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I have no personal experiences with the BDSM lifestyle, and apologize if I have gotten anything wrong. I try to do at least SOME research while i write. This is just something that's popped into my head on more than one occasion.

Summary: Bella is unfulfilled by her previous relationships. She has a certain fantasy that she had not accepted...until now. What will happen when she falls in love with the owner of the most renowned BDSM club on the west coast?


"Here you go, Ms. Swan" Heidi, the receptionist said with a professional smile. I took the clipboard of papers from her "Just go ahead and fill these out. Anything you don't understand, put a question mark next to. The rest is self-explanatory. If you could just give me a copy of your drivers license for a second. We need a copy on file" I pulled out my license and handed it over "You can take room number 3 to fill out your paperwork in private" she smiled "Come get this when you're finished"

Jeez. I smiled politely, trying to mask the nerves inside me. I walked over to my designated room and opened the door, finding a mahogany desk in the small room. Clicking the door shut, I sat down and began looking through the paperwork. They were thorough. That's for sure. Background checks, full medical history, a non-disclosure agreement and a 4 page checklist.

What the hell was I doing? I groaned inwardly and reminded myself that I wanted this.


Needed this.

This was safe. I would be safe. I had done my fair share of research. I'm not stupid enough to walk into something with my eyes closed. But being here...actually doing it. Pursuing it. Was intense.

I took a deep breath and turned my attention back to the checklist on the desk.


Hard limit. Definitely. I quickly checked the appropriate box as if it had a time limit attached to it.

Water Bondage?

Hmm...I checked the 'soft limit' box because the idea intrigued me. But I didn't know enough about it to feel comfortable.

I went through the rest of the checklist,

Extreme pain - Hard limit

Permanent marking - hard limit. definitely.

Fecal/bodily fluid play - Hard limit. Gross.

Fisting - Hard limit

Whipping - Whipping? With what? I put a question mark next to that one

After I was finished, I filled out my personal information and walked out into the main lobby again.

The club was not at all how I imagined. Despite being Seattle's most renowned BDSM center, I never expected such a welcoming atmosphere. The entire building was lavish and beautiful. Inside hung floor to ceiling chandeliers accompanied by victorian couches. The rooms warm glow relaxed my eyes and put my mind at ease.

I handed the clipboard back to Heidi and she smiled "Thank you Ms. Swan" she said "We'll have a coordinator speak with you shortly, feel free to take a seat."

"Thank you Heidi" I said with a sincere smile. She was so polite. It was hard not to be nice to her.

"Of cou- Edward" she suddenly said, mid word into her earpiece "Thanks for calling back, Listen-"

I didn't hear the rest, I sat down, letting myself sink into one of the plush victorian couches.


"Heidi, you called?" I asked

"Edward, thanks for calling back. Listen, I need a huge favor. Zafrina is out. Irina and Tanya are on vacation" She sighed. I could hear the stress in her voice

"Calm down Heidi" I rolled my eyes. This girl was always stressed. She was going to give herself a stroke. "you need me to approve someone?"

"Please?" she asked "I wouldn't ask if we weren't so busy"

"I'm happy to help. Besides, I should make an appearance every now and then" i laughed softly

"Yes it might be the only way to get you out of that cave" she teased

"Neither Peter or Charlotte are free" i asked, pulling up an email on the screen. I groaned seeing I had lost a good amount to the declining stock. Fuck.

"No" She said, pausing before giving me an explanation that I didn't ask for "They're...busy with paperwork!"

"Uh-huh" I hummed. She was up to something. That was a sorry excuse for a lie. Not to mention a horrible delivery. "Alright. I'll be down in about 10. Fax up the file, just the checklist and personal info please"

"Miss Swan!" Heidi called loudly, breaking me from my trance. Fuck. How long had I been sitting here?

I stood up immediately and walked over to her desk "Go ahead and wait in Room 3 again. Mr. Cullen will be here to see you shortly. Would you like anything to drink while waiting?"

"A water would be great" I said, hoping it would help calm my nerves

She handed me a chilled water bottle "Room 3." she repeated with a smile

Once again, I found myself in Room number 3. Sitting in front of a large mahogany desk with an imac and office chair on the other side. I took a sip of water and looked around the warm green room.

I was new to this world. And it has surprised me at every turn. No one knew. What would they say? How would I tell them? Why would I tell them...

I was so infatuated by my thoughts, I almost jumped a foot in the air when the door was softly swung open.

The most beautiful man I had ever seen walked into the room, shutting it behind him before turning to me.

"Miss Swan" he smiled, his green eyes sparkling at me as he held out his hand

I stood up quickly, trying to compost myself. He had the most perfectly tousled bronze hair, emerald green eyes, angular features...the longest lashes...

"Hello" I said quietly, realizing I had been staring when he smiled in amusement. I shook his hand

"My name is Edward. Please, sit back down" he said while walking around the desk. I tried not to stare at his perfect body, watching as his broad shoulders and chiseled chest moved under the button up he was wearing.

"So tell me a little bit about yourself" he's aid with a kind smile, while setting what I assumed to be my file on the desk and leaning back. Fuck...he was hot. Wait, what did he say again?

"Miss Swan?" He asked again "Please don't be nervous. I assure you, I don't have an agenda" he said sincerely

"Sorry, I've just- this is all very new to me." I said, taking a deep breath. "I'm a little...lost"

He nodded and smiled "of course. That's understandable" he opened up my file, revealing the paperwork I had just filled out.

I felt my cheeks turn a deep shade of red when he pulled out my checklist "Miss Swan-"

"Bella" i piped in. I hated that name "You can call me Bella."

"Alright, Bella" he corrected "Where did you grow up?" he asked, never taking his eyes off the paper

I wasn't expecting that. He continued to read over my checklist as I answered "Forks. Washington." i answered "Small town."

He chuckled softly "yes. very small. My father is quite fond of it"

"You know it?" I asked surprised

"Lived there for about 3 years" he said, flipping to the next page

"What's your occupation, Bella?"

"I'm a literary critic." i said "I dabble in a bit of writing myself"

"Well i would love to read something one day" he said, his eyes meeting mine briefly before going back

"My name is Edward Cullen, I'm a physician at Seattle Prespytarian, and I'm the owner of this institution"

Holy shit. The owner...

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Cullen" I smiled

"Now, onto business," eyeing the papers again "Have you ever had any previous experiences of this lifestyle?"

"No" I said

"No other Doms, nothing? Not even a scene?" he asked professionally

"No" my voice was hesitant now. Why did he sound so shocked? Or was I imagining things?

He looked up at her and offered a reassuring smile "Don't be nervous Bella" he said softly "I just want to get a sense for you. So we can decide what's best"

"Sorry it's just a little unnerving" I breathed out "I'm okay"

"I know. but trust me, I've heard it all." he laughed "So no other experiences. How did you become interested?"

"I've had relationships in the past. I don't know...i've always just felt like something was missing. Lacking" I murmured quietly, I hadn't told anyone this out loud before. It was strangely liberating

He nodded understandingly "Ready to go over your checklists?"

I blinked. dumbfounded. He wanted to go over it with me? could this be any more embarrassing? "uhm...sure" because what else could i say...

"Bella we have a lot of critics. I pride myself on keeping this club safe, sane and consensual. It's my job to make sure you're not being forced into anything, that you're not in any danger" he explained "don't worry about anything. Just answer honestly, okay?"

I took a deep breath and nodded. Okay. I could do this.

"Good. Now, you have a question mark next to 'water bondage'. did you have a specific question?" he looked up at me

"Uhm-I-no?" I offered lamely. My brain just wasn't working

"here's what I think after looking your file over. You've listed water bondage as a soft limit. But asphyxiation as a hard limit. Is that still correct?" he asked, continuing after I nodded "water bondage is too much for you based on this" he pointed at the paper "I can gather that you're a soft submissive" he started "You need control, and can handle some pain...but you're not a masochist."

Yes. Spot on. Exactly! I must have had my mouth hanging open because I heard him chuckle softly, the sound going straight to my groin.

"yes, I'm aware that I'm good" he grinned "shall we continue"

"Whipping" he stated "Whipping...I feel might be too hard. Especially for a new submissive."

"I wasn't exactly sure what that meant"

"Whipping refers to being struck with a whip, there are several types but they're usually accompanied by high pain. My suggestion, you list it as a hard limit for now, and as you learn more, we can modify"

And just like that, we went through my checklist. As nerve-wracking as it was, Edward made me feel as comfortable as he possibly could.

"Alright, we'll just need a drug test from you. But I believe you'd be an excellent addition to our community."

I was in?

I was in!

The smile on my face was probably retarded. "Thank you so much, Mr. Cullen"

He signed a few papers and then turned the file over to me "I'll need you to sign here" he pointed with his pen "This is the NDA, just protects anonymity of our community. We have a lot of high profile clients that would like to keep themselves under wraps"

I nodded and signed. That would definitely not be a problem. It's not like I was shouting from the rooftops that I was into bondage or anything...

He turned to another paper and pointed again "And here, this is your background check. As soon as it comes back, we'll contact you and have you come in for some logistics." he said

"And then just initial here, and here, confirming that all the information you've provided is correct" he said

"Well Bella, I hope to see you soon" he smiled "And please don't call me Mr. Cullen. That's my father. It's Edward."

I nodded and shook his hand, feeling much more at ease. "Thanks Edward."

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