Not Funny

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: Boston

Summary: Life has the strangest sense of humor and Dean can't help but share it…

A/N: Sorry for making fun of a really tragic story but when I found out about the incident I simply had to grab it. I would've loved to write our boys right in the middle of the hunt, but I thought I should stick with a 100 words for once :-)

Hey girls, I hope you had fun in Boston – I'm sure there was a lot of sweetness around...


"You found something?" Dean shot a glance at his brother slumped in the passenger seat, laptop on his knees.

"Did you ever hear about the Boston Molasses Disaster?"

Dean chuckled. "Come on, seriously?"

"21 people killed, 150 injured when in 1919 a huge molasses storage tank burst and flooded the whole quarter."

"They say sugar can kill you but that's…"


"Just saying. I mean: candy stiffs?"

"You're a creep…"

"Oh, can't you sugarcoat it, Sammy?"

"Dean – people are dying in Boston, their lungs filled with syrup. That's not funny."

"Yep, crystal clear."

The glare was everything but sweet.