Note from the Author: Have you ever heard the saying Don't mess with a woman scorned? This story is my version of how and why Klaus was cursed to walk the earth as a vampire. This curse is not The Curse of The Sun and The Moon. This story begins with Lord Niklaus as a human and his human lover Paulina Petrova in 10th Century England. Enter Paulina's beautiful cousin Caroline. What would a woman do when her heart is broken and her love unrequited?

Chapter 1

She walked into grand hall of the castle and looked around. Every head turned as she walked the room looking for him. Her raven hair cascading down her back setting off the dark tones of her scarlet dress.

She finally caught his eye. He excused himself from the gentlemen he stood with and approached her. Her heart sped up and she could not breath. He reached for her hand and raised it to his lips. She sucked in a short breath as he kissed her hand.

"Miss Petrova." he said. "You look beautiful."

"My Lord Niklaus." she turned her head to the side. He smiled.

Niklaus offered her his arm and they walked the perimeter of the room.

"Are you enjoying the party Paulina?"

"Oh yes My Lord. It's wonderful." she said and looked at him from the corner of her eye. She wanted him right then in this room full of people but he would not have it. They would steel away like they always did and be together. Everyone in town knew what kind of man Niklaus was but Paulina did not listen. After a while Niklaus leaned in to Paulina and whispered in her ear.

"Meet me out in the horse stables." he said His breath hot in her ear. Paulina felt her whole body tingle as he squeezed at her side and then walked away from her. She fidgeted nervously afraid someone had heard. She walked past a mirror on her way out the door and stopped. She pinched at her cheeks to make them flush and smoothed her long dark hair. She was very beautiful. No one would contest that. She, like Niklaus was conceded as well. They both cared too much about themselves and their looks than anything else. That was true for Paulina until she lay her eyes on Niklaus. She was entirely in love with him. And she would make him love her. She had a knack for making people do what she wanted. One way or another.

Paulina slipped out the door and hurried down the stone steps. She hoisted her skirt off of the ground and walked quickly towards the horse stables. She had to stop her self from running to him. She had to play this just right. She could not seem all to eager. He wouldn't like that. Paulina stood in front of the stable door and waited. She looked around to see if anyone had noticed her slipping away. They had not. She smiled then stepped forward cracking open the door. The silvery moon light shone through the door as she stepped through and on to the hay covered floor.

"My Lord." she called out. She heard nothing but the horses moving in their stalls. She looked around but could not see anything in the dark.

My Lord Niklaus." she said a little louder. Suddenly the stable door shut and she was in complete darkness. Paulina held her breath as she heard foot steps behind her. They moved closer to her and his hands were on her waist. He pulled her forcefully towards him. Paulina gasped in excitement. She wouldn't admit it but she like it when he was forceful with her. Pushing her to her limit every time.

Niklaus slid his hands down her stomach and held her to him. He moved her hair to the side with his free hand and kissed her hard on her neck. He bit and sucked and licked at her neck and she liked it. He pulled at her layers of skirt and raised them up to her waist. He pushed her forward towards the wall. She yelled out as his body crashed into hers.

"Shhhh." he hissed. She giggled as he turned her face and kissed her lips. He pushed her skirt up higher exposing her and took her roughly from behind.

Paulina walked the streets of square her arm linked to another beautiful woman.

"I am so happy you were able to come visit cousin." She turned her face towards the beautiful blonde girl. She smiled at Paulina.

"I am happy as well Paulina." Paulina hugged on to her cousins arm a little tighter.

"Oh Caroline. I am going to bring you to all of the parties and introduce you to everyone. We are going to have so much fun together."

"We are cousin." laughed Caroline.

The two girls walked and giggled and chatted. Paulina noticed Lord Niklaus up ahead. She smiled and walked a little quicker. Caroline hurried to keep up. Pauline was not going to miss her chance to see Niklaus.

"Wait a moment. Why are you walking so quickly?" laughed Caroline.

"Hello Miss Petrova." said Niklaus.

"My Lord." she said as she bat her eyes at him. He looked for Paulina to Caroline. She looked up at him and was struck silent. He stepped back to look at her better. She was beautiful. The sun glinted off of her golden hair. Her sky blue dress brought out the blue of her eyes. They were the bluest eyes Niklaus had ever seen. She stared at her and he felt like all of the air had be sucked out of him. He stood straight and regained his composure.

"And who is this?" he asked Paulina.

"Oh this is my cousin Caroline. Caroline this is Lord Niklaus." she said. Niklaus took a deep bow in front of Caroline. He looked up at her and smiled. He stood straight again then took her hand and brought it to his lips. Caroline shuddered at the feeling of his lips on her skin.

"Enchanted." he said. "You are not from around here are you. I would have remembered seeing you around." Caroline laughed.

"And I you My Lord." she said. Niklaus smirked and raised an eyebrow at her. "I am visiting my cousin for a few weeks."

"Cousin." he said looked back at Paulina.

Paulina stood watching them amazed. "No this was not happening." she thought. She had been looked at by many men the way he as looking at Caroline. Niklaus never looked at her that way.

"We are having another gathering at my parents home in a weeks time. You must come." He said looking to Paulina then to Caroline.

"Oh a party. I love parties." said Caroline. She smiled at Niklaus. He watched her lips.

"Please come. Both of you."

"Paulina." Caroline said as she turned to her cousin. "My first invitation to a party since I have been in town." she smiled and laughed looking up at Niklaus. She could not hide her excitement. He smiled wide at her. Her enthusiasm was infectious.

"Then I would be honored to have you as my guest at your first official party." He smiled from ear to ear. Paulina's eyes were wide as she watched them gush at one another.

"We will try My Lord. We can not make any promises." she said. A thick layer of jealousy in her voice.

"But cousin it will be my first party and I am his guest."

"Come Caroline." she said. "We must be going." Paulina pulled at Caroline's arm.

"My Lord." said Paulina. Niklaus had all of his attention on Caroline now.

"Lord Niklaus. It was a pleasure." said Caroline as she curtsied. Again Niklaus took her delicate hand in his and raised it to his lips.

"The pleasure was all mine Lady Caroline." He pressed his lips again her cool skin and held it there for a long while. He looked back up to her face. She smiled and he saw her cheeks flush pink.

The girls turned and started to walk away. Caroline turned and looked back at Niklaus. He was looking back at her.

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