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Think about it. There must be higher love.

Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above.

Look inside your heart. I'll look in mine.



Damn, what is that noise? I barely open my eyes and realize it's my cell phone alarm, so I reach over and cut it off. I stretch, and roll over wondering

where I'm at this time. Suddenly I remember last night, and in a panic I reach out for her only to find the bed empty. I sit straight up in the bed, and

try to control my panic...she's either in the bathroom, or maybe she's ordered room service waiting for me to wake up.

I climb out of bed slipping my jeans on, and grab my t-shirt putting it on as I walk into the bathroom. No Bella. So, I walk towards the sitting room

with a feeling of panic rushing through me. I open the doors to find the room empty. I start looking for her bag, or any of her personal belongings...

nothing. I run back into the bedroom looking for something, and my eyes fall on the note lying on her pillow.

Oh God, I don't want to read this, but I know I have to to find out what has happened.

~Edward, my love~

I am so sorry to keep doing this to us...running away...but, right now there is a lot going on and I am on my way to finding out what is really going on

with us. It is something you would not believe unless I have real documentation to prove it. It is more powerful than the both of us together, so just

please give me the time I need to figure this out and don't turn me away when I come to you with the proof.

Last night...I thought was another one of my dreams, but when I come to realize you were truly there I thought back on what happened last night. What

happened between us was something I will hold in my heart until I am finally with you 'Forever and Always'.

I love you, Edward with more than just my heart...I love you with all of me...my heart, soul, and my body. You have my heart with you now...please

protect it, and cherish it as I will be back with you soon to take your heart in my hands to protect and cherish for all eternity.

You were so beautiful to me last night when you made love to me, and then this morning I find the love of my life beside me. Such a beautiful sight to

behold, and one I will keep with me even in the darkness of night. I will have that memory until it can be a reality again. Hopefully for all time.

This is breaking my heart that I have to leave. All I really want to do is go back to bed with you, and curl up in your arms. To look at the beautiful face of

the man I love, and know I have you to love for always. But, I have to go...for both of us. It is something awfully powerful making me leave your side,

because there is no other place I truly want to be.

Know 'I love you' and 'I will always be with you'...'Forever and always'...

~your Bella~

I run my hand across the note and notice her tears had fallen on the page...the ink ran together in places.

No, no, no, no, no...I am not letting her get away from me again. I run back into the bedroom picking up my cell phone and call Nick. "Nick, she has

left me, again. Would you call down to the garage and give us any idea what time it was she left? I can't let her leave me again, even if I have to go

to this damn school, or anywhere else to find her. So, call for me, ok?" I say frantically as I sit down on the bed, and finish getting dressed.

"Edward, calm down. I'm going to call, and I'll be right over," Nick say's calmly.

By the time I finish getting dressed and walk into the sitting room Nick, Daniel and Ron walk in. "And...?" I say anxiously. "She left about an hour

and a half ago. They also said she appeared to be very upset and crying. Edward, just calm down. There are other avenues we need to check out before

we go running off to God knows where looking for her. What about calling Emmett? He did say he had a guy watching her car," Nick say's suggestively.

"Yeah, Emmett. Let me call Emmett," I say frantically, pulling my cell phone out and start scrolling for Emmett's number. "Edward, I'm calling down

to get us some coffee while we...," Nick say's cautiously. "We don't have time for all that," I say angrily. "Uh, Emmett here. Edward? Are you

alright," Emmett ask worriedly.

"Emmett, thank God. She's left me again. Where are you? Can you reach this guy you had following her and see...," I say anxiously.

"Hey, Edward calm down. Rose and I are in the hotel. We stayed the night not sure if you would need us to take you back to the airport, or what. How

about giving us fifteen, twenty minutes and we'll come to the room and see what we can find out, alright?" Emmett ask questionably.

I take a deep breath and say, "Ok, we'll be here. But, if you get a chance will you see what you can find out in the meantime?" I ask pleadingly.

"Yes, yes...I'll call Marcus right now, and I have something for you when I get there. Something your going to want to see. Let me go so I can get

dressed, and call Marcus, then I'll be right down," Emmett say's exasperated.

Nick has ordered us some coffee, danish, croissants, and everyone is standing around talking. I walk over, get a cup of coffee and walk to the

window...the window where she was standing last night. Oh God, why did she leave me...again. I don't totally understand her note...documentation...

proof. What is there to prove? We love each other, so why does she feel she has to keep running away in search of something. I don't need or

want anything but her...right here.

I start pacing back and forth all kinds of thoughts racing through my mind. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, and Nick goes to answer it.

"Morning guys. Damn, give me some of that coffee, and keep it coming. Looks as if we're going to need it"...looking at me. A chorus of morning

rings out from everyone, as Emmett and Rose enter the suite. Emmett grabs a cup of coffee, and starts to walk over to me.

"Thank God your finally here. I have been going crazy. Help me, Emmett...please. Surely between you and Rose,we can come up with some idea

as to what is going on with Bella. I can't take much more of this," I say pleadingly.

"First thing we need to do is get you calmed down. Then, I'll tell you what I've found out, alright? Now, come over here and sit down, let's have us

some coffee, and I'll start telling you what I've been able to find out," he say's as he walks over to the couch.

I take a deep breath, and follow him, sitting down and try to calm myself. I know if there is anyone who can truly help me is sitting right here in front

of me. Someone bring's the coffee over, and Rose joins us, sitting across from us in a chair. They both look at me, then at each other...Rose finally

nodding at Emmett.

Emmett takes a deep breath and then, "Edward, she has definitely left, and is on her way back to Knoxville. I have Marcus following her, so there

is no chance of losing her. He told me when she came out and got in her car that she was very upset, and crying. She got in her car, sitting there a

few minutes, finally pulling out, and heading for the interstate. I told him to stay with her no matter where she went...not to lose her, and that I wanted

to know everywhere she went, and if possible everything she was doing. Now, right after you entered the room Rose and I went down and sat in my

vehicle thinking we might better stay in case we had to get you back to the airport. After an hour I called Nick, and he told me to go ahead and

get us a room as it looked as if you were in here for the night. I got Rose situated in our room, and made a quick trip down to see Marcus, and

retrieve the journal he took from the lab.

Now, before I give this to you, I need to tell you that Rose and I looked at it, and read some of the entries. Rose knew that a lot of what she had

written were the dreams she has been having. But, inserted in some of her writing about the dreams there are words she wrote that we are not

able to read. They are also written in the margins, and any place where there is an empty space. I figured you could possibly get in touch with

someone to help in the translations. So...here is the journal," he say's as he hands it to me. I look at it forlornly.

I open it up, and recognize her handwriting...and I feel as if my heart is breaking. I start to read some of the entries, and it is almost like I am reading

'my dreams'. They are identical to mine...practically in every detail. I reach inside my pocket and bring out the note she left me comparing it to the

paper in the journal. They are the same...and, yes that is her handwriting. What is going on between us?

I look up as Emmett is bringing out his computer, and once it is operating he pulls up the pictures of the three people his guy got. "I found out a

little about these people. This one is Professor Alex Volturi, who is a Linguist at the university. Now, this other man and the woman are husband

and wife. His name is Professor James Johnston, he is a Linguist, and her name is Professor Victoria Johnston. Her specialty is psychology and

...past life regression. They are on the campus as guests of Volturi. That is all the info I can get on them off the school records," Emmett say's

watching my face.

"Wait a minute, Emmett. You said she is into...past life regression? What the hell is she doing involved with these people? Past life regression?

Just what is that, and why does she feel...surely she's not doing something like that, and what does something like that have to do with what is going

on between us?" Edward say's shaking his head.

"Nick, are you getting all this? I want everything you can find out about these people. I also need...never mind...when I get back to LA I'll visit

the bookstore and see what I can find out about this past life regression. I'm going to find out exactly what Bella has gotten herself involved into.

I'm not going to risk losing her to a bunch of quacks," I say angered.

Rose finally after a couple of minutes looks at Edward and say's, "Look Edward, I'll try to get as close and involved with Bella about her dreams and

maybe I can get her to confide in me as to what she is doing. At least give me a chance, cause I feel if you cut off her access to these people all

she will do is go find someone else to help. She does have the connections. So, just give me a chance before you do something you'll regret. You

could push her away," Rose say's pleadingly.

I sit there looking at Rose and I can see the sincerity in her face, in her eyes. She is her best friend...so, I nod at her.

Nick makes some calls arranging for the jet to be ready for them to leave as soon as possible. In the mean time we order lunch, sit around talking

about things' we got planned to do, and Emmett mentions that when they get home they are going to start packing and getting ready for the move.

He figures they should be ready to leave within a week. So, I tell him to give me a call when everyone is ready and I will have the moving company there

to pick everything up. This is when he mentions they are all going to be driving across country as they can't afford to leave their vehicles behind. He

also mentions the problem with trying to get Bella's car out there, and I mention his towing it. I ask him if he is going to be driving the hummer, which

he answers quickly that he is, and that it would be perfect. So, one more problem solved.

Emmett assures me that as things' develop with Bella that he will give me a call...not to worry as he will take good care of her.

About an hour later we are on our way to the airport. A feeling of panic sweeps over me, and I feel as if I'm making a big mistake by leaving her.

I'm just about to tell Nick we are not leaving...that we're going to the university when Nick looks at me in the rearview mirror. "Edward, everything

is going to work out. Let Emmett and Rose try to do what they said, and besides, she will be in LA within a week or two," Nick say's assuredly.

I nod, take some deep breaths, try to relax, but the feeling of panic just won't go away.

We finally arrive at the airport, and start to board the plane when Emmett walks up to me, grabs me in a brotherly hug assuring me that everything

is going to be alright. "We really are becoming good friends Emmett, and not because of just Bella. You have done so much for me...to help me...

I will never forget it," I say with a slight smile on my face. I lean forward and give Rose a hug, and thank her for her help. They both try to assure

me everything is going to be alright, and they will call. I board the plane, and as we start to gain altitude I look out the window with just one thought...

now I'm leaving you. I need you, Bella. Please come back to me...


As I take the elevator down trying to hold my tears in, I go and check out. As I walk out to my car I glance back, and it hits me...hits me hard that I am

leaving the love of my life, yet again. I feel the tears flowing down my face and I'm just barely able to make it to my car before falling to pieces. What

in the name of God is going on that it is breaking two peoples' hearts every time they get just a slight chance to be together. Why is it making me walk

away every time? What has got a hold of me that is so strong that it make's me walk away from the only bit of happiness and love I have ever had in

my life. I know that when I get back to Knoxville, to that school, and that lab there are going to be three people that are not going to be happy that I am


I sit in my car long enough to stifle the sobs racking my body, wipe my face, and pull out on my way home. I know when I get there I am going to fall to

pieces, but I've got to gain control right now.

My mind wanders to the events of last night...the tender touches...the sweet but urgent kisses...the feel of his body on mine...and the pleasure we

shared. It was so much like a dream that when I woke up and actually found him there with me I was truly starting to wonder about my sanity. How could

I have thought the gentle caresses, the warmth of his body, the feelings he awoke in my body were just a dream. Along with the fact they felt...he felt

so familiar...as if we had made love so many times before.

As I pull into Knoxville, I notice the time and figure I might as well head over to the lab, and let's get this part of my day over with. As I pull up I notice

their vehicles don't appear to have moved at all for the last couple of days'.

So, I park my car, get my bags out, and walk up to the lab. Opening the doors I don't see anyone, but I can hear the video being played in the next room.

I approach the door pushing it open, and there sit's the three of them. They look as if they have been here all night again. I push my way on inside, and sit

in a chair watching the video and I...I just don't understand what is going on! There has to be a logical explanation to all this...so why won't someone tell me.

They don't even realize I'm in the room their so wrapped up in it. Victoria is taking notes, but James and Alex just sit there has if they are hypnotized by

what's happening.

I sit my bag on the floor beside me, and that's when it starts all over again...but this time they have the first session running.I sit there becoming totally

engrossed in what is happening. I can't take my eyes off it...I have to figure out what this has to do with me and Edward.

Anthony? Micah? What is her name? None of them sounds familiar to me. Wait, they have fixed it so both videos run right together. I become more

immersed in the events unfolding before me...then it hits me...'the hoof print'. It's the same as on Edward's hip...so.... Wait...past life regression...

Victoria saying it was one of my past lives...we look so much like the people in that video...the hoof print on Anthony's hip...the one on Edward's


I reach towards the table, pick up the remote control, and hit the pause button. Everyone turns towards me in surprise. I say exasperated, "Is there

anyway to zoom in on what she is holding in her hand? I need to see what she is holding...what she just put around her neck. Can you zoom in

on it?" Victoria say's surprised, "Sure, just hand me the remote. Is there some reason your wanting to see what it is?" "Iwant to see it. I have my

reasons," I say angrily. "Alright, hold on just a minute," Victoria say's sounding confused.

As she zooms in on the object the picture get's a little blurry, but with a few more pushes on some buttons it starts to clear up. She keeps on until...

there it is...the 'ring'. It is the 'ring' I am wearing. But how did I end up with it...how did it make it through so much time, and why to me. Then, I try to

remember the day I found it, and I remember the feeling there was something specifically I was looking for...and then when the old lady handed it

to me and saw my reaction when I put it on she said...'it has come full circle...it has come home'. I try to remember how it felt, and it was as if there

was a slight jolt of electricity traveling up my arm...my finger was tingling...and I had a feeling of calm come over if it had really found it's rightful

place...it was back to me.

Victoria turned and looked at me, then down to my hand at the 'ring' and said questionably, "That is the 'ring', isn't it? Isn't it, Bella? Bella?" I was

trying to think about what this meant to me and Edward. Was the 'ring' connected to us, and how. Suddenly, I hear Victoria questioning me and I

said, "I don't know."

"Bella, may I see the 'ring'?" Victoria asked apprehensively.

"Do you not remember what happened the last time you touched it? I really don't think it's advisable to try again. Besides, I have already given you

sketches of the etchings on the 'ring'. You translated them to read...forever yours. What else could you possibly want with it?" I say bruskly.

"Well Bella, if it is the 'ring', then we need to have tests ran on it...mainly carbon dating to see how old it is," she said questionably.

"I've already done that on my own. It is dated back to around 150A.D. to 250A.D.. I think that's enough information to clarify it's authenticity. Besides,

I can't remove it...so that's the end of that discussion. Now, what I want to know is what does it have to do with me." I exclaim.

Victoria looks at me puzzled and say's, "Bella, can you not see the similarity in your's and the woman's appearance? This can only mean from this

kind of studies that that was you...in another lifetime. As for the man, well there is a possibility he could be out there, too. We can take copies of his

face and run them through a database for facial similarities with anyone alive at the present, and see what we come up with."

"No, I don't want someone else brought into this mess until we can come up with more information as to the translations in the rest of my journals,

and more therapy sessions. I am not dragging another person into this nightmare until we know more. Now, I want to talk to you about doing another

therapy session...like today," I exclaim demandingly.

"Bella, I think it's a little to early to be planning another session. Don't you remember my explaining the consequences of trying to push this to fast?"

Victoria say's apprehensively.

"Look, I'm the one that is going to have to deal with...whatever happens outside of the sessions...but, I am willing to deal with it. I'm not stupid...I

just want answers, and if it means more dreams, experiencing the pain of their deaths, then I am willing to go through it. I need...I want answers

to what is going on as quickly as possible. I don't know how much more of this I can take, so...I'm ready to do the sessions as closely together as

possible, and will work out with both our schedules. Seeing as your schedule revolves around this it should not be a problem to at least do one

every other day. I still have to pack for the move, and I assume you have arrangements to make. So, every other day...no exceptions," I exclaim with


"Well, if your really sure then let's go ahead and get things' set up for a session," Victoria say's defeatedly.


Well, thank God she made it back here alright. Now, where are you going? Looks like we're headed towards the university, and I'd be willing to bet

straight to that lab. Let's see if I can catch another break today. Just as I figured...lab it is. Ok, I'll wait just a little bit, and then I'll try the same

approach I did the other day...asking her out for coffee. Alright, there she goes in...now just be patient for a few minutes.

After about five minutes I get out of my truck, pick up a couple of the books, and start towards the building. I get to the doors pushing them in very

slowly, listening for anyone talking. I can hear people talking but it sounds like their in another room, so I go ahead and make my way inside.

I just notice a door off to the left closing, and walk over to see if I can make anything out their saying.

The door was actually left ajar, so I open it just a tiny bit more, and pull out my video equipment. As I start recording there is a very loud scream, so

I work the lens right through the crack of the door, and start taping. It sounds almost like a movie. Then, I hear Bella asking them to zoom in on

something. Apparently this Victoria is working to enlarge a piece of a picture, when she say's 'that's the ring isn't it'. But Bella didn't say anything. I

just keep recording whatever is going on in the room, and try to do my own zooming in on that picture on the television.

What are those people wearing in that video...looks like...roman gladiator attire. That one man on the ground is definitely dead...wait a minute...he

looks like that Edward Masen guy. What the hell are they doing in there? I'll have to watch this later, and call Emmett. He may want to come over

to see the video for himself...not that I'd blame him.

Now their talking about therapy sessions, and Bella is really pushing for them to do them every other day. What kind of therapy sessions are they talking

about? Just keep your mind on recording Marcus. We'll watch it later. Whoa, she's wanting them to do another session right now? I have so got to get in

here when I can find the place empty and set up some video equipment of my own. Then I won't miss anything, and won't risk getting caught. It looks

like they are moving a few things' around, Bella is laying on the couch, this Victoria is sitting in a chair at her head, and the younger man is sitting on

the coffee table beside Bella.

The older man is running the video camera, and it sounds like Bella is doing some kind of relaxation exercise. After a few minutes I can hear Victoria

talking Bella through certain events in her past,and suddenly...Bella is screaming...'Thomas'...

Fuck, I almost dropped my camera. What the hell is going on in there? I realign my camera, and Bella has hold of this guy sitting on the table. She's

screaming at him, calling him Thomas and telling him to do what...'Get to the fort Thomas...please, before they get to us. We got to save Douglas...you

have to save our son...Please hurry, Thomas...they are gaining on us'. Then the guy is saying...'Elise, calm down...I'll get us there safely...just hold on

tight...Douglas, hold on back there son...Elise'...the guy screams.

Bella is kicking her legs...almost like she is running...she's panting...then suddenly she grabs her chest, sitting straight up screaming, then falls

back on the couch. She seems to be holding her hand out begging...'Thomas...Thomas...take this...remember I will always be with you...forever and

always'...then Bella clutching at her chest screaming, then it looks like she has passed out. The guy screams...'Elise, don't leave me...Elise, I will always

be with you too...forever and always, my beloved wife...grabbing Bella up and holding her tight to his chest. Then he seems to fall down on the floor,

and he seems to be passed out.

This Victoria hops up running over to Bella, and looks at the older man saying...'she doesn't have a pulse...help me get her on the floor, and let's

start CPR. Alex, run and get the damn emergency kit, and I'll check on James. This Alex starts to get up off the floor, and looks as if he is headed

in my direction. Time to go!

I just barely manage to slip out the front doors when that Alex guy ran through. He didn't seem to notice me or the door shutting, so I made it out

alright. Now, to get my ass somewhere so that I can watch this video. Then comes the fun part of calling Emmett. What in the name of the

Holy Mother Mary did I just witness? I just pray Bella is alright.

I call Emmett telling him I need some help, that I'm exhausted and I got a few things' I need to work on. I tell him that Bella made it back alright,

and came straight to the lab, and that she has not left. Emmett tell's me to hang tight, and he should have someone else over there within an hour.

I just hope they don't have to call an ambulance. That would really set Emmett off, and for damn sure Edward Masen.

Another guy pulls up telling me he is there to relieve me, and he will take over the surveillance of this Bella Swan. I give him a paper with her picture,

and listing her address, a description of her vehicle, phone numbers to Emmett, and a map of the university highlighting the building she has been

coming too. There is various other information that I tell him he needs to read over, as it may come in handy with the way she is keeping her schedule.

I look at the building, and just as I start to get in my truck Bella comes out of the building...looking very tired. I tell the guy she is probably headed

to her apartment, and he can follow her with the tracker on his computer. I give him the information he needs to tap into it, and tell him...'I wouldn't

lose sight of her...someone very important want's every move she make's monitored, and to keep her safe no matter what'. I then pull off watching

Bella get in her car, and pull out...hopefully home to get some rest.

I head home, and upon arriving I walk into my workroom putting down my equipment. I walk into the kitchen grabbing something to drink, and head

for the bathroom. I think I'm going to take a shower, and try to get to that video before I lay down.

After a nice long hot shower, I get dressed in some lounge wear, go to the kitchen looking what I can fix quickly to eat, and...damn, guess I'll be ordering

a pizza. So, I call placing my order which should be here in about thirty minutes. I walk into my workroom, and start getting things' set up to watch the

video. About the time I get everything finally ready, they arrive with my pizza. I grab some paper towels and head back to watch the video. Hum, almost

like going to the movies, but instead of popcorn we got pizza...wonderful stuff.

As I grab my first slice I start the video up, and there is Bella, and them talking. I fast forward to where they start the session, and there she is doing

the relaxation exercise, then...dropping my pizza I quickly rewind the video to right where she goes totally under and then just as she screams...

what the hell was that?


You know, I really hated leaving it like that but...it just wouldn't be me without leaving you with a...cliffie...


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