Watch FLCL in full all 6 episodes and then come back to this fic.

"You're just a kid, Takkun, save it for next time." The alien with pink hair with a desirable human body told the young boy with clear blue eyes, short fuzzy brown hair and pale skin.

With that she took off on her moped which flew into space and he was left alone with her bass and carnage.

He took a look at the destruction he had caused and knew he was going to be responsible since his attacker had just speed off on her bike.

Amaro, a man with short spiky red hair and sushi wrap eyebrows in a suit, told him about two hours later that he would be sued for the damages that he made with his fight with Haruko.

He was just a kid though and was told that he wouldn't get arrested unless he cleaned it all up.

"There's no other way around it is there?" Naoto asked stuffing his hands into his blue hoodie.

Amaro nodded no and told Kitsurubami, his employee; they were to leave in a few hours to return to the space base.

Noato kicked a rock into part of a building and it collapsed into more rubble and he cringed.

"This will be impossible..." He said to himself quietly.

"Make a contract with me and it won't be." A high pitched voice told him.

He looked around and saw a black cat running away from a strange looking white one but didn't bother to check it out. After all...Nothing exciting happens around here.

Naoto had Canti, the obedient sentinent made of various applianes, pick up the dubris while Naoto pushed the cart to store the mess in.

He wiped his forehead and the voice called out to him again.

"Make a contract with me and this mess will be gone."

He looked around and saw the same white cat from earlier and approached it this time.

Canti also came over and gave it a look.

"Make a contract with me and have any wish you want fufilled." It said mentally this time.


"I am Kyubey, I come from another planet-"

Naota's eyes went wide.

"Another planet? Like Haruko?"

"I do not know what this Haruko is but yes I am not of this planet."

"You can really grant a wish? What's a contract?"

"The contract you make with me fights entropy. With your potential you can make any wish you want."

"...Any wish...?"

"You could travel to other planet, you could even become a god. Whatever you wish though, it's all up to you."

Naoto looked at his hands and Canti flashed a symbol on it's screen.

"Warning?" Naoto asked.

The cat smiled as it's eyes shone.