Full Circle Re: Coded

Chapter 8

For the Pain and with the Pain

Ranjo's POV

Why would you do that to me…Rids…. As I slowly fell backwards flashes of my past began to consume my eyes. Flashes of…him. Flashes that contain the will power to protect him. The betrayal, the consumption of darkness. Everything came to me of the day I fell off the cliff. The day I practically lost everything. The day I met my master, my very own caretaker. I was happy then, but for what cost did I lose my friends? Was it my intention to cause pain to others or my ambition to demolish the world of wretched adults? The second I thought about demolishing adults as a kid reminded me that I soon would've been one of them. For I am not one of them, I am the chosen one, the one that will bring darkness to the world. I will bring everyone to their knees and beg for mercy. Mercy is for the weak!

I acted quickly and landed on both of my hands and jumped back onto my feet. I looked at my surroundings, standing before me stood a single comrade disposable limping towards its master. I came up to him and with a single swipe of my dark blade… His head rolled on the ground and melted itself along with the body to goo. There I stood in the midst of bridge towards the overworld, no army, and not enough energy to even move. I plopped back to the ground as I jolted in pain, coming from the right side of my body.

My body was numb but yet in pain. Upon closer inspection small particles of an unknown substance were spread all over the right portion of my body. I looked towards the black goo that once used to be my comrades, and found the same substance that was on me scattered all over the gooey remains of my comrades. It was excruciating just to watch what actually took us all down. It was time to go back. Time to recover, for the upcoming invasion… I got up from the ground slowly only to fall back from burning pain of my right portion of my body. Once again I successfully got up and raised both of my arms and chanted, Pa se a le ca re la. With a flash all the goo and I disappeared.

Rids POV

"Man, Leo you may look thin but you are as heavy as Mario's Thwomp!" I dragged Leo across the room towards the couch, but I mean damn this cat is heavy. I plopped Leo on the couch and went back to the kitchen and sat right next to Star. Tobias stared at me as if h8e was spacing out until he spoke, "So, I know this is sudden but did any of you remember a dream about um I don't know….. That you died Rids?" I jolted and looked straight at Tobias. He knows?! How the hell did he know I died? How does he remember and no one else does? Everyone's attention turned immediately towards me and they all tilted their head a bit in confusion. "Wait, how do you know?" I couldn't believe he's the one who actually remembers, first he walks up to my doorstep and now he says he knows that I have already died once. What the hell is going on?! I looked towards Aeris, "Do you know?" She stared at me and just tilted her head slightly more, yet just to add it was the cutest thing ever, but anyways I could tell she didn't really know herself. I sat back in my chair and just stared blankly to Tobias who was still waiting for a response. I looked down and looked at my hands; I closed them and tightened them. "Tobias, why is it that you are the only one that knows about it?" I looked back up to him in which I saw Death hovering behind him. My eyes widened and Death came at me with his scythe and everyone went dark…again….

I reopened my eyes only to see a white forest around me. All the plants weren't green, they were white. I walked up to a tree and brought out my pocket knife and slashed at the tree bark. Nothing, not even a scratch was left at the point of contact. I took a step back and hit something behind me. It was breathing, and was warm and tall. I jumped forward and looked behind me, only to see Tobias, a yellow cat, and red and brown cat. The yellow and brown ones were asleep and floating at where they were at. Impressed as I was I went up to one and poked it, only to have it shift over to one side. "They are just there entities of who they really are. You have met both of these persons but they are locked away from this realm, you and I have to help them out and bring their true identities out. I myself don't know who they are. Death reappeared next to Tobias and exclaims, "This is the sanctuary of heroes of this realm, destined to save the world from destruction. Cheesy, but fascinating right? Not to mention you may visit other heroes through portals, these portals are hidden within this white forest. The only way you could reveal these portals is if you meet a certain circumstance." I nodded then I looked back at Tobias. "Hey Tobias, how did you and Death meet?" Death and Tobias looked at each other and looked back at me. "Well," Tobias took a death breath and continued to explain, "Back when I was in the army, I was captured and tortured and left for dead in Russia. Death came to me and laughed as I laid there slowly losing my vision, but then I woke up in a room far away from where I once died. I ended up in England. Which really through me off, so I went to the bathroom to go wash my face. Once I walked in Death was standing at the doorway. He explained to me that I was one of the chosen heroes he has chosen to save the world from a great evil. There are four in total he explained, though the three of you weren't born just yet, I had to wait a simple 10 years for ye to be born. I was stuck in despair; I lost my wife and my lovely daughter, Aeris. For until today, the fateful day we met in the underworld to fight off Ranjo, we all died. You were the reason we lived through the entire fight, I for one delayed the attack once again, by sending a bomb to Ranjo." My head began to flash scenes of my past, I fell to my knees. All this pain, WHERE WAS IT COMING FROM? I growled in pain and fell on my side. Star…..no don't die please…..PLEASE!

General POV

Rids continued to growl and yell in agony. All the pain from battles in the past began to engulf his conscience. Tobias and Death stood back and examined Rids from afar hoping everything will go according to plan. Tobias pulled out his 10 inch stainless steel pocket knife and stood about 30 feet from Rids. Rids stood up, growling, crossed his arms and raised them up to his face and immediately slammed his arms to his sides, causing a red and black aura to circle around Rids. His eyes turned completely white and his whole face was completely black except for his eyes, which had an evil glare among them. Rids was slowly lifted off the ground and Tobias quickly charged at Rids held him by the neck. Rids reacted quick enough to jab 15 punches into Tobias, causing him to fall backwards. Reluctantly, Tobias regained balance after he rolled back. Rids flashed right behind Tobias and stood there silently, until. "You took Star from me, didn't you?" Tobias gulped and swung an elbow behind him actually making contact with Rids cheek. Rids didn't even flinch, or even budged, Tobias knew he was fucked big time if he doesn't find a way to stop Rids. Death just continued to examine Rids and Tobias' interactions. Rids stared viciously at Tobias and three clones of Rids appeared around Tobias. All four Rids crowded around Tobias and the three clones held him down. One grabbed his arms one his legs and the other covered his eyes. Rids leaned forward and pulled out his 9 caliber pistol, "Tonight you die, Scum!" Rids pulled the trigger and with a flash of light Tobias disappeared. As interesting as it was Rids looked towards Death and saw Tobias unconscious on the floor next to him. Death surrounded Rids in multiple forms, one was a horse, another a giant, and a couple skeletons. Death created a certain type of barrier in which suppressed Rids power to the point where he couldn't even budge. It was an excruciating sight to see, for until Death knocked out Rids.

"Good Rids, keep this power within you….. It will save you from a great danger…"

After all this, Death dragged both Rids and Tobias bodies deep within the white forest, to help them concentrate their power and regain conscience. Back in the real world, Aeris and Star had to drag both Tobias and Rids to the couch next to Leo and wait for their return. Star began to worry and sat on the couch next to Rids, closely examining her unconscious boyfriend. Aeris looked at Star and continued to observe her. "What is it with him always being knocked out for a while? Is it a disease? Could it be that he's dead?" Star checked his pulse, "Okay maybe not dead, but what is it with this feeling that he is not even here anymore?" Star had so many thoughts in her head that it began to make her crave for the truth. Aeris looked back at Leo, who is currently snoring and snuggling with Tobias' arm. Aeris, embarrassed with this, slapped Leo upside the head making him wake up from his current slumber. "Yeowch! Why did you do that?!" Leo rubbed his head and looked towards Star holding Rids' hand. Leo examined the bodies and went up to Aeris and whispered, "So what did I miss?"