdered and it wasn't a friendly broke up." He listened for a few minutes.

"His name is James Maguire he lives two blocks away the victim." He listened for more a few seconds.

"Okay, we meet you there in 30 minutes then." He said and then put his phone in his pocket. "She is gonna meet us at his apartment in 30 minutes." He told me walking towards the door and I followed him.

Alex's POV

"Judge Petrovsky! Sorry interrupt but I need a search warned." I said running toward her.

"For whom's house, Alexandra?" The judge asked looking tired at Alex.

"James Maguire's, he is the ex-boyfriend of the victim." I said worried, Petrovsky was always the judge that most hated me since I didn't prosecute who she wanted me to.

"Let me guess, they broke up recently and it wasn't friendly?" She stared at me waiting me say that I had something else, I did.

"It and the fact that he is the only one who seems know the victim, and they broke up around the same time that she was murdered, it look a little too much to be a coincidence." I said wishing convince her.

"Okay then." She said still staring at me with a tired face and picking the papers off my hand and then handling it back to with her signature on it.

"Thanks." I said putting it in my paste and walking away but I could still listen her 'You're welcome'.

I got in my car and drove to the address that Elliot had give me in a text in a few minutes I was there and wasn't hard to find his apartment, when the doorman saw that I was an ADA he said that was the 104' where the cops were.

I got there a few minutes before I said I would.

"Hey, got the warned?" Olivia asked me seeming get out of numbness when she saw me.

"Yeah, here it is." I said handling it to them.

"Open up the door, we have a search warned!" Elliot yelled.

The door open and I could see a tired man's face which asked. "What for?"

"To search your place, genius." Elliot said to the man putting the warned in his face.

I left the building after that, coming back to my car.

Olivia's POV

We were searching the place searching for a knife or a gun; I saw something that looked like a gun under some old sheets in his bedroom, when I picked this up there it was, a 44' caliber load, the murderer weapon.

"El, I think I found the murderer weapon!" I told him.

"And I think I got the knife that he used to mark her, and this." He said handling a knife and a bag with plasma.

"No way he is going to get out of it." I said giving Elliot the gun and cuffing James.

"You have the right to remain in silent, if you give up on that right anything you say can and will be used against you, you have the right to an attorney, if you can't pay for one, one will be pointed to you by the state. Did you understand your rights?" I read Miranda to him while me and Elliot walked out the apartment with a scared and cuffed James Maguire.

We got into the precinct and put him into one of the interview rooms.

"Are you sure you don't want an attorney?" Elliot asked him offering him some coffee too, to get his DNA, but he declined both of them.

"Why did you kill Kathrynne?" I asked him staring into that scumbag's eyes.

"I didn't, okay, we broke up, we had an argument and then I got back to my apartment to try to get some sleep, I couldn't sleep and a few hours after you two showed up there saying that my ex-girlfriend was dead. That's all."

"Benson, Stabler, can I have a word with you?" Captain said showing up in the door.

I and my partner left the room leaving James alone.

"He didn't do it." Cragen told us.

"What? Why not?" I asked my captain confused.

"You two took more than an hour searching his place, right?" He asked.

"Yes, we did." Elliot answered for me.

"An hour ago our perp attacked again, this time his victim was Patricia Reyes, 33, another of your neighbors Olivia, strong resemblance to the first victim, around the same age, that's not personal, we're handing with a serial rapist/killer who has a favorite type of victim and his comfort zone look like be your block Liv." I heard each of Cragen's words and it got me scared, I had a strong resemblance to the first victim, probably to the second too, around the same age and I lived in the same building as them, I was the perp's type."