I do write when not updating my other stories, just not on them. Plot bunnies, fail me quite often, but my dreams are full of hot sweaty bodies, long draping black hair and flashes of orange spikes.

So instead of uploading a row of one shots or mini-fics, they will be here like a little collection of goodies.

Various ratings, various themes, pairings and warnings; but obviously I don't own bleach and its characters! Index here, stories begin in the next chapter.

2. Wrong Orphanage. Pairing GrimxIchi Noncon & violence - not pretty at all I suggest you avoid this is you don't like very dark stories.

3. Betrayal. Pairing AizenxIchigo Underage. Set before bleach begins - but only just.

4. Frat Party. GrimxIchigo Just for fun!

5. Wedding Plan. IchixUryuu All cute