Buttercups P.O.V

I stood on the roof of the Townsville museum with my sister's blossom and bubbles we were waiting for the clock to strike midnight that's when all hell brakes loose.

"So everyone got the plan?" blossom asked looking back and forth between bubbles and I

We both nodded

"Good cause it's gonna be chaotic if we don't play it right"

I snorted "sis since when does it ever play out right?"

Bubbles giggled at the comment and blossom rolled her eyes

Blossom was dressed in skin tight yet somehow breathable and flexible black pants which stretched down to her ankles, her also skin tight long sleeved red t-shirt, red boots, black jacket, and a pair of black leather gloves she was also wearing a black mask that covered the bottom half of her face her long orange hair was pulled up into a high pony tail with a black rubber band.

Bubbles was wearing a blue dress with black leggings underneath, blue boots, a black belt, a pair of black leather gloves, and a long sleeved black jacket. Her long golden hair was pulled back into two curly pigtails and she also had a mask that covered the bottom half of her face.

I was dressed in baggy black pants, a green t-shirt, green boots, black leather gloves, a black jacket, and a mask just like my sisters, my shoulder length raven colored hair was left unbound by any hair ties or clips just the way I like it.

I tapped my foot impatiently "is it almost time I'm gonna freeze if we don't pull this heist soon" I grumbled impatiently.

"Be patient it's almost midnight then we can begin" blossom said

I grinned under my mask my sisters and I are a team of three famous thief's it might not be the most glamorous job in the world but hey it's fun we call ourselves the phantom sisters not the most creative name in the world but it caught on.

We always send notices before we steal anything it makes it a lot funer that way, those stupid cops really are idiots they can never catch us and before the police chiefs sons got involved in it they'd barely even caught a picture of us.

Yes the police chiefs sons triplets just like us and to tell the truth they've really become a problem lately they've hit us off at every turn just last week we had to abandon the item we were stealing and make a run for it all because of those three.

Even with our powers we can't seem to beat them, all three of us has a different animals DNA merged with our own we can change into that animal and use it's powers in our human forms it really comes in handy.

The animal DNA also gave us our code names bubbles is blue jay, blossom is fox, and I'm panther we all use our powers to stealthily steal valuable items and sell them if they're not what we're looking for.

We've been searching for a very important treasure that used to belong to our clan generations ago we are descended from an ancient clan of warriors that had very close ties with the earth, and the animals hence the animal DNA.

Well about 20 generations ago a very valuable artifact was stolen from our clan and one warrior was sent out to retrieve it and was given the power of the animals to aid him in doing it he was our ancestor and as he moved to the city he discovered that the items that were constantly coming and going in town could be the item he was looking for.

So he became a thief and whenever anything valuable came into town he would steal it and use a ritual to see if it was our clan's item needless to say he didn't find it so for generations our family has been thief's searching for our lost treasure.

Although after 20 generations nobody knows what the item looks like anymore so we have to check everything that could possibly be the artifact of course it helps that Townsville is also the biggest architectural city in the world valuable artifacts form all over the world come here which makes it really convenient for us.

"It's nearly midnight panther, blue jay get into position" blossom instructed

I snorted and took my position beside the overhead window that hung over a hallway not the most direct route but it'll work, the clock chimed signaling that it was midnight. I smirked and transformed my hand into a panthers paw then I used my claws to cut a hole in the glass big enough for us to fit into.

"Okay jay your turn" I said she nodded

She leaned her head in toward the hole I cut in the glass and used her sonic scream to scramble the security system. (Yes they still have some of their original powers)

I gave blossom the thumbs up sign she nodded and slipped in through the hole I followed and bubbles behind me, we came out into a long hallway full of medieval armor and weapons we walked quietly down the hall and into a huge dome shaped room.

The museum has dozens of wings and hundreds of exhibits we chose the entrance closest to the item we're looking to steal but it wasn't going to be easy either way it probably wouldn't be long before the security guard figured out that someone had knocked out the security program for the medieval hallway so we had to work fast.

The target today is the scarlet necklace a valuable treasure that is suppose to have belonged to an African tribe long ago and has one of the biggest red rubies in the world hanging from its solid gold chain. A lot of people would love to get their hands on it but for our case it doesn't seem like it's the object we're looking for.

We passed through the dome shaped exhibit and came to the hallway where the necklace is displayed we all nodded to each other and blossom used her ice breath to reveal the sensors that were littered across the floor.

I smirked my turn I transformed into my animal form and slowly started to weave through the sensors and after a few seconds I reached the display case I used my claws to cut a hole in the case and gently retrieve the necklace while quickly replacing it with a fake necklace with the same weight.

I smirked and just as I was about to head back to my sisters I was tackled by someone I roared and hissed at my attacker and when I turned to face him it was butch the second son of the police chief.

"You stupid fur ball do you really think your getting away with that necklace?" he yelled

I pushed him off and ran back toward my sisters not caring about the sensors which were already going off when I found my sisters they were in their animal forms fighting brick and boomer. Bubbles was peaking at boomers head with the speed and strength of her small bird form and blossom was dodging bricks blows quickly and gracefully while aiming occasional blows at him.

"Guys I got the necklace lets go!" I yelled as I ran down the hallway

They both followed close behind but I could hear the boys right on our heals

"How can they be catching up to us with our superior animal speed?" blossom yelled as we ran toward the window

"I don't know but we have to get out of here before they catch us jay I want you to take the necklace" I said as I handed it to her

"Um okay but what do I do with it?" she asked

"Listen fly through the hole in the ceiling and get the necklace home we'll find a way outta here and meet you at home okay" I said

"But I don't wanna leave you guys" she protested

"This is no time to argue jay you godda do it it'll be okay there's no way they'll catch us and it'll be easier if we don't have to worry about the necklace" blossom insisted

She reluctantly nodded and flew in the direction of the exit while we kept running leading the boys away from our sister they took the bait and continued following us unfortunately though we ended up running straight into a dead end.

The boys cornered us but they didn't try to fight us they just stood there staring at us and eventually they started talking.

"Hey what's with the panther and the fox is this some kind of joke by the sisters?" brick asked angrily

"Maybe they trained them to do their dirty work I saw that panther steal the necklace and I swear the thing had a smirking the whole time" butch said staring at me

"Wait a second where's that bird?" boomer asked

"What bird?" brick asked

"There was a little blue bird with those two earlier"

"Yea and where's the necklace?" butch asked

They all looked at each other and smacked their fore heads with their hands

"I can't believe that we got duped by a bunch of animals" brick yelled angrily

They all started to turn and leave but I was pissed off at them now I've never been called a stupid animal before and I can tell you I didn't like it.

"Fox I think it's time we gave these boys a beating" I growled

"Couldn't agree more sis"

We transformed back

"Hey boys leaving so soon?" blossom yelled at the boys

All three of them immediately turned around to face us with shocked expressions

"Come and get some punishment jackasses" I yelled

Butch ran toward me and sent a barrage of punches and kicks my way I dodged them all and flipped him on the ground I leaned over him with a taunting glare.

"That all you got tough guy?" I asked mockingly

He growled and grabbed my shoulders throwing me into the wall I grunted in pain and slid to the floor butch aimed another blow and I dodged just in time.

"Ooh not bad maybe you boys aren't so pathetic after all" I said still taunting him

He growled again and I glanced at blossom she was dodging bricks blows while aiming her own and using the artwork in the hall to her advantage like she always did as the clever fox.

I smirked under my mask as I dodged several more of butches blows boomer had disappeared probably to look for jay but he'd never find her she's long gone by now its wasted effort to look.

"So what's with those animals panther you got some kinda plan going by using them?" butch asked between punches

"None of your business butchie boy" I taunted as I kicked him hard in the stomach sending him flying backwards a few feet and leaving him momentarily dazed.

I could hear a large group of people coming toward us by now probably the rest of the police force that had been alerted by the alarm.

"Hey Fox we godda go they're gonna surround us soon" I yelled as I took off down one of the hallways

I could hear blossom right behind me as we tore down the hallway looking for a way out I could hear the police force following close behind us I spotted a window and made a beeline for it with blossom right behind me.

"Are you crazy? You know this is the 5th floor right!" Blossom yelled as we neared the window

"You got any better idea's?" I replied

She sighed "fine I'm with you sis"

We both dove out the window shattering the glass and started our rapid descent to the street below.

Butches P.O.V

We rushed down the hallway after the girls with the entire police force right behind us today we are going to capture those girls they aren't getting away this time we heard the sound of glass shattering and as we rounded the corner we saw a broken window.

My brothers and I rushed over to it and looked out there wasn't anything in the street below except a few surprised passerby's who'd nearly been hit by the shards of falling glass.

"What the hell are they thinking this is the 5th floor!" one of the officers behind us shouted

I looked at brick and he simply nodded before turning around to give the group of officer's instructions.

"Okay we need to question those passerby's on what they saw before and after the glass shattered and we need to search the museum they could just be hiding somewhere and using the broken window as a distraction"

I rushed down the stairs and out the side door the two witnesses were almost to the corner of the street and I barely managed to catch them before they disappeared out of sight.

"Hey you two!" I yelled as I came running up to them

They both turned to stare at me as I stopped in front of them

"Hey can you two come with me I need you to answer some questions about that window a incident a minute ago" I said

I got a good look at both the girls one had long brown hair and brown eyes she was wearing a purple dress with black leggings, purple boots, a purple hat and yellow striped hat, an orange jacket, and a lot of silver jewelry. She was twirling a lock of her brown hair on her finger tip giving me a blank stare that told me she was an air head.

Her friend had long shiny blond hair and dark green eyes she was wearing a dark green turtle neck sweater, baggy black pants, black boots, and black leather gloves She had a black jacket slung over her shoulder and she was giving me a very bored and impatient look.

"Um sure but what about that window it's not like it has anything to do with us" the brunette said

The blonde but her hands behind her head "Yea and I godda get home if I'm late one more time my mom'll kill me"

"It won't take long can you just cooperate I'm with the police" I said annoyed

The brunette gave me an admiring look and took my hand in between hers she smiled and started shaking my hand

"Wow you're a police man it's nice to meet you I'm Alice and this is my friend Sam" she said pointing to her friend who just rolled her eyes as a response.

'Damn this girl is the biggest air head I've ever seen and the other one has the crappiest attitude of anyone I've ever met it's gonna be real fun questioning these two' I thought.

"Aren't you a little young to be a cop?" Sam asked as we walked back toward the museum

I ignored her and led them both to the rows of police cars that were parked in front of the building

"Hey butch"

Brick stopped in front of us eyeing the two girls suspiciously Alice waved and Sam just rolled her eyes.

"Who are they?" brick asked

"This is Alice and Sam the two witnesses from when the glass shattered"

He nodded slowly looking the girls up and down then he pulled me a few feet away from them once we were out of ear shot he stopped.

"I think we should question them separately there's a possibility they could be fox and panther in disguise" he said

I nodded "fine but I'm questioning Sam you get Alice"

He shrugged "sure whatever"

We both went back to the two girls and took them in separate directions Sam kept glancing at her watch probably still worried about her curfew, when we were a respectable distance away from the others we stopped and the questions began.

"So what did you see when the glass broke?" I asked

She yawned "well I was a little busy ducking to make sure the glass didn't hit me but I thought I saw two people falling out of the window but when I looked again they were gone I have no idea if what I saw was real or just a trick of the lighting but it looked real enough"

I nodded "and what was that Alice girl doing at that time?"

"Well she was probably ducking the falling glass shards too I mean come on some of them were frinkin gigantic!"

I sighed "any other details you can remember?"

She shook her head "nope now can I go it's already 1:15 and if I don't get home soon my parents will have a cow"

"Sure I got nothing more to ask you"

She got up and walked toward brick and Alice who had already finished their questioning the two girls left together brick and I watched them until they were out of sight.

"So do you think they're the sisters?" I asked not taking my eyes off the spot the girls had disappeared

"No that air head could never be one of the sisters and besides her story seemed true enough she said she hadn't seen anything because she'd ducked away from the falling glass and didn't open her eyes or even look up until Sam told her it was safe"

"She told me she saw two shadows that looked like people falling from the building after the window was broken but when she looked again they were gone and that could have been a trick of the dim lighting" I said

Brick nodded slowly taking in the fresh information "well all that we know for sure is that fox and panther definitely jumped out of that window but where did they go and how the hell did they survive that fall?"

I shrugged "dunno those girls are like ninja's I have no doubt they could've easily survived a fall like that and run off so quickly that the two girls wouldn't have seen them"

"Even for them that seems a little far fetched" brick replied

"Hey where's boomer anyway?" I asked

Brick shrugged "dunno still looking for that dumb bird I guess"

"Well anyway it looks like we lost em again and it pisses me off that panther got away I wanted to punch her lights out" I growled while clenching my fists.

Brick rolled his eyes "don't you think I wanted to clobber fox it ticks me off that they got away and it ticks me off even more that they got the scarlet necklace"

I shrugged "we'll just have to try harder next time I guess maybe use some real firepower" I grinned evilly

Brick rose an eyebrow at me "give it a rest butch we can't shoot em"

I groaned but let it go I was way too tired to complain we'd been waiting in the museum all night and we had school in the morning 'great' I thought bitterly as we got in our dad's police cruiser and started home.

Blossoms P.O.V

We walked a couple blocks in our disguises before we returned to being panther and fox buttercup groaned as the blonde color faded from her hair and her eyes turned back to their lime green color.

"Did we have to do that I don't want to spend any more time than necessary any where near butch!" she complained

I sighed "just bear with it it'll be worth it if the scarlet necklace turns out to be our sacred object and you really should speak in animal tongue whenever you talk about anything related to our night job" I said as we started toward home

She just snorted

(Sorry I forgot to explain animal tongue is the language animals use to communicate with each other the girls use it to talk to each other about things they don't want others to hear because they were born with animal DNA merged with their own they can naturally speak both human and animal language however the language only works between the girls they can't talk to just any animal but they can talk to the animal who's DNA they share like buttercup can talk to cats, blossom can talk to dogs, and bubbles can talk to birds anyway you get the picture on with the story!)

"So you think bubbles made it back with the necklace?" she asked

I nodded "I have no doubt that she did"

We went the rest of the way home in silence we were careful not to let anyone see us but it wasn't really hard because there was nobody in the streets at this hour anyway the real problem was that we live in a huge stone castle just outside of town.

It might seem a little weird but our ancestor built it to give our family as much privacy as possible and to keep curious passerby's from peeking into our windows. The castle has exactly a hundred rooms within its stone walls many of these rooms aren't used anymore but they're still there waiting for any chance to be used again.

There is a huge mote that surrounds the castle and only the ancient wooden drawbridge can open it imagine a medieval castle and that is exactly what our home looks like.

We walked across the drawbridge which bubbles had left open for us and pulled it back up bolting it shut we walked down the grand hallway to our left where all the pictures of past generations of our family were hung up on the wall in order and down at the very end of this hallway was the picture of our first known ancestor who had built this castle and was the first thief in 20 generations Bennett G. Beatrix or better known as grizzly bear.

I moved his picture just enough to reveal a high tech scanner I typed in the code and the scanner began to scan my eyes and face to make sure it was me.

"Your name?" the scanner asked

"Blossom F. Beatrix" I answered

A hidden door opened just to our right revealing a long row of stone stairs I allowed the picture to swing back into place before I descended the stairs with buttercup right behind me.

We came into a room with a huge flat screen TV on the far right and a gray couch in between the TV and the stairs, there was also a huge computer screen on the far wall with three separate keyboards and three screens where we keep all our records of ever artifact we have ever checked. In the far left corner there's a small nurses station that we use should we ever get hurt and a large safe built into the wall also on the far left hand side it has the same scanner as the one that allowed us to get in here and it is where we store all the things we steal. There is also a huge open space in between the computer, staircase, couch, and safe where we perform the ritual to see if the artifact is the one we've been looking for.

Bubbles was sitting on the couch watching TV but the second she saw us she got up off the couch and skipped over to us obviously happy and relieved that we had gotten back safely.

"Blossom, buttercup I'm so glad you guys are okay" she said while hugging us

"Don't worry BB we're fine" I said smiling

"Those guys gave us a run for our money though" buttercup grumbled as she tore off her mask and sat down on the couch.

"Was it really that bad?" bubbles asked looking between me and buttercup for an explanation

I explained everything without leaving out a single detail after I was finished bubbles stared at me wide eyed for a while before she exclaimed

"Why did you jump out of a 5 story window!"

I shrugged "it was the only way to get away it's not like we had a choice"

She was staring at me like I was insane probably for listening to buttercup but I didn't regret my decision it was after all the only way out.

I yawned and looked at the clock on my cell phone it was 1:38

"God it's late I'm going to bed" I said as I started toward my bedroom

I walked out of the secret room and back out to front hall where the draw bridge is I ascended the large staircase directly opposite to the draw bridge and turned right each of us has our own wing in the castle that gives us each about 20 rooms to do whatever we want with.

I chose this floor because it has a library and it's probably the biggest library in town it has rows upon rows of books it has three stories of nothing but shelf's and books each story has a huge window at the very back that gives a full view of the yard.

We have a huge common yard that sits smack in the middle of the castle there are dozens of beautiful flowers and trees that bubbles takes care of there's a small pond that is full of crystal clear water it has a small wooden dock, I always see bubbles sitting on the very edge of this dock playing a flute that has been passed down from our ancestor.

That flute is one of the only 5 things our ancestor left behind from our clan after he died and we cherish it as if it was a member of our family.

I walked down the hallway which was completely bare the only color in the hallway was the white carpeting and the ruby red walls, I walked to the end of the hall and opened the last door.

I stepped into the room closing the door behind me on the far side of the room my oak wood desk stood with neatly stacked school books, homework, and my laptop sitting upon it's smooth glossy surface, my bed was on the far right a queen sized bed with hot pink sheets and pillows that were all neatly arranged on it's surface directly next to the bed was a walk in closet where dozens of cloths shoes and accessories were all kept.

On my right the entire wall was replaced with glass and the glass doors opened onto a balcony hot pink and black curtains were opened revealing the gorgeous view of the night sky a small red couch sat not too far away from the window facing a small flat screen TV.

I yawned and collapsed onto my bed falling asleep before my head even hit the pillow.

ME: thank you pplz for reading the first chapter of this ppgz story I know it sounds like a little weird and that you guys were probably surprised to find out that the girls were thief's and not the good guys but hay it's full of drama right well thanks for reading and sorry if I didn't describe the castle setting clear enough but I think you get the basic outline anyway please continue reading for a lot of drama and awesomeness!