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Harry, Sirius and Shinichi were sitting in some chairs at the hospital room of Masami Hirota or whatever the woman's true name was. The healers had informed them that they would wake her up today. Her injuries had been healed and the only thing that remained to be done was resting to regain her strength after having been unconscious for two and a half months. But the three wanted to get as much information as they could from her. There hadn't been many clues that they had found, they only knew the code-names of the two that had poisoned Shinichi, Gin and Vodka. With the help of the healers, who had found out that the woman was a squib and therefore magical healing methods worked well, they would see if she could be questioned.

When the healer in charge of the woman spelled a potion that would wake her up into her system the group waited anxiously. It took about fifteen minutes before she opened her eyes and then she was disorientated. She tried sitting up, but failed.

"Don't try to move. Your body is weak after being in a coma for two and a half months." The healer said.

"Where am I?" She asked.

"You're in the Tokyo Clinic, a wizarding hospital." The healer said.

"A magical hospital? But how? I live in the muggle world and have no contact with wizards." She asked.

"We were contacted by the ones that found you in your critical state. Mr Black used a stasis spell to stabilize you until professional help could arrive. He saved your life with that action." The healer explained and pointed at Harry.

Her eyes widened hearing that. She remembered what had happened. She had been shot by one of the higher ups of the organization because she hadn't been useful for them anymore. She had been betrayed and her sister still wouldn't be let gone. All of this had been for nothing.

"I can see that you remember what happened. What we would like to offer you is a deal." Sirius said, being the oldest one of the group. The boys had agreed to let him handle the deal.

"What kind of deal?" She asked suspiciously.

"The organization thinks you are dead. We faked a newspaper article that a female unknown corpse was found close to the position where you were shot. For them you are dead. You can disappear and they would never know if you changed your appearance a bit and took a new name. We would assist you with magical means of disguise which they would never be able to see through. What we want in return is information. As much as you can give us, because we have also met the organization and won't be able to avoid meeting them again. They boys have the bad habit to find trouble by not even looking for it and they simply can't stand by when crimes are committed." Sirius pointed at Harry and Shinichi.

"I accept, but I have one request. I have a younger sister; she is eighteen and a scientist for the organization. She is one of their brightest minds and the reason I did the robbery was that it was the deal I made with the organization. If I managed to get them one billion Yen they would let me and my sister go from the organization. But they betrayed me. They only used me; probably they had planned to kill me from the beginning, because I had enabled a FBI agent to infiltrate the organization. He was my boyfriend and I had found out about him being from the FBI, but I loved him, so I ignored it and didn't tell anybody. I still do." She said.

"That makes sense. A FBI agent would be dangerous if he infiltrated the organization for some time. How long was he in the organization?" Harry asked.

"Three years. I think they had planned to catch one of the high ranking members, Gin, the one that shot me. But something went wrong and Dai had to flee. I'm sure he is one of their absolute top targets. I want you to help my sister get out of the organization. With magic that should be possible. If you get her to safety, I will tell you all I know. It isn't much, but I will do whatever is necessary to bring the organization down." She promised.

"How would we be able to contact your sister without making the organization suspicious?" Shinichi asked. "If they suspected anything they would follow her and kill all those they think are in the know."

"I have an e-mail address which she used for the organization. If I send her a coded message she would understand to be at a certain point at a certain time. We set this scenario up in case we found a way out of the organization. I would send the e-mail from an internet café to not give them the possibility to track me down, she would go to a meeting point and from there we would disappear. The problem was doing it unnoticed. I think she would know a lot more than I do. I wasn't even given a code-name, she was." The woman said.

"Alright, we can work with that. As long as the organization doesn't know about the magical world we should be able to hide both of you." Sirius agreed. "Perhaps not in Japan, but in another country it would be easy to let you disappear."

"That would be fine. Well, I guess I should start with what I know. My real name is Akemi Myano. My sister's name is Shiho. We got in contact with the organization through our parents who worked for them as scientists, but they died when my sister was very young. I was only thirteen. Shiho was sent to America to go to school while I stayed here in Japan. I was living a normal life, had friends and sometimes did some minor missions for the organization. I never was really involved in the big things. I know that they are involved in all kinds of crimes and that there is a strict hierarchy. Only a handful of people know who the boss is, the really high ranking members. The highest ranking one I know is Gin, he is a ruthless killer, but he is smart, really smart. That's what makes him so dangerous.

"From what I know he is directly under the boss. One of the few that knows who he is I think. His partner is called Vodka. A man for rough work. Then there are specialists like snipers, infiltrators, businessmen that use the organization for getting rid of opponents and supply it with money and information. Then there are scientists like my sister that work on different projects. The members of the organization as soon as they reach a certain rank normally wear mostly black. They all get assigned code-names that are alcoholics. I don't know others than Gin and Vodka though. My sister's code-name is Sherry." Akemi told them.

"Great, that's at least a bit. If we manage to get your sister out we would get even more information." Harry said smiling. "Perhaps we could even get in contact with your boyfriend and let the FBI help us."

"Perhaps, but let's not be hasty. So far you managed to slip under their radar, but that won't stay that way. We know that they have already searched Shinichi's house twice thanks to the surveillance charms." Sirius reminded them.

"They wouldn't have found anything." Shinichi said. "The house is dusty and nobody used water or electricity since the attempt to kill me. And how would anybody think of me shrinking back to a child?"

As Shinichi had told her his name when she had been injured there was no reason to keep it a secret.

"My sister was part of the team that searched your house. She was the one that developed the poison that seems to have been given to you. It was a failure from what she told me, but as it was really useful despite it having another purpose when it was developed, the organization wanted to have her continue the research." Akemi informed them.

Shinichi looked shocked and hopeful at the same time. If they got to Shiho, they would be able to find an antidote to the poison easier. While Harry was good, he wasn't an expert.

"That sounds promising. From what the healers guess you will be released in about two weeks. Then we can work on contacting your sister." Sirius said.

Akemi nodded. She really hoped that they would be able to get Shiho out of the organization.

For now she only could try getting healed. She wouldn't be of any use to Shiho or herself without being strong enough. She only hoped that Shiho didn't do anything stupid before she could get her out.

So, now Akemi is awake again. Will the group manage to get Shiho out? Will she still become Ai? Wait and see.