Persona 3 Portable FES: The Answer Ch.1

Hello this is my first story I did I hope you enjoy!

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Persona 3 Portable Fes: The Answer

Chapter 1: Prologue

'This is an ordeal…. That we have to face life its selves' said the familiar yet cold tone voice.

When the battle is set in what looks like a coliseum, A young man who has grey eyes and dark brown hair with slightly long, wears a metal band on his forehead and wears his burgundy pea coat on his shoulder and strange armor look almost like a ninja(sleeveless on both sides)and he battle a young girl with short brown hair shooting her bow and arrow at that young man, but he dodge it and making his move. With his weapon is called Hade Reaper Sword-a big yet giant sword cover with darkness on each sides of the handle of the tip of the swords and he hold it on his right hand and starting to slashing that girl. She tries to dodge as she did, but she got slash of her neck wear she wears her heart-shaped chocker and got cut off. And a little blood starting to bleed, a while the young girl try to stay focused and be serious just a little longer. Meanwhile the person who's in battle is a long red hair women suddenly got shot on her left eye, bleeding. It's seems the long red hair women is shocked and surprised.

A figure merged from the flames also to be a young man holding two pistol, he wears a butterfly mask, but has been cut off in half only to see half it on the person face and wearing a navy blue turtleneck under his blue rode almost like a coat (also wearing navy dark blue pant or a reaper, and slightly crimsons red bangs through his mask.

'The fact we have a future whether its will be the brightest day or an unforgettable tragedy sins among us' said the young man. 'We may not understand that wish for the principle, and yet we humans have to make a choice for living.' As when the young man keep it in his thoughts to him self and focus on the girl, who is ready set that look like a gun aimed on her forehead... He remembers he used to cares about and someone very precious to him was a young girl who was a year younger than him and she had a bright auburn brown hair and crimson red eyes who always smile at him.

A pale girl with very short teal green girl cry out, but it seems she was suffering when all of her friends fighting and killing each others. When he was back to reality, he stab the girl on the chest before something happens and she drop her gun-like weapon on ground and collapse onto the floor. As soon as the young man takes out his weapon out of her, he last remembers that he was holding his precious person holding and embracing her awhile holding her hand during on March 5th 2010 at Graduation Day during the event. The long red hair women falls with a painful expression on her face and got fatal injured most of her body to see that young girl's demise. Then mysterious young man was ready to finished off the young red-head women with a serious expression upon his face as he takes out his opponent with the final blow.

'I realized, we all understand a little that what we will chose if it's the past, present, or the future to use the keys to open a door what we wanted to go for their desperate, greedy, despair or even their prides for life. ' as the young man stated in his thoughts.

And the battle ends... appearing was a key falling into a puddle on blood.