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Percy POV

The 36 minutes that I waited for Annabeth to be revived from unconsciousness were some of the longest that I've ever suffered through. According to the Apollo kids, the interaction of ancient technology, modern technology and magic caused unexpected reactions, therefore causing Annabeth's body to "momentarily" shut down. I couldn't explain that even if I wanted to. I was thinking that Chiron would be able shed some light on the subject before going to bed tonight.

When Annabeth started stirring, I found myself anxiously hovering over her face. When her eyes fluttered open, she gave a little start and squeal of surprise. I couldn't help the grin that came over my face.

"I think that's the first time I've ever actually startled you, Wise Girl." I said through my grin. It was amazing to see her calculating grey eyes open again. It was probably the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

"Yeah, well, don't get used to it. Geez, Seaweed Brain, ever heard of personal space?" She asks with a smile on her face. Despite the tone of her voice, and the sarcasm, I could tell she was happy to see me.

"Well, if you're so worried about personal space, I guess I won't kiss you."

"Get over here Seaweed Brain." Annabeth responded laughingly while grabbing me by my shirt and kissing me. I responded quite enthusiastically.

Lying beside her on the small medic's bed, I tried to explain everything that had happened. The explanations for the Minotaur and cause of her injury were quite jumbled, and Annabeth appeared to have plenty of questions. Thankfully Chiron came in at that moment. I couldn't help but be glad he chose to come in now. If he had come in four or five minutes earlier, I would probably have some explaining to do… But I digress.

"As the two of you may or may not know, Mr. D and I have been trying to find a more accurate and safe way to train the numerous demigods coming in after the war." I faintly recall that being mentioned at last year's end of the summer meeting. "We came up with the idea of revised automatons during the school year with the help of the Hephaestus cabin. But, it didn't go as planned when a few of the wirings went wrong and they escaped." Before I could interrupt, Chiron continued "That is what attacked the car. The initial programming was to attack demigods—in order to train them—but we were supposed to be able to control them. That didn't end up working. But we were still cognizant of the machine's actions. This is how I knew that the car had flipped over before anyone told me."

"Suffice it to say, we attempted to create mini versions of monsters that were commonly fought, but the plan backfired and has caused several injuries. The program is being shut down as we speak." Chiron finished.

Personally, I needed a minute process the onslaught of information that Chiron had just dumped. Annabeth apparently didn't as she dove right into questioning. She wanted to know all about the technicalities of the program, and if she might be able to fix it.

I didn't even understand her questions let alone the answers she got. So, I contented myself with the knowledge that my girlfriend was once again conscious, and that my position as her boyfriend was once again secure. Not that that position had ever been in question.

After 20 long minutes of questions, I kissed Annabeth on the forehead and excused myself.

Walking out into the sunshine, I was greeted by the normal sounds of camp: screaming, pounding feet and music—both poorly played and well played. I had a feeling that the poorly played music was coming from Grover's reed pipes. I may need to pay Travis or Connor to steal them, or at least find a nice way to ask him to STOP.

Walking past the basketball court in front of the Ares cabin, I noticed James. He seemed to be quite occupied in both the game and the girl he was playing against.

I sighed, realizing that he had finally realized the intelligence in leaving Annabeth alone.

Mentally crossing James off my list of irritating things, I realized I only had a few more to worry about. Namely, Grover's reed pipes, and Annabeth's irritating ability to tell exactly when I had forgotten something.

We'll start with the reed pipes.

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