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Gold's Pov

I told him a story. It included a bet, a double date, and a tiny pinch of cross-dressing.

"Well in that case, it's not my fault at all."

My elbows slammed onto the desk and I leaned forward. By the time I stopped leaning forward, there was less than a hand span between Green's face and my own. By this time, his denial had made me as angry as a primeape that had its food stolen.

"Aren't you saying it is my fault then?" I growled through slightly clenched teeth.

The brunet raised an eyebrow with wide eyes. "Wow. I had a feeling that you just acted dumb, but I guess it isn't just an act after all."

And that is how my anger reacted with my nerves and I 'accidently' threw a punch in Green's direction. It was a pretty good punch until he dodged it without flinching and let me fly over the desk….and then do a flip onto the carpet in his office… and then stop by running into a bookcase. I struggled to pick myself up so I at least leaned with my back against the wooden shelves.

Oh Arceus, this day was a shitty one.

"Mnnnng!" I groaned loudly. Once I placed my elbows on my separated knees, I buried my face into my hands. Why couldn't have Green done something wrong? Why did it have to be me that made Crys cry? I had never made her cry before, and I never wanted to. Crys was always so strong. So witty. So unbreakable. I hated the feeling I got when tears spilled from her blue eyes. It really hurt to see a girl like her fall apart.

Was I seriously that big of an ass to make her cry?

"What should I do, Oak?" I mumbled through my hands.

I heard the wheels of his chair squeal as he stood up and propped up against his desk to look down on me. "Wait. I never said you were at fault."

My fingers spread open just enough for me to look at him. "I'm pretty sure you did," I said annoyed.

"No, I just said you were dumb."

I looked away and threw my hands away from my face. "Well then who the hell is at fault then?" I glared at him as I waited for an answer.

He only gawked back at me.


Green blinked and did a little shrug as if I wasn't in a midlife crisis at the moment. "You asked me what I did to make Crystal upset," he began, "and you now know that I didn't do anything. Your problem isn't any of my business anymore, is it?"

Anger grew again and I pushed myself onto my feet. I hadn't even had time to think before my fist had curled tightly into the collar of the Oak's black shirt. "None of your business? Dude, you are dating Crys and you don't even consider her crying your business? What kind of man are you?"

Without flinching, the brunet's green eyes wandered to his left. When he didn't say anything, I faintly pushed him. His sight was still targeted to the left.

I gave up and looked in the same direction. I followed his sight to a minimized friend ball on a filing cabinet. Beside it was a small sticky note that had small writing on it. It read:

Here's your Ampharos, Green! Thanks again for all your help! –Pro Capturer, Crystal

Wait. Three something was wrong here. Did Crys just happen to give Green a normal ampharos in a friend ball that was completely identical to the friend ball that I caught the shiny ampharos with? I mean, she couldn't have given our senior the shiny one, could she?

"Trying to be Cool Guy," I addressed the Oak, "what is that?"

I heard a sigh exhale from his lips. "For Arceus sakes. Ugh, I suppose I have it now so she couldn't take the pokémon back anyway… But still. I hate explaining things to idiots," he said to himself.

"Explaining stuff to idiots? Does that mean you will tell me what's going on now?" I let go of his collar.

"I suppose," he groaned. "You better sit down though; this is going to be a long story."

I instantly dropped to the floor and crossed my legs.

His eyes widened and he glanced back at the leather chair I had sat in when I had first come in and then back at me on the floor. I nodded for him to continue.

Green shook his head a little bit. "Okay, so it's actually Crystal's own fault she was upset."

"Is that another way of excusing yourself of being guilty? So you are guilty!"

"What? No." he quickly muttered. "So you know how you decided the only way to win your bet was to cheat?" I didn't want to admit it, but I nodded anyway. "Well, during this bet, Crystal isn't exactly innocent of cheating either."

I sat a little straighter. Maybe his words weren't going to be lame after all.


Crystal's Pov

It was staring me right in the face. That stupid picture of the staryu incident was pasted into an email addressed to about everybody I knew. The only way for me to prevent the email of being sent was to admit to Blue what the hell was going on in my life. I still dreaded the thought of telling her about Gold.

…. Stupid staryu ….

"You have one minute to spit it out before I click send," Blue warned while hovering her finger over the enter key on her laptop.

I gazed nervously at the email.

"Thirty seconds." I swear I saw that evil woman grow a small smirk on her lips. No doubt that she was enjoying this torture. "May I add that I typed in Gold's address three times so he is going to get three pictures of you topless?"

"Why Gold? Of all the people you could have picked, why Gold?" I wailed timidly. What would happen if he did read that email she was about to send? I could see him making a muddled expression at eyeing an embarrassing photo of me right after a fight. The mail would only make things worse.

Sure, this problem caused by the staryu could have been easily solved. All I had to do was tell her what happened the night before. Despite how simple this sounds, I didn't want to tell her. I did not want to tell anyone how stupid I felt at the moment; yelling at Gold for cheating when I was cheating too. Even that dreaded word hurt to say out loud. Cheating. The word was new to my personal vocabulary.

Frustration overwhelmed me. I rushed to wipe away a tear before it had the chance to fall.

A brown brow raised on the brunette's forehead. "Wooooah, woman! If you think you can soften me up with a little waterworks show, you seriously don't know me," she said. Blue was about to click enter when she carefully glanced at me. I, at the time, was letting out one last shaky breath. She hesitated, but moved away from the laptop after realising what was going on. "Holly shit," she whispered to herself, although I could still hear, "Gold is the problem…"

Not daring to look her in the eye, I pulled my knees up to my chest. I was like a little ball of disaster sitting on my bed.

"Oh my Arceus, Crys!" Blue cried sympathetically. She crawled over and smothered me with a hug. "If you told me that Gold was the reason for all of this, I wouldn't have tortured you like that. A girl shouldn't fool around when her friend is having boy problems!"

"Nobody said it was boy problems," I muttered in disturbance between puffy breaths. By now my head was wrapped with my arms.

Losing the sympathetic tone found in her voice previously, Blue stated, "Crys. Something went on between you and Gold. Gold is a boy that I have been trying to set you up with for years. Therefore, this is definitely considered boy problems."

"What did you just say?" I peeked out of my arms to look up at her.

"That you are definitely having boy problems."

"No, before that."

She let go of my body and sat parallel from me. "Gold is a boy that I have been trying to set you up with for years. So what?"

My eyes squinted into a glare and for a mere second, I had completely forgotten that I had been horrible to the raven haired boy that I called my best friend. After having been given the thought of being that idiot's significant other, I remembered the real Gold. A disturbing shiver crawled up my spine. "Blue, you know as well as I do that you are one of my few female friends, right?" She nodded, her brown hair waving with her. "So why the hell would you want to set me up with a stupid pervert like him!"

"That's a story for another time, my friend."

"Tell me now.

"I am on to you, Crys!" Blue said mischievously. "And I am not spilling my beans until you throw yours at me! Tell me what happened between you and Gold and I will tell you why I want to set you up with him!" She was not going to let me avoid the story.

One hour. That crazy woman had been in my bedroom for a less than an hour and she already gave me a good reason to confess. How could all her evilness fit into such a pretty and innocent looking girl? I should have known better than let a girl who thieved her way into become a dexholder into my house.

"… That idiot would turn our kids into gamblers as toddlers…"


Gold's Pov

"Okay, let me get this straight. You, Green, agreed to be Crys's boyfriend just for this week if she could get you an ampharos."


"And she did this because of our bet. She couldn't possibly find a boyfriend in time."

"That is what she told me."

I glanced away from the Oak and stared off into space. Piecing the information he had explained to me with what had happened the night before, my thoughts were left jumbled. Crys's feelings were clear as a mirror. From past experience I could determine that she was probably disappointed in herself for cheating during a bet. Even more disappointed when she changed her direction of anger onto herself. As for my feelings, well, there were slightly less clear than mud.

Green scrolled across his office slowly. "Well, that's surprising. I expected that your temper would have taken control by now and destroyed something of value." He narrowed his eyes at me who was still sitting on the floor. "For that reason, I'd appreciate it if you at least moved to the battle arena part of the gym before you are done processing the situation."

I sat there thinking for a few more moments. "That's just it, dude. I don't know if I am mad."

"That is one thing that I thought I'd never hear from you," he said.

I nodded, still not making eye contact with him. I managed to reply, "yah, it is kind of surprising to me too. I get that what she did was wrong, but it's not like I was exactly Mr. Innocent either. Maybe I should be angry, but for some strange reason I'm not." Standing up, I made my way to the door. "I mean, I'm doing stuff like that all the time so I don't feel much guilt."

Green turned as I passed his desk. "I am going to regret asking this since I am not benefiting from it, but what are you getting at when you mention guilt?"

"Something like cheating isn't part of Crys's normal day routine. I think this rare guilt will impact her so badly that it wouldn't be fair for me to be mad at her too."

The expert trainer stood silent. I stopped at the door and glanced back at him.

"You know, I am kind of happy that you weren't actually dating Crys. I got a weird feeling when you were close to her: like something was poking my chest. Silver thinks I was jealous, but what could I be jealous over? I mean, she's my best female friend. There's no stopping her from dating."

I walked out quickly and closed the door to avoid a response. Despite this, I could still hear his closing remarks through the barrier:

"What a dumb junior. When will he realise that Silver is smarter than him?"


Crystal's Pov

"That sure sounds like boy problems to me."

"It's not boy problems!" I snapped. My hands covered my head in annoyance.

"Eh hem," Blue chimed. She sat up in front of me and gave out a serious gaze. "Crys, girl, you created an impossible bet with your future husband over who could find a better date. At your first double date you two both become jealous because the person they like is with another, more superior, person. Then, of course, you two realise that the other was cheating and chaos erupts." Note that I didn't tell her about Silver's secret. "This situation is like a movie: a romantic comedy to be exact."

My angry glare was exposed to her. "You lost me at 'future husband'."

The brunette sighed. "The point is that we are at a certain part of the plot at this moment. The part where the devastated female lead goes to her friend for advice-"

"Advice? You ran over here and blackmailed me until I told you what was going on!"

"Don't stress over the simple details! Now my advice will be very short, yet explanatory."

I looked into her wild eyes.

"Forgive and Forget"

My head shook. "No, Blue, my problem here is not what Gold did. I can forgive him like I always do. My problem is what I did, if you know what I mean."

"I meant you should forgive yourself, Crys."

At this point, I really read the expression written on my friend's face. Her lips pasted together with neither a smile nor frown. Her wild eyes no longer held the forceful power that was always there. For the first time since I've known her, she held calm concern. She gulped, "There is no doubt that what you did was stupid, but it is about time you let it go. You are disappointed in yourself for hurting Gold, although he doesn't know it yet, correct?" I nodded. "Then tell him what is really going on and forgive yourself."

I shrugged. I had a hard time believing that would help.

"It may not a lot when you think about it now," she said, "but I know you really care about Gold. The littlest bit will help."

"I guess I could try …"

Blue grinned ear to ear. Her serious expression was totally taken away. "Great! In that case, my work here is done!" She got up and skipped over to my bedroom door happily. "Good luck, Crys!"

I threw my pillow at the door to close it. "Uh, uh. No way. You still haven't told me why you want Gold and I together." The brunette started giggling. "What are you laughing about?"

Blue breathed in deeply with struggle to stop her chuckling. "Gold always teases you with that cute nickname. Your reactions may be violent, but love/hate relationships are the best. And, well, for one, you were totally jealous of his fake date."

"Who said I was jealous?" I asked annoyingly.

"Girl, seriously? I totally heard it in your voice."

"Is that all?"

"Well that, and the fact that some pair from your Johto has to end up together."

"And out of the three possible choices, you chose Gold and I?"

"Absolutely," Blue blinked. "I do not give Silver the permission to date. Besides, I refuse to have such a sweet loving boy turn gay for a hopeless pervert like Gold."

My back slouched. Sure, I thought, you refuse to leave Silver with Gold, but not one of your best female friends.

"And plus, no offense to you, but I personally think a girl like Yellow would be a better match for him."

A sigh escaped my lips. "Trust me; no offence is taken with that. I suppose you can go now."

About time," She yelled. She almost turned to leave when she darted her eyes back to my bed. She had forgotten her laptop lying on the rumpled sheets. "Ditty, let's go." I stared at the brunette as if she was a crazy woman. She had to be crazy to be talking to a laptop, but then it melted into a pink blob. It formed again as Blue's ditto. The ditto slid to it's trainer. "Good luck, Crys!" she yelped as she left the room.

No way.

"The blackmail was flipping ditto!"


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