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Note: This takes place during the Golden age before everything fell apart.

Charlotte x Griffith and the slightest hint of Griffith x Guts but you have to really squint.

Title: A lady and her knight

By Uisce

Charlotte pov

When she was a child her mother died and no one came to tell her. She remembers not crying. Days later it seemed she was going to a strange woman's funeral.

Her mother had always been hidden away from her. The little princess never knew the queen, not really, not while her mother was living but sick with Charlotte's father and not when she was dead at peace with God.

The one time Charlotte snuck into the room where she shouldn't be, there was a woman with hair like hers but eyes so listless wheezing on the four-poster bed. She climbed on to the giant linen sheets and looked into a face so familiar and yet that of a stranger. She remembers soft kisses and playful hands through her hair and the little girl bends to give this sick person a kiss.

She never really knew her but now she feels so sad.

It was as she left climbing back down her foot hit on the little dresser beside the bed knocking trinkets from a pearl encrusted jewelry box.

Making sure the sleeping woman did not wake. The little princess scrambled to place the objects back in place. As she put away the jewelry box two missed items caught her held them, the small figures of a man and a woman. She saw a mommy and a daddy and so she took them.

In later years they reminded her more and more of her father and mother and how not once did her father leave Charlotte's mother as she died.

The knight never leaving his ladies' side.

Charlotte now holds the lodestones, she is nervous as she has never given anyone a favor before but Charlotte thinks on the devoted knight who returned to his lady as she lay dying, remembers a king beside his queen and their happiness even in such sad realizes she wants that love too.

So she gives the token to Sir Griffith and always the kind and faithful knight vows to return it upon his victory in the battlefield.

Victory or not as long as he returns with it, is what would make the princess heart soar and ease her six months he does and the war is over, they can have their happy ever after.

It is like in a fairytale. A white knight and a princess, they meet and fall in love.

So she should be beyond happy when he enters drenched through her bedroom window. She sees how very romantic this is and blushes deep when he bends to kiss her, but there's something about his eyes, they're not the bright blue she remembers and they look swollen as if he has been weeping.

It saddens her that even though the lodestone brought him back a part of him seemed to be must have been the war; he must have missed her so very much too.

She vows she won't leave him and this time it will be Charlotte who will stay by her knight's side, for she remembers something in her father dying when his lady left.

As she sees something in Sir Griffith has died too.

A/N To be honest Charlotte probably didn't notice anything wrong with Griffith. Oh well.