Fighting for Her

Plot: During the time at Camp Lehigh. Steve Rogers and Gilmore Hodge compete for Peggy Carters attention. Who will get the girl first. This will be a multi-chapter story.

Camp Lehigh wasn't getting any better for little Steve Rogers. This was his only chance to help fight for his country. Boot camp as they called wasn't exactly the best training there was, but it was all he got.

In the few days he was there, he had climbed walls, dodged electric wires and learnt how to respect your colleges. Although there was someone he didn't get along with so well.

Gilmore Hodge. A jerk from here to Alabama. A big show-off as people would call it. Most colleges called him the best candidate for the super soldier. To Steve he was nothing more than a bully. Another worthless bully.

And just like all bullies he shouldn't be here. Like all bullies he should be locked up with the key thrown far far away.

He was now running a parkour set up to test how fast the soldiers could be. He was already falling behind. 'Walk a little faster maggots' yelled colonel Chester Phillips.

Steve hated this training. But there was one thing he liked about this boot camp.

Peggy Carter.

The woman who had his eyes since the moment she walked by to check on everyone. Even now during his training, he thought about her, and might take a small look at her when everyone was busy training.

He knew she was probably way out of his league. But he always had his fantasies. And there was nothing wrong with that.

'Alright men who can walk past the finish line first gets a ride back with Agent Carter' Phillips said.

This was his chance. The chance to get her to notice him. It was a risk, but he was willing to pay it.

He tried walked as fast as he could when he saw the finish line coming in sight. But also Agent Carter came in sight.

He kept running but his attention was now to her and not to the finish line. Her beautiful brown hair waved in the wind and her dark eyes looking at the soldiers. She was a woman you didn't want to mess with that was for sure. She could be dangerous.

But still Steve didn't stop looking at her.

Then suddenly he felt a feet between his and he instantly fell down to the ground. The culprit was non other than Gilmore Hodge.

After Hodge ran over the finish line he looked at Steve 'keep on dreaming short stuff. That hotshot over there,' he pointed at Peggy 'is going to be all mine' he said and smiled deviously.

Steve watched in defeat as his rival got on the car with Carter and sat next to her. He directly puts his hand around her. She grunted in disgust as the car drove away.

Steve stood up and wiped the remaining dirt from his clothing. 'Tough competition I see' a voice said. Steve looked around.

It was a young man from about 22 years. He was tall with blonde hair, a small beard and was very good in shape. 'Uh..sure.. I guess' Steve said. Unsure what the man meant.

'Sorry I haven't yet introduced myself,' he takes out his hand 'the name is Charles Beckett' he says. 'Steve Rogers' they shake each other.

'I just happen to see you have the hots for Carter' he says. 'No its not like that' denied Steve. 'Wow, wow pal, calm down I didn't mean it like that. I just meant that you like her and is that true?' he asked.

Steve was hesitant to admit. Who knew if this Charles Beckett was to trust. Maybe he was a friend of Hodge, trying to get more humiliating information out of Rogers. With that thought in mind he silently walked away.

'Wait man' Beckett yelled and puts his hand on Rogers his shoulder. 'If you think I am friends with show-off Hodge than you're wrong. That weak excuse for a man stole the love of my life and did horrible things to her. And now he has Carter in his sights.'

This story had some effect on Steve. He knew that Hodge was horrible, but not this horrible. Was Beckett's story true.

'Listen. I may have lost the love of my love to that, for a better word man. But I won't let that happen to you, I promise' he says and holds out his hand.

Once again was Steve unsure what to do. It was either trust this guy or let Hodge get his hand on Peggy. And he knew for sure that wouldn't be pretty. But Peggy Carter was a strong woman, she could take on a guy like him. But what if she let her guard down.

Steve had to have someone to rely on. And this Charles might be the perfect person. 'Do you love her Steve, are you willing to fight for her?' Charles asked.

Steve finally shook his hand.

'Yes I will. I will fight for Peggy Carter' he said while looking to the sky.

So that was chapter 1. I really hope you folks will read the rest of the story. Thanks for all the wonderful reviews on my last story "Lover's Dance" I really appreciate it. See you later folks.