Phineas, Jimmy, Ferb, Candace, Perry, and Valerie arrived in Danville. "So what's the plan now?" Jimmy asked.

"We'll just have to wait," Phineas explained. "Lucius isn't going to attack until tomorrow, so we might as well figure out how we're going to stop him."

"I might be some help," Valerie said. "I really am a powerful Vulpix."

Perry smiled to himself. "I guess my work here's done," he thought.

"Can I stay over your place for the night?" Jimmy asked. "Like I said before, us Surface-Dwellers need to stick together."

"Fine by me," Candace said. "But I don't think mom and dad would approve of any unwanted guests."

That night, in the Flynn-Fletcher household, Candace showed Jimmy to his room. Thankfully, Linda and Lawrence didn't mind having the 14-year-old boy sleeping over for a night.

"Thanks again for doing this," Jimmy told Candace. "You're the nicest girl I ever met."

"Really?" Candace asked.

Jimmy nodded. "Other girls around your age are normally gloomy and bitter, but you actually care about your family. Maybe when this whole thing's over, we can hang out together. You know, as friends."

"That doesn't sound bad at all," Candace replied, trying hard not to blush.

Meanwhile, Valerie was in the backyard training for when the invasion occurs tomorrow. Perry walked outside and noticed her. "Gyururururururu," he said.

"It's okay Bartholomew," Valerie said, calling Perry by his original name. "You can drop the act. I know who you really are."

Perry then stood on his hind legs and put his fedora on. "Gyururururururu," he said.

"Because I recognized you right away," Valerie explained. "I can locate you among all of the platypuses in the world and still figure out which one's you."

"Gyururururururu," Perry said.

"I wasn't actually expecting to see you," Valerie said. "The last thing I remember was getting some kind of device attached to my neck. Has it been a month already?"

"Gyururururururu," Perry said.

"Wow," Valerie commented. "I was brainwashed for a whole month. I'm just glad your friends came and helped me out."

"Gyururururururu," Perry said.

"And now that I'm here," Valerie continued. "I might as well return the favor and help Phineas and Ferb from this point forward. You won't have to reveal your secret to them, so you can relax while I do all the fighting."

Perry smiled as he high-fived Valerie.

As for Candace, she was using sewing skills she learned from The Fireside Girls to make a new outfit for Jimmy. At this point, she was already finished.

"Are you sure about this?" Jimmy asked as he was in the bathroom.

"I sewed my own uniform," Candace said. "A based guys outfit isn't that hard to make."

Jimmy then came out of the bathroom wearing his new outfit. It was a white t-shirt and dark blue jeans. He also wore a black wristband on his right wrist, a high school locker lock attached to a dark grey chain around his neck, and white sneakers. However, his hair was still the same as it was before, disheveled with long bangs hanging in front of his eyes.

"Thanks Candace," Jimmy said. "You really are good at designing outfits."

Candace smiled. "Thanks," she replied. "I'm glad you like it."