"Did you just…sneeze?" I grin in amusement when the glares at me from across the room.

"I don't get sick" he mutters while blowing his nose "You gave it to me."

"That's the definition of getting sick, Edward." I roll my eyes and make my way over to the medicine cabinet in our kitchen. I pull out a box of Theraflu and set the kettle on the stove to boil water. Looking back at him, he's now sprawled out on the couch I once occupied "do you have a fever?" I murmur in slight concern and walk over to him. I've never seen him so lethargic before. I press my hand against his warm forehead and sigh, he does have a fever.

One eye opens and he smiles up at me "Are you playing doctor, Miss Swan?" he murmurs in amusement

"Someone has to" Just as I finish my thought, the kettle begins to whistle. I make the Theraflu and hand it to him before taking a seat on the couch again "Movie?" I ask

"Tastes like shit" I hear him mutter under his breath and gulps it down as fast as he can. He sets the empty mug on the coffee table and lies down with his head in my lap.

Hmm…Cullen wants to be taken care of for a change?

He nuzzles his head against my thighs and wraps both his arms around my middle before sighing. "Are you okay?" I ask, running my fingers through his hair

"Just tired, baby" he whispers with a yawn

"Sleep" I whisper, continuing to massage his scalp with one hand and grabbing my book with the other.

"Mhmm" he hums softly before his breathing evens out.

I have to fight back a laugh just in case I wake him up. Who knew? Edward Cullen is a baby when he's sick. He look so young and innocent…so cute.

I snap out of my trance when I feel him shift against me. I have no idea how long he's been sleeping…how long I've been reading. But I tend to lose myself in books so I'm not surprised when I see it's already 8pm. 5 hours.

I mark my place and set the paperback down just as he lets out a low moan. "Feeling better?" I ask, groaning quietly and curling my legs under me when he sat up. Being in one position for that long is extremely painful.

He runs a hand over his face and nods with a grimace "My head is killing me." He grumbles

"Why don't you lie back down. I'll get you some more medicine." I mumble, kissing his cheek

He nods and occupies my spot once I've stood up. I make him another round of Theraflu and come back to the couch "Edward?"

He hums tiredly and sits up, taking the mug from my hands "You're such a baby" I tease softly, stroking some hair out of his eyes. "Okay" I grin when he glares at me "kidding"

"You want to take a bath? You'll probably feel better" I try, wanting to take care of him.

"Yeah baby" he smiles tiredly "That sounds great. Only if you join me though" just as I stand up and lean over him

"I suppose I can manage that" I grin and kiss his forehead "I'll start on the tub."

"Shit" he says while I'm just turning off the water "Can you do me a favor?"

I nod, motioning for him to continue and lean back against the side of the tub as he lays down in it.

"I need a few things from the office. I don't think I'll be going in tomorrow."

"I'll pick them up for you" I say with a smile. I really don't mind…

"Mmm" he hums, tugging me closer to him "Thank you. What time is it?" he asks as I rest my head against his warm chest

"Just past 8" my thumb unconsciously caresses his abdomen under the warm water.

"Jesus. I slept that long?" He mutters in annoyance "I have so much work to do!"

I roll my eyes. Seriously, Edward? "You're sick." I state "You can't just take a couple days off?"

"Someone is angry" he raises an eyebrow

"I change my mind. I'm not picking up your paperwork for you."

"Bella!" He exclaims "You can't be serious"

I sigh and rest my head back down "No" I muttered in defeat. I can't be that mean to him. "I'm not serious. But please take it easy, Edward. You often tell me the same thing."

"I will, love" he murmurs "Promise"

"How do I know you'll come back" Why is he scowling?

"Will you just listen to me for once in your life? Despite you having the upper hand on everything else, I know sick. It happens often. And you need to rest. I'll be back. Where the fuck am I going to run to with your patient charts? It's not like they have high market value these days."

His scowl has turned into a grin, and his eyes shine as they stare up at me "WHAT!" I groan in annoyance. "You are the worst sick person ever, Edward. I swear."

"You're cute when you're angry" He whispers, tugging on my arm. I fall into his lap and glare.

"Yes, I've gotten that one before" I'm not letting you off that easy, Cullen

"From who!" he exclaims, mock glaring at me like he's actually offended.

"You, Edward" I sigh and roll my eyes "May I go collect your things now?"

His lips are on mine within seconds, moving softly and gently. He's apologizing for being such an ass. This I can do. Sighing against his lips, I cup his jaw with one hand and smile. "Okay okay!" I laugh against his lips when they begin nipping at mine "You're forgiven!"

"Good!" he beams "Now off you go. Come back soon, baby. You want to take Logan?"

"No" I shake my head at his concern. I can drive the 10 minutes to the hospital. "I think I'll make it"

"Bye" he smiles at me and closes his eyes once again.

"Feel better" I mumble against his forehead before placing a gentle kiss there.

When I get back, Edwards fast asleep on the couch. The blanket bunched into a thin line at his feet. His shirt is off as well. I shake my head and set his charts on the coffee table before rearranging the throw over him, ignoring his sleepy grunt of annoyance.

Hmm…what can I do while he's sleeping? And at his house too? I suppose I can take a nap, It's only been a few days since I got over my own flu. I could use the sleep. I move to make my way upstairs and find something to change into and pass the game room. The largest, most beautiful glass pool table sits in the middle of the dark room.

Yeah…sleep can wait.

"Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes" Edwards hoarse voice startles me.

I lean up from where I'm bent over the table and smile at him. He's shirtless, leaning against the doorframe of the room sleepily smirking at me. "Shouldn't you be resting? And keeping warm?" I raise an eyebrow and set the cue down

"I see you've found my game room. Please, continue" he motions to the table

"I've never seen such a beautiful table before. I had to play. I hope you don't mind."

"You're welcome to anything in my home, Bella." He murmurs just as I sidle up to him "Thanks for picking my charts up" He smiles and kisses my cheek.

"Consider it payment for the several games I just played" I grin "Are you feeling any better?"

"I've had better days. I'm going to get some work in before it hits again. I'll be in my study if you need me, okay?"

"Put on a shirt first" I state and saunter back over to my game

"Yes Ma'am!" he salutes with a small grin

"I thought I distinctly asked you to put a shirt on" I admonish when I walk into his study and see his state of undress. But damn he looks good. Shirtless, clad only in pajama pants in his CEO megalomaniac office. Hair still mussed from sleep.

"I believe it was a demand, Ms. Swan." He glances up from his papers and smirks at me

"You know, for as many demands you make, you don't seem to follow mine very well"

"I never promised to obey" He flashes a set of perfectly white teeth at me

"Neither did I" I set one hand on my hip

"No. Not yet." His voice drops to a low baritone "But the difference is, you want to. Don't you?" I can see his lips twitching as his eyes dance with amusement. The bastard.

Right on cue, I feel myself flush "I brought you some medicine." I grumble and wiggle the travel mug with a lid filled with tea.

"Thanks love" he's still amused but doesn't mention my blush. "I'm just about done here anyways. You tired yet?"

I step into his office and set the mug down on the mahogany desk. "A little" I admit, glad I didn't take that nap earlier. "Wanna watch a movie with me?"

"I don't know how good my company will be, but sure. I'll be down in a few minutes."

I move to leave and realize I never even asked if I was staying. I just assumed… "I'm sorry, I didn't even- I just assumed I was staying here. Is that alright?"

"I'd be quite upset if you didn't stay, sweetheart. After all, I took care of you…" He's goading me. The ass.

I glare at him on my way out and shake my head. He's completely incorrigible. Even when he's sick. Popcorn. That's what I need. Mr. whips and chains has to have some, right?

"Hmmmmm?" I hum in question when I feel myself being lifted. What the- "Edward!" I exclaim sleepily, blinking my eyes open. They were met by his bare chest. Ah shit…

"It's late. Lets go to bed." He mumbles against my hair

"You shouldn't be carrying me. You're sick" I whisper tiredly

"Too late." His chest rumbles with a soft chuckle as he sets me down on his ridiculously large bed. Edward has the best mattress, I just want to be buried in it. "Edward! Your libido doesn't even slow down when you're ill?" I groan when he pulls the jeans down my legs.

"Flattered" He states dryly and moves to my shirt "I figured sleeping in jeans would be uncomfortable. You can put them back on if you'd like."

"Ah." I grunt in realization. Jesus I need to learn to think before I speak. He's just being nice. "Sorry."

"Go to sleep, Bella. I'll be there in a sec."

"You sound so much better already. How did it take me days to get better" I grumble in annoyance. He's already looking better. Strong enough to carry me upstairs. The world sucks.

I hear him laugh on his way to the bathroom "My lifestyle is a tad healthier than yours, sweetheart" He calls out

What the hell is that supposed to mean? I eat healthy when I can. And cook most of my own meals! Okay so maybe eating only once a day and guzzling coffee for the rest isn't that nutricious. Whatever.

Thank god neither of us is sick anymore. I'm so sick of smelling that vile Theraflu. Smells almost as bad as it tastes. I shake my head and smile at Heidi who's looking at me expectantly. Right. Lunch with Heidi and Kat. Focus, Bella.

"So Bella" Heidi grins while popping a piece of cantaloupe into her mouth "How are things with Edward?"

Kat raises her eyes from her salad and shakes her head with a grin "Subtle, Heidi. Subtle."

I on the other hand am blushing. I always found girl talk hard. "Were good" I say vaguely and push around my own salad

"Oh don't be so nervous" Heidi rolls her eyes "Have you gone back into the playroom yet?"

I shake my head, mouth suddenly dry and avoid their eyes. I don't want to talk about this..or maybe I do. I don't know.

"And why not?" She asks, not relenting

"I don't- I don't know. I feel so new...so inexperienced and the incident with Marcus..." I trail off "I just feel stupid. That's all."

Silence. I didn't look up at either of them but no one spoke for the next several minutes. "And Edward hasn't taken you into the playroom at all since?" Kat asks curiously

"No. He wants me to come to him when I'm ready."

"Bella" Heidi drops her fork and turns her full attention to me "I know it's hard. It's terrifying but can I tell you that you got lucky with Edward? Really lucky. Most of us went through hell and back with all the mistakes we made...all the inexperienced Doms out there. We've known Edward for a long while now and I promise he is the absolute best you could possibly learn from. He's a great teacher. Open up for him and I swear it will heal you. He will heal you." She pleads, and I have no doubt every word she just breathed was sincere.

"He's been great, Heidi" I whisper softly "I know I need to- I just...I don't know how to do it."

"Be open with him. Just be honest" Kat murmurs "Edward is experienced. He masters everything he puts his mind to. And he's been in this lifestyle for years. He'll understand."

"He knows I'm ready" I mutter in mild annoyance

Kat laughs "I'm sure he does honey" she grins at me "But he needs you to tell him when you're ready. You need to be able to do that...go to him for help."

"How is he...you know...as a-" I cut myself off, not even able to say the word

Heidi raised a brow at me and rolled her eyes "Jesus sweetie, you can't even say Dom?" She exclaimed "Edward is a difficult Dom...he's experienced and he expects 100% from his subs. That being said, he's also a really good teacher like I said before. Don't be nervous, Bella. He loves you. Although, he is on the talkative side" She grinned "So you'll have to get over your little trepidation to talking about sex...or anything related to it."

That makes sense. But it didn't make it any easier.

Ugh. How much more frustrating can my life get? Before-before joining the club...before meeting Edward...before having a small glimpse of everything I've ever longed for, it was easy to go on. To not think about how much I needed the control. How much I needed to be controlled. But now...jesus everything in my body screamed for that feeling again. I wanted-no I needed at least a scene. Jesus the thought of spending an entire weekend with Edward as my dom almost made my come right here...on my fucking couch.

"AH!" I screeched in shock when my cell began ringing loudly. Jesus...how lost in thought was I? But when I look down at the caller ID, an involuntary smile graces my lips. Edward.

"Hi Edward" I grin happily

"Hi Bella" He mocks in amusement "Am I interrupting anything?"

My brows furrow in confusion as I shake my head before realizing he can't see me "What? No, I'm just lounging on the couch"

"Then do you mind opening the door that I've been ringing for the past 5 minutes?"

Oh shit! I scrambl off the couch, throwing the blanket on the floor and cringe at the time. 9:15. Edward is always on time and he was supposed to be here at 9...which means he was ringing the doorbell for a lot longer than 5 minutes. "I'm so sorry" I whisper guiltily and wrap my arms around him. Mmm safe, strong arms come around me and anchor me to him.

A soft chuckle shakes his chest "It's alright. I ended up having to take a phone call anyways." he says while kicking the door shut with his leg. "So what has you so distracted, hmm?" He stares down at me intently, and my eyes involuntarily close as the soft pad of his thumb brushes my lip. How can one touch from this man turn me into putty?

"Isabella" Oh god. He said my full name. I swear to god I heard him chuckle as my knees buckled, his arms catching me before I was a heap on the floor. "Tell me" Came his soft command.

"I need you" And I would have been embarrassed about my breathless whimper if I wasn't so desperate

"You have me baby, I'm right here"

"Please?" I whisper pleadingly and rest my forehead against his chest "Please?" I plead again and bunch the fabric of his suit jacket into my fists

"Ahhhh" He drawls out as realization dawns on him "I think you can ask nicer than that" He's in full dom mode now. His voice is sharper somehow, more controlled. Fuck I can feel myself getting wet already.

Groaning in frustration, I lift my head from his chest and glare up at him. Jesus fucking Christ. His answer was a lifted eyebrow in my direction...which shut me up right away. "Sorry" I mumble, feeling the heat rise in my cheeks

"I told you we'd talk about going back into the playroom. And I believe I specifically made you promise to tell me when you were ready. Is this how you wish to tell me, Isabella?" Damn. I've made him angry. That's not what I wanted at all.

"No" I whisper in defeat "I'm sorry...we-I'll...later" I finally stumble out

As I stare down at his shoes, I felt his eyes boring into my head. For how long? I have no idea. But however long later, I felt a single finger tuck under my chin before lifting my eyes to his again. They were dark, black almost and hard. Controlled. Posessive. "Strip."

My head snapped up to his on my own accord and I had to fight to hold back a gasp. "Now Isabella" He stated and crossed his arms over his chest.

Oh fuck Oh fuck Oh fuck. what had I just done? Swallowing a huge lump in my throat I reached down and pulled the hem of my t-shirt over my head before I lost the nerve. My jeans came off in the same fashion and I slipped out of my panties and bra as well, adding them to the growing pile of clothes. "Kneel."

Closing my eyes, I immediately dropped to the floor on my knees and felt the tension from my shoulders dissipate. Is this what it's always like? I never wanted to let this go. I felt so loved. So safe...so free. Like nothing could touch me in this moment. "Now, tell me Isabella, what do you need?"

I don't know. I have no idea. All I know is that I need you. "I don't know" I whisper breathlessly

He was circling around her. She could feel the faint rush of air and his footsteps as he stepped in circles around her "I don't know..." he trailed off and she could almost see the expectant look on his face.

"Sir." I whispered, a strong blush coming to my cheeks again. No. My entire body. "I don't know, Sir." Fuck I'm so wet already. I struggled to stay still as a drop of my current arousal ran down my thigh.

"Mmm" he hummed "Like that, is it?" A silky material came around my eyes and I felt him fasten it behind my head. His tie? "I think I know what you need, baby"

Yes. Yes please.

"Do you remember the safewords I gave you?" Why did he sound so far away

"Yes sir" I said softly, my entire body buzzing with anticipation. Shit. I'm kneeling buck ass naked in my living room.

"I want to hear them"

"Red, yellow, and Green" I recited just like he had made me do the first time we scened. The only time we scened. Before Marcus-I sat frozen with fear. I-I-woke up blindfolded with Marcus, hadn't I?

"I see you haven't learned yet pet. I suppose I'll just have to show you"

"Isabella" Edwards soft voice called her back "Take my hand with your left. Now."

And like I was in a trance or something, I placed my left hand, palm down into his. "Good girl. Deep breaths. Squeeze my hand each time you let it out."

I sucked in a large gulp of air and gently squeezed his warm hand as I let it out between pursed lips. And just like that, the haze lifted...slightly. I was back with Edward. Back in my own apartment. "What color are we, Isabella?"

"Green, sir" I whispered with a small smile to let him know I was okay.

"One more breath, love" he instructed and waited until I did as he asked. I really was okay now...and how did he even know I was having a panic attack? I don't think I made any noise..

He's perceptive.

"Alright." He set my hand down on my thigh again, and with one brush of his hand on my cheek he was off again.

He didn't stop. He didn't let it get out of control. I almost laughed out loud at the thought.

"I believe, my little sub, that you're in clear violation of one of my most important rules. Did we not discuss and agree upon talking about going back into the playroom when you deemed fit?"

Oh shit. Did he expect me to answer that?

"I do expect an answer, Isabella" he said answering her unspoken question

"Yes, we did."

"And is my most important rule not communication?"

"It is, sir"

"Can we agree then, that your method of communication wasn't the best choice?" Oh jesus. He was back, closer this time. Standing, behind me?

"Yes sir. I'm sorry" Oh no. I've disappointed him. My heart skipped a beat and I felt as if all the air had been sucked from my lungs.

A rush of warm air ran along my back and I felt him kneel behind me "Don't sound so sad, sweetheart" He murmured, a smile evident in his voice "Are you alright?"

Warmth spread through my heart and I had to fight back tears. "Green, Sir"

Without another word, A gasp rose in my throat when a sharp but pleasurable pain emitted from my nipples. His thumb and forefinger had trapped both of my nipples and he gently rolled his fingers, making me cry out. My legs came closed on instinct.

"Did I give you permission to move?" Edward whispered in my ear, making the threat more prominent, and I immediately spread my knees, wider this time.

"Sorry, sir" I panted, my poor nipples still in his clutches

"Mmm look at that, already so wet for me"

"Please" I moaned when his fingers tugged harder

"Oh baby" His soft lips pressed against the side of my neck "It's never that easy with me. It's going to be such a pleasure training you."

"Oh fuck" I groan and feel my internal muscles contract at his words

"Already" he chuckled in amusement "Do you have permission to come, Isabella?"

"No sir" I almost whined and had to fight not to lean back against his chest when his teeth gently grazed the curve of my shoulder

His right hand released my nipple and gently trailed down, between my breasts, his palm gently stroked my stomach, and then lower... "Wider" He tapped on my left thigh and waited until I shifted, spreading wider for him. Fuck I would do anything for this man.

"Oooohhhh" I moaned when a single finger drew gentle circles around my clit, careful to never touch the sensitive nub. His left hand still tugged and twisted at my already hypersensitive nipple and I struggled to hold back my release.

"Shhhh" His lips tugged on my earlobe "Just feel" his fingers never stopping their torement. "Uh-uh" He tsk'd in amusement when my hips strained to meet his fingers more firmly "Still Isabella. I want you still."

"Oh god" I whimpered

"Understood?" his finger made its first swipe directly over my clit and I froze with sheer bliss.

"Yes sir" I choked.

He laughed softly to himself "I'm quite enjoying this torment. Aren't you, baby?" his voice came out like butter against her ear "One thing you'll learn about me? I love to tease"

"Oh fuck sir" I panted from his words alone. I swear he could feel the rush of wetness that just leaked out of me. How embarrassing.

"Ah" he chuckled "And one thing I just learned about you is that you love dirty talk" His thighs rested on either side of mine now and he pulled me back to lean against him, my back to his chest. I groaned and leaned my head back into the hollow of his shoulder. His left hand finally left my nipple and joined his right. Two fingers plunged into me and I bucked up into his hands. His other hand rubbing slow circles over my now hardened clit. It was sensory overload.

"OH shit" I gasped when he pinched my clit between his fingers "Please sir, oh fuck please?"

"Please what, Isabella" he released my swollen nub and soothed gentle circles over it again, never stopping his thrusting fingers.

"May I please cum, sir?" I panted, feeling lightheaded. how much longer is he going to torture me?

"Not yet" He said easily and eased up a little on his fingers "I want you to tell me immediatly when you feel like you absolutely can't hold back. You do not have permission to orgasm, Isabella. If you have reached that point, I want to hear the word 9 come out of your mouth. If at any point, I ask for a number, you give me a number between 1 and 9, 1 being mildly aroused, and 9 being your absolute breaking point."

I groaned, fuck, he was giving me instructions? Now?

"Are we clear, Isabella?"

"Oh!" I gasped "Yes sir! We're fuck-clear"

"Good, now what number are we?"

"7" I panted out and cried out as he pinched my clit again. Shit I don't know if I can do this.

He curved his two fingers that were inside her and very gently began thrusting, hitting her g-spot each time he did.

"AHHHHHH" She screamed, her hips bucking wildly against his hands

"I think i found someones spot" he grinned in amusement and used his legs to hold her steady

"P-please sir. Please let me cum? Oh god please" She pleaded desperately

"Not yet, love"

And another minute of torture did her in. "9!" She cried out hysterically "Oh god 9!"

His fingers stilled immediately and ran a gentle hand over her chest "Breathe" he murmured

She panted uncontrollably against his shoulder "Please" she whispered desperately

"I think we need to take care of your transgressions first, don't you think?"

Is he serious? He can't be serious. His fingers left me and I groaned quietly at the loss. I felt his lips on my cheek and smiled dreamily. Sexually frustrated or not, there's no where else she'd rather be. "Open baby"

She opened her mouth and welcome the cool liquid that he poured down her throat. Fuck it was hot in here. "Rest for a second. When you're ready I want you to stand up, hands behind her back, feet spread shoulder width apart and wait for me."

I sighed in exhaustion, he was going to torture me more? Fuck I didn't even know if I could stand! I rested against him for a few more minutes, letting him stroke my hair and feed me water until I felt okay again. When had he taken his shirt off? Using him as support since I had no sense of vision, I stood up on shaky legs and let go when I found my balance. As I was lacing my hands around my back, I felt him stand as well.

He walked around me and placed a pillow in the center of the couch and turned his attention back to me. I waited patiently in position where he left me. I definitely didn't need him getting any more ideas to torture me.


I glanced over, smiling to myself. She was going to be such a pleasure to train.

She was beautifully flushed from the activity earlier. And frustrated as well. I could see the tenseness in her body. Taking her by the waist, I effortlessly placed her over the arm of the couch. Her stomach rested against the curve, her head rested on the pillow I had set up and she stood on tip toes to stay on the ground.

Fucking perfect, I thought as I stepped back and admired the view. "What color are we, Isabella?" I asked, stroking the back of her shaking thighs. Don't be scared baby...never be scared with me.

"Green sir" She said clearly

"Good girl" I murmured, pleased. "What should we do about your lack of obedience?"

"Whatever you deem fit, sir" Jesus, how was she so perfect already?

"Oh really?" I rose an amused brow "I think my little sub needs to be spanked"

"I don't want to see you move. At all. If at any time you're uncomfortable or in unbearable pain, you are to safeword, immediately. Understood?"

"Yes sir" I whispered with a small smile. Always so concerned.

"Such a spankable ass" I murmured, standing in front of the couch and palming her right butt cheek. and then her left. The anticipation was almost worse than the blow. I knew that. I lifted my hand and heard her take in a sharp breath, muscles tensing as she expected the blow. I waited, at least 30 seconds until she relaxed again, unclenching her muscles, before landing the first one down onto her left cheek.

"Ah!" She gasped at the unexpected sting. Her breathing was still okay. She wasn't scared spitless, if anything she was turned on by it. Good.


And then I began raining them down on her, blow after blow, albeit not to hard since she was new to this. I watched her reactions closely and stopped when I saw her legs strain with effort to stay upright. "Good girl" I said slightly out of breath and ran a single finger over her crack and all the way down to her very wet center. "Ah" I chuckled when I realized she was definitely enjoying herself. Her hard clit was pressed directly against the curve of the couch, so each time I spanked her, her clit rubbed agains the fabric.

"Sir" She sobbed softly in need.

"You're drenched sweetheart. What's your number?"

"9" She whispered "I'm trying-so hard"

"Shhhhhh" I hushed softly and stroked her trembling back, she was beautiful in her submission already. "You're doing beautifully my love"

Relief washed through her body and she groaned at her growing need. Fuck.

"Such a good girl" I murmured and pressed my lips to her burning ass "Are you ready for your reward now?"

"Yes sir" she panted softly "Please sir"

I gently gripped her waist and in one fluid movement had her lying on her back, the curve of her back against the high curve of the couch, her head against the pillow again. "Ah!" she squeaked

"Look at that poor little clit" I taunted and merely pressed my finger against it, making her mewl in pleasure "That sensitive, hmm?"

She cried when my finger swirled her wetness over it "Sir!"

"Hush now" I whispered "Better hold on Isabella. I intend on taking you for a ride"

I didn't give her time to think before thrusting forward. Into her wet heat. My hands on her hips, holding her steady as I rammed into her. The intrusion sent her over the edge. She came hard, releasing herself all over my cock, and I was pretty certain she was incoherent by now. And fuck if I wasn't seeing stars too. Fucking shit she was tight. I stilled inside her and let her ride out her release as wave after wave of intense pleasure rolled through her.

"Easy baby" I murmured, running a soothing hand over her trembling stomach "Come back to me."

She eventually stopped panting and relaxed against the soft couch "What color are we, Isabella?"

"Green, sir" She whispered "Thank you"

I chuckled quietly and pulled out, ignoring her whimper as I stroked her hypersensitive body "You're quite welcome love. You're beautiful when you come."

"Oh shit" She panted desperately and both her hands locked around my wrists, trying to find something to hold onto. My hands still gripped her hips and I grinned in amusement. So responsive.

"I-I-I" She whimpered, her head moving back and forth as she tried to regain control over her own body. But to no avail. I pounded into her, stroke after stroke, feeling her tight muscles clench every time I withdrew. Hell if I was going to last much longer

"I was forgiving earlier, Isabella" I stated as her fingers dug into my wrists "Next time you release without permission, you'll receive the proper punishment."

"Jesus" She cried, her muscles clenching in anticipation to his comment

"Ah, somebody likes that idea" I chuckled in amusement

"Please sir" She whispered "Please, I can't-I don't know how to hold-please may I come for you?" She panted, obviously trying to hold back her release

"Because you asked so nicely" I murmured and thrust into her with a hard stroke, swiveling my hips as I did "Now."

And she did. She screamed, convulsing around me like a mad woman. Her hands released my wrists and flew above her head, bunching the couch cushion as wave after wave of pleasure overtook her.

And I was relentless, pounding into her even harder, drawing out her own pleasure before finding my own only moments later. I groaned at the force and spilled myself inside her. Shit. I haven't cum this hard in months.

I leaned against her for a few minutes, catching my own breath before pulling out. She was still shaking and convulsing lightly, aftershock of her orgasm. I quickly grabbed a throw from the back of the couch and sat down, lifting her into my lap and draping the blanket around her before pulling her back against my chest. "You're okay baby, I've got you" I murmured, rubbing her back gently. The aftermath of their scene would catch up to her and she would start to drop. Bella was an emotional person, that much he expected.

"Shhhh" I soothed when a tremor ran through her, and pulled her closer.

About 15 minutes later, she began to get her wits. Lifting her head from my shoulder she smiled at me, and I immediately recognized the far away look in her eyes. She was in subspace, I'd need to watch her closely.

"Hi sweetheart" I smiled warmly, brushing the damp hair from her eyes

"Hi" She whispered softly

"How are you feeling?"

"Good, sir" She mumbled and rested her head in the hollow of my shoulder again. Had there been such a sweet submissive?

"Tired" She yawned quietly a few minutes later making me laugh

I shifted and she immediately gripped my shoulder, lifting her head in confusion.

I smiled reassuringly at her in return "I'm not going anywhere."

She relaxed immediately and closed her eyes again "Thank you, Sir" She whispered

"Thank you" I murmured, kissing the top of her head "You were wonderful, Isabella. You did so well"

He felt her body go lax and her lips curved up against his neck into a content smile.

"Ah, there's a smile" I teased softly realizing she was slowly coming out. "You okay?"

"Mmm" She hummed in content "Yes sir"

"Scene over, Bella." I murmured and kissed her head.

"Mhmm" She hummed again, not at all interested.

"Wore you out, huh?"


"Ms. Swan, are you incoherent?" I asked in amusement

"Slightly" she whispered, a sated grin on her lips

"You do wonders for a mans ego."


"Alright baby" I murmured softly realizing how exhausted she really was "Rest now. I've got you."

"Kay" She whispered before her breathing evened out and she drifted off.

About an hour later, she began to rouse. She could hear the faint sound of Edward talking and she yawned before opening her eyes, realizing she was still lying in Edwards arms. He was talking softly on his cell, eyes on her.

"Sure, schedule him for wednesday. Thanks Heidi." he said "Anything else? Alright, have a good day then. Call me if there's any trouble."

He hung up the phone and tossed it to the side before smiling down at her "Are you with me again?"

She nodded sleepily and laughed "Sorry I fell asleep"

"It's alright, love." he murmured "How are you?"

"I'm great. Just tired."

"Yes" He frowned, tracing one of her frown lines with a single finger "You haven't been sleeping very well these days"

"I'm tired now" She whispered "Can I sleep again?"

Jesus this one was going to break his heart. He smiled tenderly and nodded, unwrapping his arms from around her stopping when her eyes widened in panic. She shook her head once before catching herself "Hey sweetheart" He crooned softly "What's wrong?"

"Here. Can I sleep here?" She asked softly "I don't want to be alone"

His heart constricted "I'm not going to leave you alone" He said softly and pushed himself into a laying down position with her in his arms "Come, I'll nap with you"

She sprawled out on top of him with his arms around her, one palm resting on her ass and the other strew across her back. The blanket draped over both of them as she nuzzled her head into his neck. "Edward?"

"Hmmph" he grunted, opening one eye

"You couldn't find another place for your right hand?" She smirked sleepily

He pinched it, making her jump and glare down at him "I don't like that look" he said in soft seriousness

Her eyes immediately softened and she backed down. Like he controlled her body with the push of a button. When she actually looked contrite, he had to smile "Just kidding, baby" He whispered with a grin

"That was rude." She pouted and laid her head on his shoulder again

"Go to sleep, Bella."

Pushing back a smile she closed her eyes and let sleep take her.

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