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Okay, this is a story about Bella, an Anthropology Researcher from the University of Tennessee, who stumbles across an artifact in a very unusual way. Something pulls her to it...something she has never experienced before…something that ends up consuming her nights and days...she is trying to understand what is so important about it...so important to her.

Edward is an actor, living in Seattle, Washington. He is currently doing reshoots on a movie he just finished and is fixing to start working on his next project. He is very tired...tired of all the media attention, no privacy, no rest, wanting to take a vacation. He has about a two week break in between films, and has decided to go home for a long overdue break. Finally, some peace and quiet...no one making demands of him...but, then he starts having dreams. Dreams of a very beautiful woman that start out just as fleeting glimpses of her running...running towards him, and then after numerous nights of just this, he starts to feel panic overtaking him...he has to reach her. She is holding something out for him to take...something very important.

My story is going to delve into an artifact, past lives, reincarnation, and lost love...

Two people given a chance in numerous lifetimes to find each other and find a love that even defies...TIME.


My name is Isabella Cullen, but my friends, who are few and far in-between, call me Bella. I am a student at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. I am majoring in Anthropology which gives me a chance to study the many cultures, lifestyles, beliefs and hardships of different countries. I delve into their present and past.

At present I am given the opportunity to study some artifacts which were uncovered at a site in Jerusalem.

I have long been interested in anything having to do with mankind's past as far back in time as I can go. Even into the history of humanity before the death of Christ. I have a very vast interest into the Roman Empire.

Today I am very excited to get my hands on some new artifacts to see what they are, and maybe discover what, if any use they were to the people. They are believed to date back to around 200 A.D., after which they are being sent for further study to the American Museum of Natural History in New York. God, I would love to get an internship there where I could get to study so many more things.

After so many hours of pouring over the bits and pieces of the past, it is now time for me to go home and call it a day. I am so tired and ready for a night of peaceful sleep, which I know I won't get because of the recurring dreams I keep having.

I wish I could remember more about them, but I can only remember bits and pieces. It is driving me crazy! Every night it's something different. It seems to go from one period of time to another, and I want to remember more. Maybe it's just my studies on the past that are now monopolizing even my dreams.

There just seems to be more to it, and I am left with the feeling of emptiness, and the feeling that there is something I am supposed to be understanding. So many strange feelings take a hold of me once I wake from the dreams. What does it all mean?

I am starving and I decide to stop off at a nearby cafe to grab a sandwich, and maybe a beer or two. Maybe they will help me relax. Damn, maybe I just need to get drunk. I think I'll give my BFF Alice a call and see if she feels like us having a girls' night out tomorrow. Maybe even bring along her friend and roommate Rose. Crazy bitches, but a lot of fun. Something I have not had much of lately.

I grab my sandwich and beer and find a nice peaceful spot at the back. Having grabbed a newspaper I think I'll take a look and see what is going on in the world today. Enough time spent wondering about the past...

So apparently some actor by the name of Edward Masen is coming to Chattanooga to film some scenes at the railroad museum. Something about them being used in a film he is working on.

Hmmm...not a bad looking man. In fact, right down damn beautiful! His fine chiseled jaw-line, full luscious lips, long eyelashes accentuated by the most beautiful pools of 'green'. I sit there hypnotized by those eyes. His hair looks as if he just crawled out of bed after a night of wild sex, and just ran his fingers through it. Hoping to tame it ? Seems it was a lost cause. Almost the color of a copper penny, and looks so inviting…

Maybe I should make a trip down to Chattanooga, and check him out in person. Well, at least from a distance. Doesn't seem anyone has a chance of getting very close to him. His popularity with the female population of the... world?

Are they kidding? The most wanted man by every female, age, race, and nationality?

Well, I certainly wouldn't throw him out of my bed. My toys are not doing the job. I think I need to get laid...

I definitely need to call Alice, and arrange that girls' night out. Maybe I'll even get lucky. Or not. The one-night stand just doesn't hold any appeal to me. There has to be more out there. Something more to a man than just a little release of sexual tension. I want more...and what is wrong with that?

We have a couple weeks break from school coming up right about the time Mr. Masen is going to be in Chattanooga.

I think I really am going to take a little trip down there and see what all the fascination is about 'one particular man'…

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