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(Bella POV)

"Don't give me that bullshit, Bella." Jacob hissed. "You're trying to get away from me."

I looked down at my hands in my lap and I focused them. I wrung them together and tried to forget that Jacob was right there. It wasn't an easy thing to do.

We were driving on an old dirt home many hours away from our apartment. Jacob brought me to down to his cousin's house for the weekend to visit. I knew he didn't really want me there but I ended up going anyways. We were in his old Rabbit car that he refinished recently and I was in the most uncomfortable position. Sitting, with my back straight and my feet firmly on the ground. I had to make sure my feet were on the floor mat.

I knew how mad Jacob gets whenever I dirty up his car. And I didn't trust disobeying because there wasn't anyone around to stop him from anything. It was just he and I. We were all alone, on this old dirt road in the middle of nowhere.

I didn't understand why he got mad whenever I would put my fingers on the window or my feet off the floor mat. He was far dirtier than me and he surely dirtied up his car more then I. He blamed it all on my though.

Trees were all around us, on either side of the road and it was nearing midnight so it made the road even scarier.

"Bella," Jacob snapped. "Damn it, don't you listen?"

I nodded slowly. "Yeah, sorry. I was lost in my thoughts."

"You always are." He argued and I continued to look down.

"Sorry," I repeated, my voice low and shaky. Jacob chuckled without humour.

"Whatever." He growled. "But what was with you earlier? I saw you ogling that bastard from the club."

He gave a dark laugh and I tensed. "As if he were any better than me."

"I wasn't ogling him." I whispered.

"Shut up," Jacob hissed. "Either way, no one else would want you Bella. You're lucky to have me."

"I know." I whispered, still looking down at my hands. It was better just to agree with whatever he said then to argue with him. I learned that a long time ago.

"No one else cares, Bella. You are shy, always in your thoughts, and trust me, there are lots of girls that are a better catch. Lots of chicks hotter than you. You can't even tan." Jacob told me. He reminded me how lucky I was to have him at least once a day. He always tells me how much better of choices there are if he were to venture out.

He'd remind me that if I fucked up once, he'd be out of my life for good and I'd be all-alone.

If only I were lucky enough to screw up. If I did though, I'd be lucky to have my head.

We curved around a bend in the road and it only led to more trees, thicker forests and a scarier environment.

I honestly didn't know why my dad thought Jacob was a good man for me. My dad just thought he was the only one nice enough to give me a second glance.

Charlie, my father, was Jacobs's dad's best friend. Billy Black. Whenever Jacob was around my father and his, he'd put up an act. He'd be polite and made me pretend that him and I were the perfect couple.

We weren't though and both of us knew that.

"I know," I whispered.

"You were trying to get away from me though, weren't you?" he asked as his greasy fingers gripped the steering wheel tighter.

"What do you mean?" I asked looking up. I peered out the dashboard and even though the front car lights were on, it was hard to see anything.

Not that there was anything to see.

"You think you can do better" Jacob mused. "Ha, yeah right!"

"Jacob," I warned.

"What?" he hissed.

"Don't do this." I begged. "You know there's only you, isn't that enough?"


"Jacob," I begged again. "There isn't anyone else, I swear."

The last thing I wanted was for him to be upset with me.

"An innocent girl wouldn't have to beg. Though I don't see who could give you a second glance."

"Why are you here then?" I quipped, instantly regretting speaking up. Jacob hit the breaks and turned to face me. He grabbed my chin with his greasy fingers and held my face tight so I was looking at him. He pulled me close to his face and I could feel his breath on my face. It smelled like stale cigarettes and beer.

"You listen here, little one." He warned as he gripped my chin tighter. I whimpered. "I don't give a damn about you. Its not like there's only you for me. Damn, I'd be insane if all I had was you."

"You're hear because your father and my father like us together, got it? And as long as your father likes me... As long as he likes our relationship, we'll be together." Jacob pulled back a little. "He likes to know his little girl is kept safe and happy. And if I'm the one doing that, he may possibly help me career wise. Plus when that bastard dies, you and I will be in his will."

My father, Charlie, was a lawyer, a pretty good one too, which was strange since he believed Jacobs little act. My family was rather wealthy, though it meant little to me. I'd rather be happy and healthy then miserable and wealthy.

I knew Jacob would get the money and leave me. But until then, I was stuck with him.

"Jacob," I whispered.

"Don't." he hissed and let go of me.

Jacob was a monster through my eyes, though, when he was with any family or friends he pretended to be the nicest person. When him and I were alone he treated me like dirt, like a dog. I didn't have much of a choice. 21 years old and I still didn't have another option...

Jacob wouldn't let me loose. He actually laughs when he thinks of me getting away. I considered running away, but back in our neighbourhood, everyone knew us and whoever saw me first would report back to Jacob.

But in the middle of nowhere, with no one elseā€¦ I had more of a chance. I couldn't just open the car door and tuck and roll. Jacob would chase me down.

Between him, my father and his father, I was
helpless. There wasn't any use.

Jacob did seem to worry at times that I would find a way... to get away. He brought it up a lot. Because if he lost me, he lost his fortune and there wasn't anything more important to him than that.

He started to drive again.


After a silent hour of driving, we were still in dense woods and on mostly dirt roads. Jacob turned right and suddenly we were on a paved road. Trees were on both sides but as the car pushed down the road further, there were on trees on the left. The right side of the road had nothing there except a few trees and dry land. I could see up ahead a rather small house. It was almost like a cabin I noted as we drove close to it. Jacob pulled into the parking lot.

"Here's where we're staying tonight." Jacob said as he parked the Rabbit. "Don't complain either."

I nodded and reached for the handle. I got out and Jacob did as well and I started to walk to the front door. Jacob pushed my back causing me to stumble further.

"We don't have all day. Hurry up, damn it." He hissed from behind me, pushing my back again. Jacob and his short temper... It scared me at times.

I got to the front door and Jacob knocked loudly. I heard footsteps inside and a couple latches unlock then someone opened the door. The door creaked in protest loudly and I knew if anyone lived nearby they'd be able to hear the darn thing open.

It was a man that I guessed was in his thirties or forties, he had a scruffy beard and he gave a toothless smile. He had probably had half of the teeth he should have and his eyes were almost black. He reeked of alcohol.

It didn't surprise me that Jacob knew him.

"Doug," Jacob greeted with a firm nod. "Glad you got my call."

"Glad you could make it, I'm happy to have you stays the night. I didn't know about this lassie, here though." Doug said as he gave me a pointed look.

Jacob chuckled darkly.

"Don't mind her, she's not really a bother." Jacob said as he pushed me inside the door. Doug moved aside and I stepped into his living room.

It had old, retro furniture and the couch cushions were pretty ripped apart. An old television with an antenna was propped on the TV stand near a wood burning fireplace. On the right there was an old window that had wood nailed across it, that was never painted.

There was a shag rug on the ground that was nearly as dirty as Jacob's grubby fingers. I looked to the left and there was a small circular table with an old phone on top. A phone book was below the phone.

I turned when I heard Doug close the door and he locked it with three separate locks. I gulped.

I felt trapped. Jacob put a rough hand on my shoulder and pushed me into a small hallway connected to the living room a kitchen was on the left and on the right there were two doors.

Jacob opened one and it was a small bedroom.

"Doug!" Jacob called out and Doug came to his side immediately.

"What is it?" Doug asked roughly.

"This is where I'm staying right?" Jacob asked. Doug nodded and went back into the living room.

"Call me if you need anything." He shouted once he was back in the living room.

"You're sleeping on the floor." Jacob hissed as he handed me the bag with my clothes. He turned and grabbed a blanket off the chair in the corner of the room. "Here's a blanket."

Jacob never slept with me. Whenever he needed to get off, he'd put me on our couch or we went to my room. In our apartment, we had separate rooms and I never was to enter Jacob's. Jacob would come to my room, use me as he wished, then he'd go to his room for the night. I was glad he didn't want to sleep in the same bed ever. I looked down at the floor and sighed before spreading the blanket out upon it.

The floor was where I belonged anyways... As I said, he treated me like a dog.


Doug made macaroni and cheese for dinner, which wasn't good at all. The noodles weren't cooked so each bite was with a crunch. He gave me a glass of milk as well, that seemed to be pretty close to expiring.

Jacob ate the same but he had a beer instead of milk.

I ate quickly and went back to the room where I sat in the chair and read. I read Wuthering Heights. It was the only book I brought with me, though I wanted to bring more. Jacob hissed at me and told me not to be selfish and that I didn't need to bring a lot of carry on shit for the trip.

I wanted out of here. I wanted out of Jacob's life.

To sum it all up, I wanted a different life.

If I told Jacob that, he'd do more than call me selfish.

Was there anyway I could get out of here, without Jacob noticing?


Jacob came to bed intoxicated a couple hours later. I lay on the floor and closed my eyes, pretending to sleep. Jacob belched and took his pants off, tossing them to the side. He then crawled into bed. It wasn't long until I heard him snoring.

I sat up and quietly patted around on the floor until I found my carry on bag. It was tiny and had only a pair of clothes and pyjamas in it. I put my book in there, as I put it under the blanket earlier. I snuck a granola bar out of the cupboards earlier, while Jacob and Doug were watching sports on the small television in the living room. I took a water bottle, the only water bottles Doug had, and an apple as well.

I crawled around the room floor until I found my pair of shoes. I put them on and then I patted around until I found Jacob's cell phone. I grabbed a bit of money from his wallet as well. I shoved the cell phone and money in my bag and then I went to the small window in the bedroom.

I knew I had no use to go out the front door; it was louder than a plane landing and having you stand right under it! Plus, I knew I would have trouble getting the locks open in the pitch black. Doug was also asleep on the couch, though I was sure he was drunk anyhow. He was probably passed out from drinking instead of sleeping because he tired.

When I got to the window I slowly started to open it, it creaked a little from lack of use and I peeked over my shoulder to see if it had woken Jacob. I heard him snore and saw he didn't even startle a bit so I went back to open the window.

I proceeded to open the window and slowly but surely it opened. Inside I felt victory and before I knew it, I threw my bag out the window and managed to force my body through the small space. I landed on the ground with a soft thud and grabbed my bag before I stood up. I made sure that I rummaged through Doug's closet before I left and thankfully I found a flashlight. I also got a couple of matches, an old sweater, a whistle and another book. It was a book about hunting, but it was still better then nothing. I had a feeling I would have some spare time on my hands in the future too.

By the time I knew I was far enough from the house, I reached into my bag and grabbed out the flashlight and flicked it on. I prayed that it had enough battery to last me the night.


I turned the flashlight off for a while but kept walking. I was in the forest and I didn't know what direction I was walking or where I was going. As long as I was getting away from Jacob, it didn't matter. Nothing else mattered.

I knew that running away meant getting away from my father and very few friends I had back home, but for the price I was paying to have them in my life - it was completely worth it. My legs got tired after walking for what I guessed would be an hour so I sat down on a fallen over tree trunk.

I looked down at my watch and squinted trying to see the time. There was a half moon out tonight and stars everywhere. Bugs were flying around me but it seemed only fair since I was in the middle of the woods, sweating on a humid night. Though the moon was out, it seemed as though it would be gone soon.

From was I could see from my watch it was nearly four in the morning.

I pushed myself up and off the tree trunk before I kept walking.


I grabbed my apple from out of my bag and started to munch on it. I took little sips of my water every once and a while, trying not to chug it and waste the only liquid I had. I was drained and sweating. For a moment I thought about turning around and going back.

Only for a moment, though.

Either way, I didn't know where I was and I knew if I turned around I wouldn't be heading in the right direction to go back. I wondered if I walked in circles at one point since all the trees looked the same to me.


Before I knew it the sun was rising. I only had my thoughts to keep my company and they were going in a million directions.

At one point I couldn't help but wonder if this is how Laura Secord felt. She at least, knew where she was going and she had a much better reason. She had to warn the British forces about the planned attack.

I was just running away from my life.


The sunrise was beautiful, I noticed as I kept walking. There was an opening between the trees at a point and I stopped just to stare into the sky. The sky was filled with many colours, pinks, blues, and even a bit of yellow.

I was walking but I wasn't looking so much, I was to busy watching the beautiful sky. I even took out Jacob's cell phone to take a picture of it.


He took my cell phone away because he thought I was texting some boy.


He's my past now.

Keep walking.


I tripped a few times, since I was hardly paying attention but suddenly I noticed there weren't so many trees surrounding me, which was a relief. I felt as though the air was thinner and I could see the sky much better.

As I kept walking I noticed the further I walked, the less trees there were.

My ribs ached from the cramping. I didn't know how much further I could go.

I wish I had been more active.


I walked for only ten minutes longer when I noticed an open area of land.

There was a small cabin in the middle of the open area. There was a chimney to top it off.

It looked well kept as though it were possible someone was living there. I figured I didn't have anywhere to go so I might as well go check it out.

Maybe someone was there and I could ask for directions.

Or it was vacant and I could stay there a while.

I took a deep breath before I walked closer.

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