Of Muggles and Love

Disclaimer: All the characters are owned by J.. This storyline, however, is owned by me.

Summery: Luna finds herself six weeks pregnant after several long nights spent drunk. Her break up with Neville has hurt her, and only a new friend of hers can help her through the nights. Featuring next generation.

Pairings: Brief LL/ DD, all others cannon.

Warnings: An, I fear, horribly OOC Luna, a nice Dudley, and maybe some slash.

A/N: This looked awfully long when I wrote it on paper... Not so much anymore.


It was a very upset Luna who apparated to Harry's house one cold, October evening. She was so upset, she managed to land almost on top of Dudley, who was coming to visit his cousin.

'Luna?' he said, worriedly. He had only met her a few times, usually on pub crawls. Normally she was only there because her long-time boyfriend Neville Longbottom was. She had always been friendly towards him, more than any of Harry's other friends, and she always seemed very happy-go-lucky. He was immediately concerned.

'Oh, s-sorry, Dudley,' she stammered as the door opened.

'Dudley!' said the feminine voice of Ginny Weasley, soon to be Potter. 'Aren't you coming in?'

'Course I'm coming in, Gin! Luna's here as well, I don't know what's wrong...' He trailed off as Ginny's silhouette moved from the door. He felt her brush past him, and envelop the trembling girl beside him in a hug.

'What's wrong, Luna?' asked the red-head of her best friend. She managed the words 'Neville' and 'break-up', before once again dissolving into tears.

Ginny quickly ushered the two guests inside, before steering Luna into the living room.

'Harry's in the study!' she called over her shoulder, before magically locking the door.

'Dudley shrugged, and began climbing the stairs to his cousins study. Although he was now quite a bit slimmer compared to his size the night Harry carried home from the dementors, he still got out of breath quite easily. By the time he reached the landing, he was panting.

Down the hall was the familiar oak door, which concealed Harry's workspace. He headed towards it and, like always, it opened just before he reached it.

Peering inside, he saw the Boy Who Lived kneeling down in front of the ornate fireplace. A face he recognised as Ron Weasley's was sticking out of it.

'So, he can get the last few out by monday,' the red head was saying. Harry smiled. Although he never said so, the last remaining dragons tainted by Dark Magic still roaming England were causing him worry.

'Brilliant, Ron.' His friend grinned back. 'How's Hermione?' asked Harry. Ron's face fell.

'Don't even go there, mate. She's had another miscarriage.' Ron rolled his eyes. They had been married a year, and this was her fifth one. I mean, he was upset and all, but he was beginning to think it was getting old.

'Bummer,' said Harry, mingling the right mix of sympathy with cheeriness, as he was now practised to do. He glanced up, and noticed Dudley for the first time. 'Anyway, I gotta go.'

'Right, I'll see you tomorrow at work.' Ron's' head vanished with a 'pop'.

'Dudley!' Harry exclaimed, standing up and hugging his cousin warmly. 'Good to see you! Did I hear Luna as well?'

'Yeah, I think she broke up with Neville.'

'Now's your chance then, mate,' said Harry, winking at him.

'I-I don't know what you mean,' he stammered, going red.

'Sure you do,' said Harry, winking again. And with that, they both headed downstairs.