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Master Thief 1412

It was early afternoon at the Beika museum. Yesterday Sonoko Suzuki had asked Ran to ask her father to help with the investigation for the heist the master thief that had the code number 1412 in some international organization had announced through a warning letter. Conan was tired; he had tried hard to solve the coded message, but hadn't come up with a solution yet. All around the museum the police had taken position to prevent the theft of the 'Black Star' a black pearl that had been in the possession of the Suzuki family for fifty years.

Really, this was a code that was difficult to solve.

April's Fool.

When the moon divides the two, I will appear riding on the waves of the black star. Kaito …

Sadly the last part of the message had been torn away when Sonoko's father had first read the message and it hadn't been salvageable. While Kogoro assured Shiro Suzuki, Sonoko's father that he would manage to catch that thief easily with his abilities, Conan was looking around. Then they were taken to the show case where the pearl was presented.

"So this is the biggest black pearl in the world, the 'Black Star'." Kogoro stated impressed.

"Yes, since my honoured grandfather acquired this pearl, our family was truly blessed by Fortuna. We truly regard it as our family's good luck charm." Shiro explained.

"I see you truly have ordered massive security. So many policemen. Isn't the theft only announced for tonight?" Kogoro asked.

"Well, except for the date, which was a bit off as we have June, there was nothing much that could be gained from the letter, for that reason the guards will keep watch the whole night." Shiro admitted.

Just then they heard the chief inspector of the policemen order his men to have an eye on the river.

"This damned No. 1412 will obviously try to get inside from the river Teimuzu. So increase the guards at the banks finally!" He ordered.

Mori started laughing.

"Aren't you that Mori that was with the first department in the past?" He asked.

"You are wrong, Chief Inspector Chaki." Kogoro said.

"What?" Inspector Chaki asked irritated.

"If you speak of waves, you speak of the sea. If you talk of the sea, you talk of the tides. And a star can have two meanings … in other words, the pop star that is having a concert at Beika Dome tomorrow. It's Yoko Okino with her mega hit 'With the Tides'."

Conan was wondering how Kogoro had come up with that interpretation.

"And everybody knows that she always ends her show with her classic hit 'Moon Lady'. That means that our master thief No. 1412 will appear tomorrow night at nine o'clock when the show of Yoko Okino is coming to an end at Beika Dome." Kogoro concluded his deductions.

"That could be true…" Inspector Chaki pondered the thought.

"Mr Mori, you truly are a master detective." Shiro praised Kogoro's deductions.

"You heard it, units C, D, and E to Beika Dome at once!" Inspector Chaki ordered his men.

While Shinichi was thinking hard what the code could mean as he hadn't solved it yet, he didn't notice somebody else inspecting the pearl close up and grinning. Nor the one hiding in the shadows. Then Shinichi obviously had a thought and tried to determine the directions with his watch. His observer in the shadows thought that it looked promising. Especially as Shinichi smirked. Both the visitor and the one in the shadows left the room. The one who had hidden in the shadows took out a handy.

"Yes, it's me. Chief Inspector Chaki just ordered his men to take post at Beika Dome because Mori deducted that Kid will appear there and then come over her to steal the 'Black Star'. Obviously Yoko Okino has a song that's called 'With the Tides', which Mori interpreted as the waves from the announcement letter and next to that one called 'Moon Lady' which ends her performance each time and this is supposedly the announced time." He reported.

"Yes, I know, but we know the real meaning. By the way, we could have another one who solved the code, but I am not sure. … No, definitely not opposition. … Okay I will come to the meeting point in ten minutes." He cut the line and left the museum.

It would definitely be an interesting night.

Conan was on the roof of the Haido City Hotel. He was setting up a can with a small rocket. Obviously he had a plan. It was 0:28 on his watch and soon the time for the announced heist would come. Everything was prepared. All entrances to the building were watched and there was no way Kid would be able to get through the net this time. Then he noticed a white object flying over to the hotel. He had been right to take position on the roof. Well, Nakamori would be able to come here fast enough if he was needed.

The flyer landed and was noticed by Conan.

Conan and his unknown company both watched Kaito Kid intently. They tried to get clues on his identity, or at least his age.

"Hello, little one." Kid said while walking towards Conan.

"Hello, Kid." The hidden one said and came out from his hiding place.

"Harry?" Conan asked confused.

"Yep. I was curious to meet the famous master thief Kaito Kid, so I decided to wait until he would appear tonight." Harry said.

"If I am right, you are Harrison Black, the one they call 'The Hawk'. Are you the replacement for Hakuba?" Kid asked.

"Perhaps. I have to applaud you for your message though. Nice one." Harry said walking up to Conan and Kid.

"Yes, one of my better ones." Kid said grinning confidently. "How did you figure it out? Mori's deductions at the museum were amusing but so far off … " He asked.

"When the moon divides the two, means the sun and a satellite. Which tells us the time once we know the satellite you talk about. The satellite in question is the one the BS channel uses for their program. That's also the reason you said riding on the waves of the black star, the initials being the name of the channel. The only thing I had to do was finding out from where the waves of the satellite program came in relation to the Beika museum and I knew where you would be between half past twelve and half past four tonight. By the way, why did you make a comment to the 1st April at the beginning of July? And you really should improve your codes if my six year old cousin can figure them out." Harry added a jibe at the end.

"Your cousin you say, not a normal child I would guess." Kid said looking at Conan who now fired his rocket into the sky.

"Hey, the helicopter seems to have seen my fireworks." Conan happily told them, Harry silently laughing about Shinichi's acting skills.

"You really are not a normal child, aren't you?" Kid asked Conan.

"I am Conan Edogawa, I am a detective." Conan said.

The helicopter came flying towards them.

"Say, Kaito Kid, shouldn't you run away? The helicopter is coming here." He asked pointing at the helicopter of the police.

Harry spotted that Shinichi was readying his tranquilliser gun. He understood the plan and decided to go with it. Soon Nakamori would arrive. He had already sent the signal that Kid had appeared at his position and with Shinichi alarming the police the ones at Beika Dome and the museum would also soon arrive. Kid was trapped. Then Kid took out a walkie talkie and cleared his throat.

"Chaki here. We spotted Kaito Kid on the roof of the Haido City Hotel. All available units in the districts Beika and Haido to the hotel at once." Kid said with Chief Inspector Chaki's voice, stunning Harry and Shinichi. "All helicopters in the air over Beika; fly to the hotel at once and arrest Kid."

Then Kid changed his voice.

"This is Nakamori. To all officers patrolling at the Haido City Hotel. Kid is on the roof, arrest him." Kid ordered with Inspector Nakamori's voice.

"The last one was unnecessary, Kid; Inspector Nakamori was already on the way up." Harry commented, not showing his surprise at Kid's ability to imitate voices without a tool like Shinichi's bow-tie.

"So you are assisting the good Nakamori in this case, Mr Master Detective. Just like Hakuba. How did you get the stubborn old man to agree?" Kid wanted to know.

Harry just smiled. He wouldn't be distracted. Just that moment Inspector Nakamori arrived at the roof and pointed his gun at Kaito Kid. Then the helicopters appeared behind Kid and his cape was blown up.

"Inspector Nakamori, you were even faster than the helicopters." Kid commented staying calm.

"As if you hadn't known that I had deciphered your message and took lookout positions. My men were all over the building guarding all entrances. While I didn't really think you would fly here from Tokyo tower, I agreed with Black's plan to have him keep an eye on the roof to be prepared if you came here. He sent me a message with his handy as soon as you appeared." Nakamori informed Kid.

"You can forget the pearl. You won't escape from here." Nakamori said, his men arriving just then from the staircase.

"I only came here today to see my opposition. I don't intend to steal the pearl. Perhaps now you know the answer to your previous question, Harrison Black." Kid said, taking a device into his hand.

"What?" Nakamori asked angrily.

"What? That was stated clearly at the beginning of my message. April's Fool!" Kid said and activated his hang-glider.

"Don't let him escape!" Nakamori shouted and ran towards Kid.

Kid dropped a flash grenade, blinding the policemen, Harry and Shinichi.

"Did you know, my dear detectives, a master thief is a creative artist of crime, stealing his prey in astonishing ways … a detective is nothing more than a critic who is amazed by the deed of the thief." Kid said addressing Harry and Shinichi.

Then a cloud of smoke exploded and Kid was gone when the assembled people on the roof regained their sight. They all looked around where Kid could have fled to, but there was no trace. Harry even discretely made sure that Kid hadn't just disapparated, but there was no trace of magic. There was no trace of his white hang-glider in the air and he was nowhere on the roof.

Nakamori ordered the helicopters to keep looking for him. Then a card with a rose that was glued to it with sellotape fell from the air and was spotted by Harry and Nakamori.

Harry lifted the card from the ground with his gloved hand.

He read the message out to the others.

"I will steal the real Black Star when it is on board of the ship 'Queen Sallybeth', which will put to sea from the Yokohama port on the 19th July. Kaito Kid." Harry read out.

Nakamori glared at the message which Harry handed over to him.

Harry accompanied Conan home and explained how he had got onto Nakamori's team to chase Kid.

"So Inspector Megure overheard Nakamori talking about the heist and thought it would be a good idea to ask you to assist Nakamori with the case." Shinichi said.

"Yes. He also wanted to have you there, but you know why he wouldn't reach you. Kid has deceived the police for a long time. I did some research."

"Yeah, me too. I had Professor Agasa look him up in Dad's files at home. Obviously Kid first appeared a decade or so ago, but then he disappeared suddenly eight years ago. Some said he died, perhaps that's true, perhaps not. The one on the roof today was younger than twenty from what I could see of his face. There is no chance that he could be the same one from eight years ago if I am right. Rather this one is a successor." Shinichi said.

"I had the same impression. Of course we don't know if that is his true face, he is a master of disguise. I read the files Nakamori has on him. No. 1412 is the official number Kid got in the archives of Interpol. The numbers then were read as letters by your father and from there on he had the name Kaito Kid. He steals mostly art, jewels and some objects that have a high value one way or the other. Recently he concentrated on jewels.

"Contrary to the thefts of the past this time Kid seems to regard this all like a game. He breaks in, deceives the police and whatever detective is trying to stop him and escapes undetected. After everything is over the police or the owner of the stolen thing gets them back through different means. Something is fishy there. What kind of thief goes to that lengths and then just gives his spoils back?" Harry asked.

"That is definitely strange. By the way, how did Nakamori accept your help and who is Hakuba?" Shinichi asked.

"Well, convincing Nakamori was not easy, but my record of arresting difficult criminals spoke for me and he had regular support from another high school detective in the past. That is said Hakuba. His full name is Saguru Hakuba and his father is chief Inspector Hakuba here at the Tokyo police station. That way he got onto the Kaito Kid cases. He is studying at a private school in England and therefore mostly absent from Japan now. He spent a year at a high school in Tokyo in the same class as Nakamori's daughter Aoko."

"I see. So how are we going to get Kid when he tries the second time? I guess you have more information on his usual tricks than me." Shinichi asked.

"Indeed. As I said, Kid is a master of disguise. We both were witnesses of his ability to perfectly imitate the voices of others without technological help. He often used dummies to pose for him while he snuck away on other routes. He used balloons with puppets of him, just puppets, he disguised himself as a policeman to sneak into secured places; he can even imitate women perfectly as long as they are grown up. The only person he can't turn into would be a child as the height difference would be noticed. His favourite method to escape is using his cape as a hang-glider. That's the reason the police always has helicopters in the air to catch him if he flees through the air. From what Nakamori told me he is good at all sports except ice skating." Harry listed.

"A difficult opponent then. But that only makes it more interesting." Shinichi said grinning.

"Indeed. We now have nineteen days to prepare. We also have the advantage that through Ran we can easily get the Suzukis to let me have a thorough look through the ship before the party starts. Getting an invitation will also be easy. We will make sure that Kid doesn't have anything prepared on board." Harry said.

Back in England the leaders of Freedom and Liberty met. Remus was presiding the meeting after conversing with Neville how they wanted to do the meeting.

"Thank you all for coming tonight. We all know that we are standing before a new full out war. Until now Voldemort only did attacks on single persons that opposed him and would make his takeover attempts more difficult, like Amelia Bones. We think the next one he will attack, as soon as he is sure the plan will work, is Rufus Scrimgeour, the Minister of Magic. The older ones with us probably remember the last war. This time we will not just stand aside and let the Death Eaters kill us while waiting for them. We will not be undermined by spies. I know that all members of Freedom have signed oaths to never actively support Voldemort and to never reveal information to him on their own accords.

"That simple action will prevent a repeat of a traitor like Pettigrew or Snape being informed about our plans. I know Liberty has done something similar with its members?" Remus looked at Neville.

"Yes. While Hermione Granger might have been a spy for Dumbledore and not doing the best for the side against Voldemort, she had a good idea with the precautions against others telling about the DA. We put our best researchers on the case and came up with something similar but much harsher. I guess it could be compared with what you described, Remus." Neville confirmed.

"Good to know. If you wouldn't mind, would you like to start about the actions liberty took over the last year at Hogwarts? After that I will inform you about the things Freedom did to fight Voldemort." Remus said.

The others, Fred, George, Tonks, Kingsley and Mad-Eye for Freedom and Luna, Susan, Hannah, Dean and Earnie for Liberty nodded their agreement.

"We practically continued at Hogwarts where Harry stopped in our fifth year. We knew that we needed to continue learning how to defend ourselves. As Harry made me aware of the manipulations in his life through Dumbledore and warned me that I could be the next one he could try to manipulate, I informed all the former DA members of the new plan and we met in the Room of Requirement in the first week back. Of course we excluded Ron, Ginny and Hermione. We realized that there was no way a single person could do all the work with looking up spells and teaching them to the others and that we also needed to prepare a bigger group than just the former DA.

"So we built teams for different subjects. First they would look up spells in the library, then they would practice them for themselves and in the end teach them to the others. We also had a group that prepared leaflets for the younger years that were handed out to them after the first month where we listed the best measures to defend themselves and what to look for when they were out in public. We also offered to teach them the most basic defence spells. While Snape was a better defence teacher than most others, he still was a prejudiced git and you know how younger students react to his person.

"Liberty also did research on the known supporters of Voldemort at Hogwarts and made profiles of each of them. We collected everything we could get our hand on. Family, abilities, monetary situation, friends and allies and so on." Neville informed them.

"That's a very good base. I would like to see the fighting capabilities of Liberty sometime in the near future. Now it's my turn to tell what we did though. Freedom mostly consists of members that were massively disgusted with the ways things were done in the Order of the Phoenix. We, after finding out the true colours of Dumbledore, decided we wanted to change the way we fought in this war. As the Ministry is next to useless in their fight against Voldemort, we knew we had to make sure we wouldn't be picked apart like we were in the last war. We trained all members of Freedom to be proficient if they are faced with a Death Eater attack.

"We decided that we wouldn't pull our punches any longer. The only result that behaviour brings us is death of our members. While we are aware that there probably will be deaths if the war gets in the really intense phase, we are not inclined to make it easier for the Death Eaters by refraining from taking them out permanently. We all know that once Voldemort is ready for his take over, Azkaban will be cleared of his supporters again, if he didn't already do it. With the Ministry hushing up things again it's hard to tell.

"We are recruiting members, but that isn't that easy as many people are too frightened to stand up for themselves. The long-time lack of proper Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers only adds to the problem. Voldemort and his Death Eaters won't be met with much resistance once they act. Therefore it is imperative that we cut off his supply of followers and with them money for his plans. The goblins won't help other than not helping Voldemort either. It is questionable for how long they can hold that stand.

"We are actively trying to take out Death Eaters in secret. We have a good stock of veritaserum and question them once we catch them. The information we get is put into files that our information gathering team is putting together in short summaries for all our members to keep them informed about the current plans and the Death Eaters. The ones we have interrogated we normally poison and leave somewhere to be found easily in the mid of the night, openly exposing their dark marks. That way even the Ministry can't interpret it to their liking if we kill influential ones. Though we rarely get those. We got Rastaban Lestrange, Walden McNair and Evan Avery from the inner circle. The others were lower ranked minions." Remus said.

The members of Liberty nodded.

"Next thing is, Dora and I got a letter from Harry and a surprising old friend." Remus continued.

"What did he write?" Asked Fred. Remus hadn't shared the letter with Freedom yet.

"And what friend are you talking about?" George added.

"Well, he told us a bit more about what he has been doing over the past year. He is training to be ready to face Voldemort. And he informed me about the true prophecy. The one we were informed about in parts by Dumbledore was made up shit." He said.

"So we were risking our lives all that year for nothing?" Kingsley asked irritated.

"No, the Department of Mysteries always has the true prophecy. They are magically recorded through an ancient device. I guess Dumbledore heard the real one and made up a fake after that, getting the inspiration to either set up a trap for Voldemort." Moody said.

"But why did Dumbledore risk Harry finding out the true prophecy and let him go to the DoM after he got that vision?" Neville asked.

He had thought about that question a lot after finding out that there was another prophecy than the one Harry had been told by Dumbledore.

"He probably couldn't stop him without looking suspicious. And he had three of his followers in the group. They could just have destroyed it before he heard it." Tonks reminded them.

"Okay, so probably we should share both prophecies." Neville said.

"Do you know the fake one? We only got the real one from Harry." Tonks asked.

"Yes, I do. It was in Harry's first letter after he ran away." Neville answered.

"Okay. Then I will start with the real one.

The saviours of the wizarding world will come … born with the power to vanquish the dark Lords … born on two sides of the world … one born to those who thrice defied the dark Lord veiled by darkness… born as the seventh month dies … one born to the brightest mind and the magical actress … born in the middle of spring … and both will be betrayed by the dark Lord hidden in light … but together they will unite what was forcefully divided … guided by the totem of death … they will bring down the power of the dark Lords… born on two sides of the world."Remus said.

"The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches … born to those who have thrice defied him … born as the seventh month dies … and the dark lord will mark him as his equal … but he will have powers the dark lord knows not … and one must die by the hand of the other … for neither can live while the other survives … the one with the power to vanquish the dark lord will be born as the seventh month dies." Neville recited from memory.

"I can't believe that we followed that MOB for so long." Tonks said.

"MOB?" Fred asked.

"Harry's short form for manipulative old bastard." Tonks said.

"I like it. Way easier to say then Dumbledore the whole time." George said.

"So from the true prophecy we know that there isn't one saviour but there are two. Do we have any clue who the second one could be?" Kingsley asked.

"Yes. His name is Shinichi and he was another victim of MOB. From what Harry wrote MOB bound his core when he was about six months old completely and just waited until he would die. The binding was detected though and undone and he is now training to get to his full strength. Now to the other parts of the letter. I will start with the old friend I mentioned. Well, Harry didn't run alone, he was accompanied by Sirius. He is still alive." Remus said smiling.

"WHAT?" A collective shout came from the others.

"He is alive? Damn that mongrel really pulled one over us. It looked terribly realistic." Moody said.

"I know. I fully intend to hex him to hell when I see him again." Remus agreed growling lowly.

"So Harry knew that Sirius was alive all the time?" George asked curiously.

"Yes. They had planned their escape for the time when Harry had his OWL results. But Harry overheard the plans to kill him when Ron and Hermione talked with Dumbledore in the hospital wing. So they decided to leave the country as soon as Hogwarts let out. Harry had planned to get emancipated from the time he was eight. He had already planned how he would achieve that in the muggle world and when his Hogwarts letter came, he at least had a nine month reprieve from the Dursleys. He researched in the library in first year how he could get his emancipation in the wizarding world. He hid his intelligence to not be hindered or used by others. He only had the OWLs as his goal." Remus said.

"Damn, he would truly have been a worthy marauder. We never even suspected anything about him being off." Fred said awed.

"How the hell did he manage that without help?" George added.

"Who said he didn't have help?" Neville asked grinning.

"Wait, you?" The twins asked looking at Neville astonished.

"Yes, since first year. I one day asked Harry if he could help me with a bit of homework in Charms when all the other boys in our dorm were already down at breakfast. He agreed and I noticed he was not like he was in classes. I asked him about it and after making me swear I wouldn't tell anybody without his permission he told me about being used to dumbing down his work because of his cousin. It turned into a long talk about both our families. I offered him to help him with his deception as I really wanted to have a good friend. He agreed. I got Ron off his back when he wanted to sneak into the library a few times; I kept Hermione busy with questions about work to let him learn his additional material and warned him of things I overheard the Slytherins say sometimes." Neville reported.

"I know one of the spells he used regularly was a disguising charm that made the things he read look like his normal schoolwork. But he also had other methods to learn." He added.

"How did Harry manage to learn Runes, Arithmancy and Muggle Studies? And how did he manage to do all his learning without anybody figuring it out before it was too late?" Kingsley asked interested.

"He did the three classes by copying Hermione's time-turner with a spell he found in his family grimoire the summer before third year. He quickly figured out that she had to have a method to be in two places at the same time and looked up the possibilities in the library. So after one week or so, he intercepted her by throwing a harmless sleeping gas vial on the floor at her feet and made her fall asleep. He copied the time turner and then woke her up again. She never suspected anything and neither did anybody else. We made sure the corridor was empty and I kept watch to warn him if somebody came. The learning was easy after MOB sent him his father's invisibility cloak for the first Christmas. He just snuck into the library two times a week at night and read as much as he wanted. Normally he used Tuesday and Friday night.

"On Tuesdays Madam Pince is at a club in London and on Fridays he had the advantage of sleeping in on Saturdays. When he got that copying charm he also filled his secret compartment in his trunk with copies of the books in the normal part of the library. He knew he needed all the information he could get as nobody seemed to think he would need more training to be ready once Voldemort returned. I would have thought after first year he would have got more training as then there was proof that Voldemort hadn't been killed in '81, but instead we got the fool Lockhart."

"I wonder how you two ended in Gryffindor. While the sheer nerve to do it is very Gryffindor, the sneakiness is more Slytherin and you definitely also have some Hufflepuff traits." Parvati commented.

"Well, Harry could have been in any house, especially Slytherin, but he asked the hat to not be put there, knowing about the stigma. I was considered for Hufflepuff, but in the end the hat decided on Gryffindor." Neville explained.

"So I guess Harry learned to brew Pepper-Up potion really quickly." Moody said putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

"Yes, it also helped in second year that we had History of Magic the first two hours on Wednesday. Nobody thinks it is strange if we sleep in that class." Neville confirmed. "Harry told me that he didn't trust many people. I only found out about a lot of what I just told you over the entirety of first year. After I tried to warn him about Malfoy trying to get him in trouble because of the dragon he told me a lot more than in the beginning. While most people believed that Ron and Hermione were Harry's best friends, in reality it was me.

"And even I didn't know everything about him. I always knew Harry kept many secrets but I didn't question him about it. He is a really private person. We also didn't advertise the fact that we were that close friends. I first had to get over my insecurities and Harry had to be sure he could really trust me. Harry thought of Ron and Hermione as friends, but he also knew about their jealousy and insecurities. Hermione always needed to be the best and Ron was lazy and jealous about Harry's fame and money. He also wasn't that smart. So Harry decided to keep them happy by being average at school.

"After all, it wasn't important until the OWLs. He just needed to pass. And it would keep MOB in the dark. Harry knew something was off with MOB after his first year. He wrote in his first letter about the obstacles for the stone. They were stuff first years, especially them, could get through easily. The Cerberus not so much, but Hagrid practically told them how to do it. Then Devil's Snare - there are way more dangerous plants Professor Sprout could have chosen. Next was a chase for a flying key - Harry is a terrific seeker. A giant chess board - about the only thing Ron is good at. A Mountain troll - while that one was already dead, they had faced one before. Then a potions riddle based on logic - made for Hermione. The last obstacle was the Mirror of Erised which Harry had seen before and got explained by MOB.

"While I didn't know everything about Harry, he kept his secrets very close, I knew more than everybody else." Neville explained.

"How come you didn't do better either?" Earnie asked.

"Two reasons. First, Harry has a photographic memory, I don't. I need more time to understand things; my family undermining my confidence over years didn't help either. Second, my wand wasn't a good match. My Gran had me use my Dad's old wand, to honour him like she said. It hindered me more than anything I know now. After the wand broke in the DoM fight, I got a new one and with this wand I am much more comfortable about my magic. Ollivander explained to me that the wand chooses the wizard. I told Gran off massively after I found out that bit of information." Neville said.

"That makes sense. Herbology is a class you don't need active magic for; therefore your wand couldn't hinder you. Which would explain why you always were good at it. This year you were incredible with learning new spells." Dean said.

Neville nodded smiling.

"So, back to our actions in the near future. Harry told us that he would probably come back at the end of October. They need until then to get Shinichi prepared. Sirius also informed us about the secret of Voldemort's immortality. The bastard made horcruxes, containers for pieces of his soul. As long as he has at least one of them left, he can't die. The biggest problem was he made seven, one of them accidental." Tonks said.

"What? He made more than one of those abominations?" Moody thundered.

"You seem to know more about them." Remus said.

"Indeed. I made it my job to know as much about the dark arts to conquer them as I could. Those abominations are the darkest of magic. You make one by killing somebody. It rips your soul apart. I never before heard about a wizard making more than one. What are the horcruxes?" Moody asked.

"The diary that was used to possess Ginny in Harry's second year to open the Chamber of Secrets, which Harry destroyed that year, Slytherin's locket, Hufflepuff's cup, Slytherin's ring which MOB destroyed, Ravenclaw's lost diadem, Voldemort's snake Nagini and Harry's scar. Of them only Nagini remains a horcrux." Tonks counted them down on her fingers.

"Harry was a horcrux?" Parvati asked shocked.

"Yes, he got rid of it with some help of the DoM from where they are." Remus confirmed.

"Do you know where they are?" Kingsley asked.

"No, they didn't write that. I guess to protect their hiding place." Remus answered.

"Good, constant vigilance." Moody said appreciatively.

"So, we really need to take out the snake. Could be tricky, but we will inform everybody that they need to kill the snake if they get the chance." Luna said.

"Yes. Now I think we should talk about out preparations for the expected take-over of the Ministry. We are too few to prevent it, so we should start getting the targets we can't protect here in Britain out of the country. We have made plans to get the muggleborns out before that happens. They will be sent to France to travel to other countries if they have family there. For the others Madame Maxime agreed to help with housing them and getting the children enrolled at Beauxbatons. The adults will be offered jobs if possible to get them over the time in exile. We have our lists and already wrote to those we knew to get them to prepare. After MOB is dead, there is nothing stopping Voldemort anymore. At least not until Harry and his friend come to take care of him. But we need to level the playing field before that." Neville said.

"Correct. Let's compare lists and make this a complete plan." Remus said and both groups started to plan the details.

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