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The first thing Gibbs noticed when he woke up was that he was gagged tied to a chair and had a splitting headache on top of it. "Figures" he thought as he began accessing the situation trying to recall the events leading up to this. He could tell by the cloudiness in his head that he'd been drugged. He remembered being with Tony checking out a lead. A marine had been murdered outside one of the clubs on the upper west side and they were going to question one of the regulars who might have seen something. "Tony" his eyes widened as he began frantically looking for his agent wincing when he turned his head. Truth was over the last few years Tony had become more of a son to him then a fellow agent, they had been through a lot together. Breathing a sigh of relief he spotted him just to his left in very much the same position except he wasn't awake yet. That momentary relief died however as he saw the rest of his team lined up in their own chairs next to him. Tim, Ziva, Ducky, Abby and even Palmer were all there and also still unconscious. He knew the others hadn't been with Tony and himself, meaning whoever abducted them went out of their way to gather everyone and that made it personal. Keeping that in mind he started to look around the room. By the level of the windows it appeared they were being held in a basement, looked like it was dark outside too which made him wonder how long they had been sitting there. The room itself looked to be very large and furnished, several rugs lined the floor. In the far corner was a very large bed with a couple of dressers next to it. In the middle of the room right across from them was a long couch with tables on both ends. There were a few lamps lit otherwise majority of the light came from candles scattered along the surfaces of the furniture.

He had been trying to come up with possible suspects when the sound of running water across the room pulled him from his thoughts. On the opposite side of the room across from the bed he noticed a door…bathroom probably. Once the water shut off he was slightly surprised to see a young woman emerge. She was slim, average height with long black hair and was wearing jeans and boots from what he could tell. He could see she was injured despite the fact that she was wearing a jacket; she had one arm wrapped around her middle, the other hand pressed up against her chest as she walked. She looked to be holding a towel in place and from the way she limped and wobbled slightly as she walked he was pretty sure it wasn't her only injury. He wondered briefly if they were obtained while kidnapping his rest of his team. He knew Ziva for example would not have went quietly. Deciding to play possum, he closed his eyes just before the woman turned figuring maybe if she thought he was still out she would let something slip that would give him a clue as to where they were or why this was happening.

"I know you're awake" came a quiet voice as she made her way over to him. "Although can't really blame you, I didn't go about this the right way".

He opened his eyes to see she now stood just couple of feet in front of him. He was taken aback by the tiredness in her voice and how pale she was. His eyes immediately drifted to the hand that was still on her chest, she was in fact holding a towel in place however it along with her hand was drenched in blood. Now that she stood closer to him he could see that he had been right in assuming there were more injuries. There was a long slice across her mid-section, and what looked like a two gunshot wounds in her legs, one at the hip and one in the opposite calf both with blood still flowing freely from them. He couldn't understand how she was still standing much less moving around. Bringing his eyes back up to hers he noticed strangely enough they were ice blue. He knew he had seen that eye color before, a long time ago, and it took him a moment to remember where.

She smiled when she saw recognition in his eyes. "You know what I am?" He nodded slowly looking at her cautiously. "Don't worry I don't plan on harming you or your team, that would defeat the whole purpose of saving you".

That statement confused him, what little information his mind had retained of vampires from his time in the marines was vastly different. They didn't go around saving humans; in fact it was quite the opposite, and what kind of danger were they in that they needed a vampire to save them anyway? He watched warily as she moved behind him and was surprised when she removed the gag from his mouth.

"And you drugged us and brought us here because….."

"It was the only option I could see at the time to insure all of your safety" she replied as she moved over to the couch, hissing as she lowered herself onto it.

"Why are we bound then?" he asked looking at her skeptically.

"Right now it's not safe out there". She gestured to the windows. "There are things I need to explain to you and you wouldn't have listened, I don't need you all running off and getting yourselves killed….she'd never forgive me".

"Who?" he demanded.

"Part of what I need to explain" she tried to straighten herself up biting back a painful cry.

"You're injured…How?" he asked

"We'll just saying my rescue attempt didn't go as well as I thought it would, and before you ask none of them did this". She said gesturing to his team. He nodded, because the thought had occurred to him. "Alright listen…it's a lot to explain and I really need you to be quiet and not interrupt. You're not going to believe some of it, hell you'll probably be really angry and think I'm lying but I assure you I'm not and it's really important that I tell you everything. Can you do that or should I put the gag back on until I'm finished?"

"No, go ahead" he said shaking his head, glancing at his team he noticed a few of them were starting to wake up.

Diving right into her explanation she began telling him everything. She told him about Kelly and herself and about where they were and who was after them. She explained that this was their home, that they had moved here to DC about three years ago and that her and Kelly had been watching over them ever since. She told him about the last case they solved a few weeks back involving the dead petty officer and his wife. Turned out the killer they had taken out had vampire connections and now those vampires were after them. The rest of the team was up by this point and looking at her with shocked expressions…well except for Ziva, Abby and Ducky who knew a little more about vampires then one would think. She went on to explain the events leading up to how they all got here. Kelly had been injured in the vampire's initial attack which had been aimed at Tony and Ziva right after the case was closed, they intercepted it and took out the opposing vampires however there were definitely more where they came from and it's been going non-stop ever since. They had managed to intercept every attempt so far and it was wearing them down. She went on to explain Kelly's stubborn refusal to rest and how it was going to get her killed having no choice but to drug her so she'd sleep, explaining the importance of sleep for healing and that the only reason they had been gagged was so they wouldn't wake her yet. She had been sleeping for almost twenty four hours and really needed it. Regretfully it seemed that the other vampires noticed Kelly's absence and had made it clear that one of them would be taken tonight which is why she had to take all of them. She didn't know who they would go for so she took them all to be on the safe side. She had taken the others first without incident but in her attempt to obtain Gibbs and Tony she had run into her adversaries leading up to her current injuries.

"I think its okay to do a little Q&A now" she said getting up, abet with a little trouble and went around removing anyone else's gags before settling back on the couch.

No one said anything at first; all of them were deep in thought. Tony and Ducky had been watching Gibbs while this woman who called herself Michelle told her story and shared a concerned look. He had not spoken at all and had this numb look on his face. "He's probably in shock" Ducky thought. Finding out one's daughter was alive after all these years and a vampire on top of it would be an understandable cause for shock. Looking around to the rest of the team he took in all their expressions. Tim and Jimmy looked genuinely perplexed by all this; Abby looked almost excited, although they had never discussed it before he figured she probably had some knowledge of vampire existence. Ziva looked not at all surprised, he could assume she knew of vampires and by the anger in her eyes she probably didn't have very good dealings with them. Tony, he was unsure, he looked nervous but his concern for Gibbs seemed to be winning out. Ducky smiled at that, he was quite aware of the bond they shared. He himself was slightly nervous because he knew these women and didn't know how the rest of the team would react once they found out. Shaking his head slightly he pulled himself from his thoughts as his eyes wondered back to Gibbs and it seemed so had everyone else's as well. They were all waiting for him to say something.

"Boss?" Tony asked nervously trying to get him to say something…anything.

Gibbs who had gone numb at the mention of his daughter seemed to snap out of it when Tony spoke. He knew they needed him to say something. Lifting his head to meet the woman's eyes across from him he said the only thing he could "Where is she?"