E/O Challenge: Boston… Boston? - 100 words on the dot.

Title: It's All In The Name

Summary: The only way Sam can get the dessert he wants.

I couldn't think of much except this… So, let me apologize in advance ;)

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"Dude, what is that?"

"Don't you remember? You asked for pie."

"Right. But, I've had like every kind of fruitacular slice in existence and that? It ain't any kind that I've ever seen. It looks weird. Wait, is that chocolate? Were they out of apples? And blueberries? And cherries?"

"See, this is what happens when you piss off a ghost. You fly through the air, connect with a headstone and get so damn concussed that you forget stuff."

"Like what?"

"Dean, you know this is the best pie ever invented."

"I do? Really? What kind?"

"Boston Cream."

"Cool. Sounds awesome."

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