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Percy POV:

No detention, but instead we are sentenced to a Sunday of cleaning, at a University. What is there to clean? I mean, there are janitors, right? Or do they keep special places dirty for people like us to clean?... The only upside to this...interesting situation is that I'll be with Annabeth for the whole day. The downside is that James will be there, and those K girls. Annabeth said they call themselves the Kats? But James. Can't he get it into his thick skull that Annabeth has a boyfriend-ahem, ME-and I really don't plan to go anywhere anytime soon. I've been through some ridiculous stuff with Annabeth and it takes more than an immature guy and a few freaks in heels to break us up.

Walking over isn't bad. The winds a bit brisk, and since I'm wearing old clothes (gods only know what we're actually doing) in the case that I become ridiculously dirty. I'm me, as Annabeth would say: "Only you, Seaweed brain. Only you." Which, of course, I will take as a compliment.

Shoving my hands deeper into my hoodie pockets, I walk quickly against the wind towards the building. We're meeting in Ms. Harfton's office, and I really don't think I should be late. Just doesn't seem intelligent. Besides, I want to see Annabeth. So shoot me, she's my girlfriend.

Run-skipping up the stairs where the fight had taken place, I push open the doors and hang a left down the hall, counting doors. Ms. Harfton's is the sixth on the left. And I guess I didn't need to count, since her name is stenciled into the door. Knocking respectfully (I do have my moments), I wait until I hear an "Enter!" to push open the door.

Ms. Harfton is sitting at her desk, sifting through papers, looking for something. Surprisingly, James is slouched in a chair in front of her desk. She seems to be ignoring him. Harfton: 1, Lawson: 0. I can't help but think with a bit of satisfaction. Suddenly, Ms. Harfton looks up and smiles at me.

"Percy. Nice to see you. Have a seat while we wait for the young ladies." she says with an amiability I didn't expect. She gestures to any of the chairs placed strategically around the room.

Indulging in a momentary fit of childness (Annabeth would tell you that I'm always childish. But don't listen to her), I choose the seat farthest away from James. And I think that Ms. Harfton snorted.

I look up, and I can't help but notice that I'm actually 10 minutes early (Annabeth, Paul and my mom would be so impressed! And Chiron, probably Grover, and Nico...and everyone else I know. But never mind). And, Ms. Harfton seems to be looking more and more anxious.

Settling into the seat, that is unexpectedly comfortable, I ask: "Ms. Harfton? Would it be inappropriate if I took a nap?"

James looks at me like I'm crazy, rolls his eyes and looks away. Ms. Harfton looks ready to burst out laughing, or run for the door.

"Yes, Percy. That would be acceptable. Someone will wake you before we begin." She said nodding. I grin triumphantly at James's astonished face, and settle in for an enjoyable time of sleep.

Slowly, I wake up, realizing someone is gently shaking my shoulder and saying: "Percy...Percy! Wake up Seaweed Brain!" I can't help but grin, knowing Annabeth is standing over me.

I open my eyes, and smile at her face. "Good Morning, Wise Girl."

She grins back. "Morning Percy. Only you would sleep in a teacher's office." She said, shaking her head.

"Hey! I asked before actually sleeping!" I defend myself. She just smiles and tells me to scoot over. I do, and she joins me.

We only need to wait about two minutes before the other four girls-Kenzie, Kaylie, Kora, and Kayla, Annabeth said their names are...I think-come waltzing in. And I swear to the gods, I could see clouds of toxic gas rolling off their clothes from all the make-up and perfume they wear. I gagged a little. Annabeth looked surprised, pained and then amused. I needed to sneeze. And then I had to try and smother my guffaws, since their clothes were supposed to be "artfully old" or something stupid like that. I'll even give James credit. He was wearing old jeans with natural holes and mud stains along with an old t-shirt.

Annabeth wore an old and faded camp t-shirt and a pair of old jeans cut to make long-shorts. They were splattered with paint and other work stains. I recognized her outfit as being the one she had worked on the new cabins in.

I wore a similar outfit-I had painted the new house for my mom and Paul in this outfit.

But, Ms. Harfton was speaking. And I was trying to surreptiously cough. It wasn't easy trying to listen and cough while not coughing.

" in the trophy room. Polishing, sweeping, washing etcetera. I'll leave the list on the door. Names are assigned to chores. And I will be there to oversee and help if needed."

I guess I didn't miss too much. And the punishment wasn't too bad. I probably wouldn't ever have to see James or the Kats ever again after this whole thing.

My goal for today was simple: Get all the chores done as soon as possible. Help Annabeth with hers if need be. Get outta dodge and never see the girlfriend stealing idiot or the noxious wannabes again. Simple.

Apparantely, not so much.

Ms. Harfton took a deep breath: "This is just the beginning. I want you to get to know eachother better, considering you will all be attending the same summer camp this year."

"WHAT?" All seven of us yelled simultaeneously. (Seven people in unison is really quite a feat, if you think about it)

Annabeth and I looked at eachother is amazement and then, stricken expressions. If we were all attending the same summer camp, and Annabeth and I always went to Camp Half-Blood, then...

"All seven of you are demigods, children of the gods." Ms. Harfton announced.

I've already failed my goal for today.

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