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Domestic Issues

Amy and Rory were undercover. No, that didn't mean they were in some sleazy club waiting for a gang leader to slip up and say something incriminating, it meant that they were taking cover. It had been a long day on a wild, lawless planet and they'd gotten into a hell of a lot of trouble. It was one of those days where Amy and Rory held each other and were happy to be alive and safe in the TARDIS.

But the Doctor wasn't happy. Even from her and Rory's room, Amy could hear the Doctor slamming doors and muttering. By the sound of it, he was just...charging around. He seemed to have no purpose other than to slam doors. Despite the unpleasant situation, Amy fought the urge to giggle. For a Time Lord centuries old, the Doctor could be such a teenager. She looked at Rory who had also begun to grin but their smiles quickly faded when the Doctor had slammed the door in the corridor outside their bedroom and he began shouting down to the other end of the corridor:


Amy winced when she heard Fred's voice shout back. "WHY WOULD I AVOID YOU? YOU'RE SO SKINNY AND WEAK, IT'S LIKE YOU CAN CAUSE ME ANY HARM IS IT?"


The Doctor slammed the door loudly, making everything shake. Amy rolled her eyes. This had to be the most pathetic argument she'd ever heard.




For a blissful moment, Amy was glad to hear that Fred's voice quietened to a normal level but her joy was short lived. "No, Doctor. No I'm not going to slam the door because it's SO BLOODY STUPID!"


"NO." Amy could almost hear Fred gritting her teeth. "I JUST THINK YOU'RE BEING STUPID!"




"YOU'RE BOTH BEING STUPID!" Amy bellowed, finally having enough and wrenching open her door to see the Doctor flushed and tense and Fred, further down the corridor by the stairs, pushing her hair back angrily and glaring at him. "Just go to bed! Both of you!"

"Fine." Fred said and began climbing the stairs.

"FINE!" The Doctor shouted again, determined to get the last word. Amy thwacked his arm and he yelped. "Ow! What was that for?"

"She's right! You're being bloody stupid!"

The Doctor huffed and glared at Amy. "I'm being stupid? You saw what she did today!"

"Yes, I did." Amy said, only just clinging onto her patience. "And I don't agree with it but I really don't think you're helping. Why can't you just talk to her about it?"

He snorted. "I think it's past that." And with that, he stalked off back down the stairs and down into the console room.

Rory hated this. Physical problems he was great with – he was a nurse after all – but emotional ones just weren't his bag. Especially when they were the Doctor's and he had been instructed to 'talk to him about it'. If it had been anyone other than Amy who had told him to do it, he would have told them to get stuffed. He took the stairs down to the console room slowly, dreading this conversation. His last proper conversation with the Doctor, on a one-to-one level, had been about Fred as well, but that had been a considerably happier conversation. And it had taken ages. So Rory wasn't expecting to get much sleep tonight.

"Uh, Doctor?" He began tentatively as the Doctor fiddled with the console, his back to him. "Are you...er...are you alright?"

"I'm fine." The Doctor replied in a tone that indicated he was not.

"Yeah...you don't sound it."

"Don't I?" The Doctor gave a hollow laugh and sat down in the chair next to the rail, rubbing his forehead. "Then I suppose I'm not."

"Oh." Rory wasn't sure what he could say to that. "Is there...anything I can do?"

The Doctor gave another empty laugh and shook his head. "No, nothing." He forced a smile but it just looked bitter. "But thank you for asking."

Rory nodded and turned to leave, feeling he'd got out of this very light indeed and at least he could tell Amy he tried. His foot had just touch the first step when the Doctor burst out,

"Why did she do it, Rory? She knew it would make me angry but she did it anyway! Why?"

"Oh, god." Rory muttered to himself before turning back around and surrendering himself to the Doctor's fury.

"Don't you think that this is at least a bit your fault?" Amy asked Fred tentatively.

"My fault?" Fred bristled, pulling her wild hair into a messy bun. "How is it my fault that he nearly got us all killed?"

Amy watched as Fred stood up from her bed and fiddled with the jewellery on her dressing table. "I know, but that's just him isn't it? He would've got us out of it, he always does."

"But what if one day he isn't there? Then we have to find our own way out, don't we? I was just practising that's all."

"Well maybe you should've practised when he wasn't looking. You know how the Doctor feels about violence. And since when did you carry a knife?"

Fred hesitated and shrugged. "I suppose it's been a while since I haven't had one on me. When I was with the Master he was always sure to tell me how important it was to be protected at all times. He wasn't as... helpful as the Doctor in most situations so I often had to dig my way out of it myself."

"Did you kill anyone?" The question was out of Amy's mouth before she could stop it.

Fred's face darkened and she said, "I tried not to."

Amy didn't push it. His was obviously a sensitive subject and she didn't want to nag her. Besides, Fred had saved all of their lives today and she was greatful, even if she didn't agree with her methods. She tried to say cheerily, "But you didn't kill anyone today!"

Fred looked at her before laughing a little. "No I didn't."

"It's not like she killed anyone, Doctor. She just...cut them up a bit." Rory finished lamely, watching the Time Lord pace back forth.

"You know I don't like violence Rory! She still hurt them!"

"In case you didn't notice, Doctor, they were about to kill us. I believe the Chieftain's exact words were, 'Prepare to die, traitors.'"

Even the Doctor had to concede that. "But I could've still got us out of there without hurting anyone!"

"Then why didn't you?" Rory was rapidly losing patience. He wanted to go to bed. "If you had a plan then you were leaving awfully late."

"Well...alright I didn't! But I might have!"

"So she saved all of us! Whether you like what she did or not, you have to acknowledge that, at least."

The Doctor nodded slowly but Rory had a feeling something else was bothering him. The Doctor had gone from openly angry to quietly brooding. Rory began to think he preferred the anger to this closed, tortured mood of the Doctor's.

"What now?" He asked wearily, thinking he'd probably regret asking.

"It's not even just what she did it's just that...she's got a knife. And I didn't even know. I didn't even know that she could use one." He shook his head and slumped in his seat. "She doesn't tell me anything anymore. When we first travelled together, she was always there to share things with and she told me everything. And now...now I don't feel like I know her."

"I don't think he knows me as well as he thinks he does." Fred said flatly. "He still thinks I'm the same person I was when I first met him. But I'm not; I can't be. Not after all the things I've seen."

Amy sighed and hoped that Rory was having more luck getting the Doctor to soften. "But he still loves you. If you've changed or not, for better or for worse. He still loves you."

Fred blushed and smiled slightly. "I don't know about that."

"It's true! Whether he knows it or not, it's true."

"Hmm..." Fred trailed off, not convinced but Amy saw a smile still lingering on her face. A knock came at the door and before Fred could protest, Amy pulled it open. The Doctor stood there, looking somewhere between sheepish and angry. "What?" Fred asked haughtily.

"I...er...I've come to have a chat."

Amy glanced between the two of them before spotting Rory outside the room, peering in, worried. "We'll leave you to it." She jumped up and seized Rory's hand, muttering, "Come on, we should take cover. Again."

There was an awkward silence as Fred and the Doctor were left alone, both seemingly waiting for other to apologise. Fred huffed and crossed her arms across her chest, fixing the Doctor with another glare. The Doctor's softening mood disappeared when he saw that Fred was waiting for him to apologise.

"What do you want? I thought you were going to 'chat'."

"Well maybe I've decided that you're not worth chatting to." The Doctor said, feeling an odd sort of pleasure in arguing with her, an odd sort of desire to be near her.

"Then what are you still doing here?" Fred's eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"Amy told us to go to bed. I sleep here, don't I?"

Fred snorted. "You think I'm going to let you sleep in my bed even though you haven't apologised for being horrible to me?"

"Yes I do because – technically – this is my bed. The TARDIS is mine therefore everything inside her is. Including this bed. So you can't stop me." He stuck out his chin defiantly but Fred just clicked her tongue and shrugged.

"Fine. I suppose I can't stop you. Just...don't spend all night having a go at me."

The Doctor began pulling off his jacket, shoes, socks and shirt and clambering into bed. "I won't. I think it's best we don't speak."



The Doctor awoke in the middle of night and his eyes strained in the dark. Something was missing. Something that was usually on his right. It was only when he heard the click of a light switch that he realised Fred had clambered out of bed. He suddenly felt cold.

"Fred?" He croaked. "Where are you?"

"I'm here." She rounded the corner, a glass of water in hand. "I just needed a drink."

She slid back in next to him and shivered slightly. "It's cold."

"I know. I need to alter the temperature in here again." The Doctor made to get up but Fred's hand on his chest pushed him back down.

"No, don't." She cuddled up to him and he smiled, pulling her closer. "I like being a bit cold sometimes."

As she fidgeted in his arms and he could feel her soft breath on his skin, the Doctor realised he was starting to see the benefits of being a bit cold too. Eventually, he said,

"I'm sorry. For earlier."

She rested her chin on his chest and looked at him. "Me too."

He pushed her away from her face and she brushed her lips over his. She went to pull away but he kept her there, enjoying the feel of her lips too much to let her go.

In the morning, Amy and Rory took the steps down to the console room with extreme caution. They hadn't heard any arguments after they went to bed, but that might just mean that the Doctor and Fred were avoiding each other. And that would mean that there would be a horrible atmosphere in the TARDIS.

But they'd need not have worried. The Doctor was stood at the console with Fred in front of him, his hands over hers as he showed her how to fly the TARDIS. Amy and Rory stood half way down the stairs, unspotted, and watched their friends laugh as Fred forget the order of the controls. It was only when the Doctor leaned around her and murmured something in her ear that made Fred's cheeks flush as his hands slid down to her hips that Rory cleared his throat loudly and Amy said,

"That's enough of that, you two!"

The Doctor blushed but he didn't move his hands and Fred didn't tell him to.

For now, they were happy and that was all that mattered. As long as they had each other, they could get through anything.

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