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Ring, Ring.

Ring, Ring.

Brennan rolled over. It's only 3:40, she thought. Only three hours before, Brennan's plane landed from Turkey. Booth had convinced her to go on a dig to keep safe while Brodsky was being hunted down.

Ring, Ring.

Brennan slapped her outstretched hand on the nightstand, knocking her cell phone onto the floor and incidentally cutting herself on a Peruvian artifact she kept as decoration.

Ring, Ring.

Oh well, Brennan thought, if it is important, they will call again.

Brennan slipped back into blissful sleep, only to be woken up 15 minutes later by a loud banging sound. Brennan shot up in bed. Quickly, she made a list in her head of who could be at the door. Booth had been in Richmond, Virginia to lay low while Brodsky was unaccounted for. Angela couldn't drive this late in her pregnancy and Hodgins was too lazy to be up this early to bring her. But Brennan's mind jumped back. Brodsky.

Brennan immediately ran to her bathroom to get her gun. Brennan made a mental note to move her gun back to somewhere more accessible. Booth once told her most people kept their important things in their underwear drawer, so she moved her gun to the less accessible bathroom cabinet.

"Hello?" she called. "Who is there?" she heard a muffled response, but nothing discernible. Slowly, she watched as the doorknob turned. Brennan's heart dropped as she prepared herself to possibly shoot her intruder.

The door swung open to reveal Agent Seeley Booth holding a go-go tray with coffees, a large take-out bag, and a wad of papers in his mouth. Before he had a chance to look up, Brennan had her eyes closed and her gun pointed at her still-unknown visitor.

"WHOA, Bones!" In one swift motion, Booth had dropped the papers, the take-out bag, and the coffees and had pulled his gun. He pushed past her into the apartment. "Bones, open your eyes! What the hell are you doing with your gun in my face? " He grabbed the gun from Brennan's hand and slid it onto the table. He then grabbed her hand and examined the deep cut she acquired in her interrupted sleep.

"I thought you might have been Brodsky," she said matter-of-factly.

"And why would you think that?" Booth asked, honestly confused about her answer.

"He's a sniper, Booth, and he's targeting you. By extension, I am also a target because I am your partner. You should remember that connection from our previous cases in which someone has wanted us dead. Furthermore, I…"

"Bones, did you check your phone before you came to the door and tried to blow my head off?"

Brennan moved away from Booth and began picking up what Booth dropped. Clearly irritated that he hadn't allowed her to finish, she explained "I came to the door to blow Brodsky's head off." Booth gave her a look. "But no, why is that relevant?"

"I called you to tell you I was coming over." Booth sat down on the couch, making it obvious he was in no mood to help clean up the mess.

"Booth, it's not even 4am. Why are you here?" Brennan seemed more than a little miffed that he interrupted her well-deserved and rarely-gotten sleep just so that she could clean his mess.

"I couldn't wait another minute to tell you… we got 'im, Bones! We got Brodsky!"

Brennan's eyes changed from tired annoyance to relief. "Good." After killing Mr. Nigel-Murray, Brennan had never felt so convicted a person should die for killing another human being. "He deserved to die."

Booth had killed many people, but was shocked at her reaction. "Well, Bones, he's actually in prison, but we're finally safe… so let's celebrate!" Brennan couldn't help noticing the childlike elation in Booth's eyes. Booth grabbed her hand to pull her to sit on the couch.

"OW! Booth, that hurts!" Brennan turned her hand over to show Booth. The cut was deeper than she thought when she was still in bed.

"And what exactly happened to your hand if you were here alone?" Booth immediately left to find her first aid kit. "It's not like you to not patch it up yourself."

"My cell phone rang," Brennan got up and walked toward her bathroom, speaking louder for Booth to hear her, "and I reached for it and cut it on a relic I kept from a dig last year."

Booth came out of the bathroom wearing one of his goofy smiles. He gave a small laugh and got close to Brennan's face. "Promise me," he whispered, "that you're not going to use your weapons in the dark ever again." He turned around, laughing as he went. "What would you do without me, Bones?"

"I can do almost anything without you, Booth. Your alpha male tendencies cause you to overestimate your importance."

Booth snapped his head around, mouth open. "Harsh, Bones, harsh. You must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed." He continued to look for the kit.

"I assume you mean I am in a foul mood. Angela has said the same thing to me before…"

Ignoring her attempt to explain how there was no possible way to wake up on an incorrect side of her expensive imported mattress, Booth called to her, "Where are your Band-aids and stuff, Bones? I thought it was under your sink."

Brennan had walked to the kitchen to start making coffee. "There is a kit in my underwear drawer; there should be sufficient supplies there."

Booth was not exactly surprised. He knew Brennan would have some sort of ridiculous explanation for why her kit was in her drawer of unmentionables. Booth removed the kit from the drawer, avoiding touching or seeing the rest of its contents. He walked into the kitchen, taking a guess at the kit's strange location.

"You moved your gun when I told you it was the first place someone looks for valuable items, and switched it with your first aid kit under the sink, didn't you?" Booth said with a self-satisfactory grin.

"Good deduction, Booth!" Brennan smiled at him. She couldn't help it. She enjoyed finally having someone in her life that understood her reason for doing things. Although, sometimes it was a little frustrating that he was good enough to guess her computer password when writing her books.

Booth shrugged, as if to say she shouldn't be surprised. "Now lemme see it." He stretched his hand out to take hers. "Geez, Bones, this is pretty damn bad. And that's coming from me." He cleaned her hand with the rubbing alcohol, and applied the antibacterial gel. As he finished wrapping her hand in gauze, he mentioned that Cam may have to give her a few stitches that day at work.

"There, good as new." He gave her hand a quick kiss.

"What was that for?" Brennan inquired.

"C'mon Bones, didn't your parents ever kiss your boo-boos to make them better?" Booth shot her an endearing smile, knowing there was an explanation to come.

"My parents were felons, Booth. Also, I don't know what boo-boos are but I assume you are referring to lacerations. Thirdly, kisses are in no way possessive of healing properties, so that was unnecessary."

Booth held her hand in his. "You know, Bones, it's pretty cute when you try to use your logic on me. You know I'm a feelings guy." Booth lifted her hand and kissed it again. This time it was meant slightly differently than the last.

AN: Hello everyone! (Anyone there reading this?) This is my first story EVER. I want to try to stay true to the characters on Bones, as they are the reason why the television series is so good. I love good B&B romance like anyone, but I love to see the stolen glances and awkward conversations just as much. Bear with me and please give feedback! Thanks!