A/N: Hello again everyone! I know, I know, I'm back awfully quick but I just can't stop! So this first one-shot takes place the morning after Fred joins the TARDIS trio at the end of 'Mind Games'. It's only a little one but I thought it was a good one to start of with so you all know what's coming with these one-shots! The next one-shot (ie. chapter 2) will be a bit longer, I promise! Anyway...onward!

The Morning After

"Morning, Pond!"

"Good morning." Amy descended the steps and stood the opposite side of the console to the Doctor, a frown on her face as she studied him.

"So," He began, fiddling with the controls as usual. "Where are we off today?"

Amy rolled her eyes. "Is that it?"

The Doctor huffed. "Is what it?"

"You know what I'm talking about! Doctor, you can't just pretend everything's the same. She's here now and it's going to be different."

"What do you want me to do, Amy? Sit everyone down to a breakfast buffet and have a good old natter?"

"Don't be ridiculous – " Amy stopped abruptly and gazed off into thin air.


Amy just grinned.

"Wow. It wasn't like this when I was here before. It was more, sort of...scavenge for your own food." Fred said, standing in the kitchen doorway and trying to take in the huge array of food spread across the table. Amy stood at the other end of the table, surveying her handy work.

"Don't get used to this! I just thought it'd be good if we could all sit down together and...have a good old natter. It was the Doctor's idea, actually."

The Doctor glared at her but sat down anyway opposite Rory who already had a mouth full of pancake. Amy took a seat at one end of the table while Fred took a seat at the other. Amy watched Fred pick up some toast, jam and a croissant, her face unreadable. The Doctor looked from one to the other, hoping desperately that they would get on.

"Amy, this is amazing!" Fred exclaimed, chomping on a croissant. Amy smiled and the Doctor relaxed a little. The four of them ate in fairly comfortable silence until Fred asked, "So how long have you two been married?"

"Ummm..." Amy floundered. "It's kind of hard to say."

Rory tried to work it out. "I suppose, in normal time, about six months. But, you know, it's so difficult to keep track in here."

Fred chuckled."Of course. So, what sort of adventures has he – " she gestured towards the Doctor. "Been taking you on? What have you been up to in...eighteen months wasn't it?"

Amy and Rory shared a glance. "Well..."

Fred gaped as the Ponds finished their story. She looked at Rory. "You waited for her? For 2000 years?"

Rory nodded.

"Bloody hell. The last bloke I went out with back home wouldn't even wait for me to get out of the shower before going to the toilet."

There was a moment of silence before Amy gave a loud burst of laughter. Fred and Rory chuckled too and the Doctor smiled, relieved.

Yes, this was going to work just fine.

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