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.: The Promised Beginning :.
~ This meeting was not awkward, but fated ~

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

It was nothing but a mindless waiting game. As he walked along the hot sands of the island, his mind could only ever ask him: When? Xehanort had plans to leave this feeble place, but when and how?

He gazed at the setting sun with a pursed lip before closing his eyes, Someday soon… The time must be right.

Turning on his heel, Xehanort had set his mind to leave when something – or better yet, someone – caught his eye. There across the distance stood a young man about his age: straight-cut shoulder length black hair, dark grey eyes, and an unreadable expression though his eyes were searching with purpose. Xehanort raised a thin eyebrow. He had never seen this person before; everyone knew everyone on the islands. And this stranger's clothes…they were foreign to the silver haired man…

Before Xehanort could even move, the black haired stranger had started walking up to him and politely asked, "Excuse me, have you seen an elderly man somewhere around here by any chance? His clothes are similar to mine."

His amber eyes merely stared down at this stranger and Xehanort was surprised that there was no show of cowardice. Impressed by the young man's steadfast nature, Xehanort spared an answered, "No one has passed by here."

"I see." The black haired man sighed. Nodding, he replied, "Thank you…uh?"


"Xehanort," the man repeated with a small smile. "Well thank you, Xehanort. I should be on my way."

The islander didn't know what compelled him to talk. Perhaps it was curiosity…or a desire for answers. "You aren't from here, are you? From anywhere around here…"

For the first time since their short encounter, the younger man showed visible signs of panic. He attempted to cover his misdemeanor with a dart of his eyes. "W…What makes you say that?"

"The way you carry yourself," Xehanort explained calmly as he walked off, "You don't blend in well…if you were trying."

Xehanort only took four steps before being pulled to a stop. Looking over his shoulder, he locked eyes with the smokiest grey. "You couldn't be…? If possible, would you consider seeing my Master? He was actually looking for someone like you. Someone…with a strong heart."

Such words surprised Xehanort, but his mind reeled again. Perhaps this was the beginning he had promised for himself.

The time to escape… It begins now.