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Author's note: This story in an expansion of my earlier story Fait Accompli. The events are hypothetical and show how things would have been different if Milla had been allowed to go to Belfast to study instead of staying in Charming and falling hard and fast for Juice. I'm still working on Down the Road and my Supernatural crossovers but this would not leave my head. Milla dominates my muse and I'll write as long as I'm inspired.

Never give all the heart

"O never give the heart outright,

For they, for all smooth lips can say,

Have given their hearts up to the play.

And who could play it well enough

If deaf and dumb and blind with love?

He that made this knows all the cost,

For he gave all his heart and lost. " - W.B. Yeats


He leaned against the wall of the flophouse, smoking his fag and watching the entrance. She'd be here soon and his mission would begin. He took his cell phone out again and refreshed his memory. She was a cute little thing with nice cheekbones a nice straight nose and dark chocolate eyes that blended well with black hair. He nodded to himself, this assignment wouldn't be so bad.

He had just finished his fag and lit another when he heard the sound of bikes riding in McGee came to a stop before Padraic stopped next to him with his assignment on the back. She got off the bike and handed him the helmet before she ran her fingers through her hair. She really was cute, didn't really have tits but he could work with it.

"Rafferty? That you?" McGee called out and Keegan nodded before he pushed himself off the wall and walked to the three of them, smiling when he saw the way the girl stared at him, oh yeah he would enjoy this.

"Yes, sir, just here to see about t'ings." The girls pupils dilated and he found his in. His accent made her wet.

"Where are my manners? Keegan Rafferty this is Milla Morrow, she's here studyin' for the year. She's Sons royalty." McGee puffed his chest and Keegan bit back a smirk. "Sons Royalty", aye that was nothing more than a beggar princess in a den of thieves. He was one of Jimmy's men, he made money. didn't need a leather vest to be a man. Despite his inner monologue he looked impressed and gave her his knicker-dropping smile, widening it as he saw her lips part slightly. Oh he really was going to enjoy this.

Three Days Prior, True IRA Headquarters

Keegan puffed on his cigarette as he sat behind Jimmy during the meeting. He was just an underling, there to add weight to Jimmy's presence. Someday he'd be sitting at that table though, he just had to bide his time.

"New order of business. We've got a bit of trouble with our friends in Charming, seems they want a more immediate guarantee on the shipments, they're a bit...hesitant to pay out without that guarantee. We need them to be patient to have trust...confidence in us." O'Flaherty said as the table nodded.

"Nothing is more important than family to Redwood, family ties and blood have always been their greatest weakness and we have been given a rare opportunity to exploit that weakness." Father Ashby said from the head of the table as a confused murmur started. "I was talking to my dear Maureen the other day and it appears that she has taken in a student as a boarder for the next year, as a favor to Redwood's President. Her name is Millicent Morrow and she is the daughter of Clay Morrow and Gemma Teller. She is our gateway to trust, gentlemen."

"How do you expect us to earn her trust, she was probably warned away by her Da and brainwashed by the Club. Hell, she was probably told evil stories by Filip, he's been over there long enough to indoctrinate." Jimmy protested and Father Ashby gave him a smile.

"She may have been brainwashed, yes, this is a distinct possibility but you give her too much credit. She is only a young woman after all and all young people can have their head turned by a pretty face." He looked squarely at Keegan and everyone's gaze followed his.

"Are you sayin' you want Rafferty to seduce the Redwood Pres' daughter?" Jimmy asked and a calculating smile graced his face before he turned to Keegan. "You think you could do that boy?"

"She's not a howler is she?" The last thing Keegan wanted was to be doing an ugly girl. In a pinch, after a night of drinking he'd gone home with his share of groaners but to actively go for one...he shuddered to think.

"Here is the file we've compiled." He handed it to Jimmy who handed it to Keegan. Keegan opened it with trepidation but was pleased to see that his fears were unfounded. She was a cute girl with a nice body. He'd actually spend time and money on a girl like her in the pub. This wouldn't be so bad.

"I'll do it." He handed the file back to Jimmy and looked to Father Ashby whose face was morphed into a smug smirk.

Back to Present...

Milla felt her eyes widen as she looked at the man in front of her. Rafferty? Yeah that sounded right. He was heart-breakingly gorgeous with longish, curly, black hair with a bit of scruff around his mouth and beautiful dark eyes. The only thing lacking in his appearance was his smile, it was a little thin with too-sharp teeth. She preferred a genuine smile, a large happy smile. A smile like Juice used to give her whenever he saw her... No she would not think of the prospect with the amazing smile who treated her like precious vase work. She was going to see the world goddamn it and here was the place to start. She held out her hand to the man who could only be described as devilishly handsome and he brought that hand to his lips. Maybe he was just what she needed to get her mind off the man she really wanted.

McGee stood watching the exchange in front of them that could only be described as a mating dance and felt sick to his stomach. Jimmy had told him to make the girl available to his man and he lived up to his end of the bargain but it didn't sit right with him. Clay was one of his oldest, most loyal friends and he was serving up his daughter like some sacrificial lamb. Clapping Padraic on the back he went into the house to see Maureen, if anyone could help ease his mind of this burden it would be his old lady.


Juice finished wiping down the bar top as he looked around. He was recently Patched but that meant nothing, he was still the butt of jokes and treated like the village idiot. He could deal with that though because now he belonged, he was one of the guys. Even if he still had to clean their messes.

"Hey Juicy, come 'ere." Tig called him over and Juice felt that old familiar loyalty that he always would to his sponsor, there was also an almost uncontrollable desire to adhere to his every command. Juice set down his cloth and walked over, sitting down in the proffered seat.

"Whaddya need?" He asked and Tig looked at Bobby who nodded.

"We were just wonderin' what crawled up your ass." He said as Bobby sighed at his language choice.

"Actually we were wondering what's wrong man. You're Patched, the ladies love the fresh meat and Clay's giving you more responsibility. You should be over the moon man, or at least not frowning over every little thing." Bobby took his shot and Juice just stared, he thought he was hiding the fact that he was miserable, thought he was hiding it well.

Bobby and Tig were right, all was not well in Juice's world, the previous three months had been some of his happiest and most depressing of his life. Milla had been home for the summer, even taking some time off to prepare for the transition to Ireland so he not only saw her every day but he worked with her in the clubhouse, in the garage office, everywhere and they had gotten close. She talked to him about everything and listened intently when he rambled. There was an almost-kiss the night of his Patch-in but he'd been dragged away by Clay before anything could happen. Clay...he respected his President, loved him like the family he was but resented the fuck out of him too. Juice knew that Milla cared for him but Clay, and Gemma he couldn't forget Gemma, had decided that she was too good for him and that stung.

"Nothing's wrong man, still getting used to everything changin'." He nodded and Bobby raised his eyebrows while Tig scoffed.

"Well get used to it sooner. This mopey shit isn't going to fly, we need you at your best. So man up and do what needs to be done." Tig looked in his eyes and Juice knew that he knew the reason for this. Sometimes Tig was a fucking psychic.

Juice nodded before he got up and went back to the bar. With a nod of his head the bartender took over and he went up to a tan, bleach blonde croweater. She was tall with orange skin from a fake tan and tits almost as big as his head. She was the opposite of the woman he really wanted.