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Crystal's Pov

I just couldn't back out of a challenge even if was a death wish, could I? I always did this to myself and it always happened the same way. I met someone aggravating who wanted the same thing as me and I always had to try and grab it first. No, I couldn't just wait for my rival to fail at reaching his goal first and then go at my own pace. Nah, I had to except any challenge, race and/or bet that came my way. Eusine, Gold; heck, I am sure I would challenge a hitmonlee to a kicking tournament if I got a chance.

Stupid. That's was I was; just stupid. Not to mention that this new challenge had nothing to do with anything I was good at. Everything was to my opponent's advantage, but as if I would ever tell him that. There is only so big an ego can get before it pops…. But now that I think of it, that might have not been such a bad idea. It would have solved a lot of my problems.

Now let me stop rambling and bring you back to why I was stuck in such a horrible predicament and how I had to go and mess everything up.


"Ugh, I told you that I had no cash. You don't have to be such a super serious gal," Gold whined as I went through his wallet.

"How am I supposed to believe you? You would do anything to get a free lunch." Well, it turns out he was telling the truth about being broke. There was only a one dollar bill and it was charred with ashes. My guessing was that Exbo thought the only solution to get Gold to stop gambling during pool games was to ignite all paper money in flames. It is a very sad day when pokémon are smarter than their trainers when it comes to gambling problems.

He tried reaching for his wallet hungrily, but I turned away to look through it more. "Come on, Crys! You see I have nothing in there." I would have stopped, but Gold was the type that was laid back and patient about these kinds of things. If he didn't want me to look through one of his belongings, then he must have hiding something from me.

"So, Gold, is there a certain reason why there are more little slips of paper than dollar bills?" I asked, taking them out. There were several of them with little writing scratched on them. And, for some odd reason, a few of them seemed like they were written by females.

First thought I had had been that these papers were cutesy little 'I love you' notes from his mother. That's also what I wanted them to be when I noticed that the writing was more comparable to a teenagers lettering. Taking a closer look at the notes I noticed that there were different numbers on each one. What the heck could those be, unless….

"Are these phone numbers?"

The male took off his hat and raked a hand through his black hair. I stared amazed. No matter how many times I had seen him hatless, I could never get over how those black strands just exploded from his head. Maybe there was something in that thick skull of his: a bomb.

Taking advantage of my train of thoughts, Gold snatched both the notes and his wallet out of my hands. "Maybe they are," he admitted with a laugh, "I meet a lot of girls at game corners, you know."

"And how many of these girls know your name?" I tested. "Or better yet, how many of these girls do you know the name of?"

"All of them," he smiled and I gave him my serious glare. "Okay, a few. But can we change the subject please and get some food?" His stomach rumbled. "See, the stomach agrees so it's two against one. Let's go!"

"Nuh uh, I am not paying for your lunch till you answer one more question."

I could see my friend hesitate, but as soon as his stomach growled one more time, he nodded giving up.

"Do you really think that accepting all these numbers is okay?" I ranted. "I know your hormones have been running loose since you turned ten, but you have to think of these girls first. Girls are emotional, you know! They don't like guys messing with their feelings! With all these numbers, how long do you actually expect to stay with any one of them?"

Okay, I will admit, I was a little outraged. But really, it was Gold I was yelling at so the possibility of him actually listening was very close to none.

"Not everybody is as serious as you, Crystal," Gold commented. "And anyway, you know me. I am this centuries Prince Charming, so no girls will get their hearts broken. I will let them down easy and move on to the next one, unless the one I have turns out to be 'the one', of course."

"Oh, so looking like a perverted player is just fine with you?"

"Okay, okay, you have asked me three questions and-"

"And you haven't answered any of them the way I want you too!" I yelled, forgetting about the people standing around us. Some children pointed in our direction while their parents scolded them for being rude. And as for Gold, you would think that he would cower in fear after one of my scoldings, but no. It was only seconds before his laughter exploded out just like his hair."

"Hey! What's so funny?"

It took a few moments before he could speak between his obnoxious chuckles. "If I didn't know any better, Crys, I'd say that you were jealous."

Jealous? He did not just say that I was jealous! My fists clenched at his annoying behaviour. "Oh, ya? What could I be jealous of?"

"Well," he stood up straighter, "I think you're angry because I can get a date and, well, considering you attitude, you can't."

You know, he smiled and looked slacked and everything, but I could bet you that he was completely ready to flinch at a blow to the cheek any second now. Lucky for him, I was in the mood for verbal abuse instead of anything physical. "Oh, really now, Gold? Are you sure about that now?"

Gold shrugged, "pretty sure. I mean, you are a seventeen year old girl-" he paused to observe her properly- "with great legs, but you decide on one thing: to be single. Or maybe the real situation is that you can't get a date at all. Hm?"

I wondered how painful it would be if I kicked him while he wasn't paying attention. "I can so!" I yelled, even though I really hadn't thought of dating before. I guess it just never came up in my life yet.

"Are you sure?"


There was that mischievous smile again. "Then let's have a bet, Super Serious Gal."

A bet, pfft! He wanted a challenge now, did he? "What kind of bet? You know I can beat you at anything anyways and I will actually win fairly!"

"Hey, when am I not fair?" Gold asked before receiving a glare from me, "Okay, that time when Silver accused me of cheating in pool was totally bogus. Trust me, if I did cheat, he wouldn't have been able to notice. I have special ways."

I rolled my eyes, regretting ever bringing up the cheating card. "Just answer my question."

"Answer this, answer that," Gold mimicked, "why am I stuck with such a prissy women?"

Another glare.

"Okay, okay! I will tell you the bet," he said. Luckily, the glare was finally getting to him. "We have exactly one week starting tomorrow, you verses me: you have to find a boyfriend and I have to find a girlfriend. Next Sunday I say we go Blue and ask her who has a better date. Whoever finds the better date wins the bet."

Wait! Wait! Wait! I would have to find a boyfriend and have him be judged? Knowing me, it would be difficult to even find a guy wanting to date me, let alone find a decent one worthy if Blue's liking. Other than the dumbass in front of me, there were no guys I knew that would ever show affection to a girl.

"Wait, why Blue?"

Gold pressed his lips together and shrugged, "one: she is hot, two: she seems like a person that would know a lot about this stuff."

I shouldn't have asked. "So, if I agree to this bet then what do I get when I win?"

"Cha, as if a super serious gal like you will win," he laughed, "but I guess we must think of the possibilities; even if they are really low." The boy was silent for a few seconds while he thought and I almost got so impatient that I was going to give up the bet. Almost. "Okay, if you win, then I will be your target for your training for a week-"

Ooh, a chance to kick the shit out of Gold for all the times I had paid for his lunch: fun.

"But, if I win –and I probably will- you have to be my personal cheerleader for a year."

"Okay now, doesn't that seem a little-"

"Unfair? Ya," he admitted, "but since you are so sure you're going to win, there is nothing to be worried about, right?"

A nervous giggle escaped my lips. Was it bad that I wasn't sure about this at all? If I did win, the prize was totally epic, but if I lost….. I really didn't want to think about what would happen afterwards. "I'm not sure about this."

"Wha-what was that? Did I just hear Crystal the Capturer back out of a challenge?" That sarcasm he used really ticked me off.

"I am not!" I exclaimed.

"Good," Gold took his right hand from his pocket and lifted it up in front of me. "So one week: if one of us fails to find someone by Sunday, then it is an instant loose. Deal?"

I took one long breath while I questioned myself about my answer. To find a boyfriend, huh? Gold seemed to have an easy time finding girls so it couldn't be that hard to find a guy. Right? Not like I could just back out of this and anyway; otherwise I would have to admit Gold was better than me when it came to dating. I sighed at my not so solid answer and took his hand in mine.



Yep, that's how stupid I was at the moment. I was so stupid that I actually agreed to such a horrible bet when I had no chance at winning! Okay, so maybe I thought it was kind of possible to win when I agreed to it, but it wasn't even an hour later when I realised that I had no chance.

After all, no matter what I said out loud, there must have been a small possibility that there was a wonderful girl in one of those game corners. I bet the girl Gold found would be gorgeous with a great personality, but dumb enough to date that twit of course. It would be tough for me to find a guy good enough.

"Mnng," I moaned, slamming my head against a desk in Professor Oak's lab. I was supposed to be organising some pokémon that I caught for his research earlier, put I couldn't get this problem out of my mind. "Crys, get a hold of yourself woman! You have to work!" After a few seconds I gave up. "This is hopeless! Heck, I may as well start thinking of cheers right now!"

You know, that wasn't a bad idea. At least I would be doing something.

First I looked around the room to make sure nobody would hear me. If someone did, well, there wouldn't be a reason to live anymore, would there? Then I took the next ten minutes writing little rhymes on a small notebook. Eventually, I made one that wasn't so bad.

I chanted out into the room, "Gold! Gold! He's damn great! If he likes me, it must be fate!" Okay, so it was so not me, but at least it was a start.

"What the hell are you doing?" a manly voice asked from behind me.

My legs forced my chair to spin around quickly. "Shit!"

A tall brunette towered over me. His brown hair spiked out of his head neatly and I think I might have mistaken his eyes for glimmering emeralds. The black collar of his shirt flicked upwards like a male model's would and instantly I recognised him as the professor's grandson, Green Oak. I had heard that he was the gym leader of Viridian City, so why was he at the lab? Oh who cares! What did matter was that I could already picture Blue pointing to him and saying "him, of course."

Jack pot.


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