Prompt: #50 Writer's Choice

Summary: What it all means when it all comes together.

The Definition of Them

It may sound weird, but there are times when they've both wondered if they stayed together because they were so familiar with the other and it was that sense of comfort that made it hard for them to find someone else. Of course, neither one of them wanted the option of someone else for themselves. It's just that the both of them held a tad bit of insecurity within themselves as regards the other. Cloud had always thought Tifa way out of his league. She had been his dream girl since boyhood after all. While Tifa always saw Cloud as the man she always knew she was going to end up. The man who would always be there to help her in a pinch, things have happened in their lives that have made her doubt that he wanted to be the one for her. They each didn't want anyone else and they didn't feel the need to even look anywhere else. They just needed to know that's how the other felt too.

This is why their friends had taken matters into their own hands and given them time together. Together just the two of them. Because it was clear that even though things were good in their relationship as a whole, they needed this time to establish that they were it for each other. That they both felt the same about being a couple. So they needed to be taken out of their lives and responsibilities in order for them to focus on that. No distractions. No outside influences. Two weeks to get their acts together.

Anyone who looked at them knew that they were supposed to be together. Not only did they look good as a pair, they just matched. Just as their names suggested. Cloud could be a little misty and hard to grasp but he was always something to watch and marvel at. Tifa was a rock with a locked heart that she kept guarded. This meant that those who did get into her heart, she guarded fiercely. They were both scarred and had endured a great many things, most of which they already endured together. It took Cloud a little longer to get with the program, but he seems to be making up for it by being what Tifa needs. Their road has not been easy and they both had areas that they needed to work on, but that was the beauty of being a duo. Neither had to go it alone because the other always had their backs. It wasn't perfect. But it didn't need to be. Maybe that was why it was so right. His strengths and weaknesses complemented her strengths and weaknesses.

The two weeks were not to really focus on those things though. It was supposed to show them that they worked when there was no daily stresses too. In this brief period of their lives, they could just be two normal people who did touristy things with no rush and no worries. A different way of showing their compatibility. It was a chance to show another side of what they were. A more relaxed version of themselves to prove that they still had chemistry when it was just the two of them. It was hoped that they would find the solution that would make their relationship look and feel more permanent to give them both a little piece of mind. Cause really, how many couples have gone through such a kaleidoscope of things and still come out on top?

So when the two weeks were up and the first things their friends noticed was the glow on each of their faces and that there was a ring on Tifa's finger, they all celebrated. It's what they all had been hoping would happen and it was about time. It was another step forward.

Two others especially, could breath a sigh of relief as they watched from the Lifestream. They'd been worried more than once about how things were going. Though it was obvious that Cloud and Tifa loved each other strongly, Cloud wasn't make that next step and Tifa, never demanded one. She hadn't because she needed him to be brave enough to lead her past that next hurtle. When it happened Aerith and Zack shared a smug smile and breathed happy sigh of relief.

"Never had a doubt," Zack boasts confidently.

"Liar!" Aerith accuses with a laugh. "I saw you fighting the urge to pace a few times there."

"Cloud may be slow to go but once he gets moving, he's good."

"I didn't have any doubt either," she reassures him.

"Didn't think you did, Sweetheart," Zack replies, with a wink and one of his trademark grins that still makes her heart flutter whenever it was directed at her. Of course he notices this and his voice drops with his next words. "I love that I can still make you blush." There is a contented look on Zack's face that makes her want to sigh again.

She lets out another giggle before looking back at Tifa and Cloud. She approvingly takes in the closeness of their bodies and how tightly their hands are entwined. They were going to make it. She was positive that they would and she recalls all the reasons that they would.

First, they had love. A great love that has brought them both great joy and immense pain. It causes them to share, think and confide with one another. So that they can trust in promises and appreciate life through the betrayals and fear, the annoyances and the hate. That no matter how illusive a wish can seem, they can remember that if they fall, they can always try and redo it until they are successful. Mistakes will always be made and things can be broken. There may yet still be death and blood and graves ahead but as long as they collide as one, they will survive it. As long as they stayed of one mind and didn't become undecided, they will always discover what it was that they were missing in order to guard against whatever stood in their way. For them both to experiment past the innumerable moonlights and sunshines that would follow them in their pursuit, they will win against the threat of becoming hollow. With each breath, they dispose of the things they shouldn't keep inside. Instead, they can investigate how they can each be home in time to sleep in the heaven of their bed. If they have to be apart, they can always pick up the phone and exchange sympathies. As long as they stayed together and did not allow any outside influences to toy with them, they would be victorious.

For this, is The Definition of Them.

Ending Notes: I'm finished! I didn't think I would ever get to this point considering how apprehensive I was writing this particular series. Yay! Thank you all for your support and reviews during this year long endeavor (I still can't believe it's been over a year this week). All fifty prompts have been completed. For the list of prompts and their respective links, please visit my LJ (linked in my Profile). Thank you for reading!