Disclaimer- LotR and anything abiding belongs to the almighty J.R.R Tolkien, and I don't pretend to own any part of it. This is just a look into what Sam might be feeling as he and Frodo progress into Mordor. No slash, sorry. Hope you enjoy!

The darkness begins to take his

Evil worms its way deep into his so fragile mind

I can see it, I can feel it, I can almost even hear it

As it slowly poisons those clear eyes with shadows

Not even a flicker of recognition shows when he looks at me

His voice is devoid of any feeling

He isn't Frodo anymore, merely a crude imitation

There only to remind me of who he used to be

And day after day, it only grows worse

Suspicion and hate clouds his vision now

And I want to cry

Because his soul is being stolen, and I have to watch, powerless

He becomes one with the Ring that he carries

I can feel him slipping out if our world, into another,

I can't even recognise him anymore

Only my memory tells me who he is

Every minute, every hour, every day,

This man who I once was proud to call master falls deeper into this gorge,

This gorge created by none other than himself

And I cry

Solitude, he says he wants

Pushing me out of the way

So with tears streaming down my face, I step aside

And leave him be

Master, I hope you know, I'm not leaving

No matter how deep you fall,

I will pull you back, and if all else fails

I will fall with you…

Author's note- Short, huh? I wrote it when I was bored on a Sunday afternoon. I hope you liked it and please review!