Hey guys, new story I'm writing. I've been rereading my warriors series and I love it to death but I thought I could make it more adult rated if the warriors were humans! So I decided to rewrite the series as if the warrior clans were humans. Names are the same and so is the basic storyline and adventures. I do not own warriors it belongs to Erin Hunter. Plz enjoy and tell me what you think?


Leader: Bluestar

Deputy: Redtail

Healer: Spottedleaf


Lionheart-Apprentice: Gray

Tigerclaw-Apprentice: Raven

Whitestorm-Apprentice: Sand

















It was a dark night. The only light came from the pale glow of the half-moon, hanging lazily in night sky. The only sound was the slow swish of water as dark lithe shapes began to creep from out of the river's depths and crawled onto the large mound of moonlit boulders. There was a crashing sound from the trees on the opposite side of the river and suddenly more shapes leapt out of the bushes as the two sides clashed together with a mighty roar.

At the center of the battle was a tall and burly man. He held his adversary down against the rocks with a large hand that was covered with a glove tipped with a large creature's claws. The man grinned triumphantly and drew close to his enemy's face, "What do you think you're doing Oakheart? Sunningrocks is Thunderclan's territory."

The brown haired warrior struggled underneath his adversary's monstrous grasp, "This land has always belonged to Riverclan, Tigerclaw! Thunderclan will lose tonight!"

Tigerclaw snarled and drew his knife, but a sudden sharp call interrupted his actions, "Riverclan reinforcements are coming!"

Tigerclaw turned his head to see more of the sleek skinned warriors swimming swiftly across the river, their short reed knives glinting in between their clasped teeth. Tigerclaw turned towards Oakheart, prepared to strike when yet another scream broke through the mass of heaving bodies. Tigerclaw whipped around to see Mousefur being pinned down by an enemy warrior, his knife raised high as he readied himself to plunge it into Mousefur's heart. Tigerclaw released Oakheart and raced across the battle field, grabbing the enemy warrior by the neck and drawing his knife quickly across it.

"Run Mousefur," he ordered as the warrior fell dead at his feet. The small fighter nodded and rose to her feet, limping away as fast as she could. Tigerclaw felt a sharp pain in his shoulder as a Riverclan warrior managed to slice at him with his reed knife. Tigerclaw turned and sunk his own weapon deep into the stomach of his enemy.

"Tigerclaw!" A slim dark-haired Thunderclan warrior approached Tigerclaw, his breath coming in gasps, "We have to retreat, there are too many Riverclan warriors!"

"Never, Redtail!" Tigerclaw spat. "Thunderclan will never retreat!"

Redtail grabbed Tigerclaw's shoulder and spoke hurriedly, "Thunderclan honors your bravery Tigerclaw. But we must not sacrifice any more of our warriors! We will return another day to avenge this defeat."

He met Tigerclaw's amber eyes coolly before leaping up on top of Sunningrocks and calling out to the battling warriors. "Thunderclan retreat!"

The Thunderclan warriors struggled away from their opponents and crept backwards towards Redtail, warily watching their confused adversaries. Oakheart suddenly released a cry of triumph, his fist raised toward the half-moon. The Riverclan warriors soon took up the call along with him as Redtail gave the signal and the Thunderclan warriors disappeared into the trees.

The slender, silver-haired woman stood alone in the middle of the camp clearing. Around her she could hear her sleeping clanmates' gentle breathing. There was a rustle of leaves as a small woman adorned in leather and foliage of the forest, slipped from within her hut and crept across the clearing to stand next to her leader. The silver-headed leader did not take her eyes of the stars but asked, "Is Mousefur well?"

"Her wounds were many," the Healer replied. "But she is still young, she will heal."

Bluestar finally met her Healer's gaze, her blue eyes were tired and wary, "We are lucky we did not lose any of our warriors this night. You are a talented Healer Spottedleaf."

Spottedleaf flushed, the rush of red making her small freckles stand out against her fair skin.

"I am troubled Spottedleaf," Bluestar continued. "Thunderclan has not been defeated in it's own territory for many, many seasons….Times are difficult, newleaf is late and there have been fewer births this year. This clan needs more warriors if it is to survive."

"The year has only just begun Bluestar, have patience," Spottedleaf said, touching her leader's arm sympathetically.

Bluestar touched the azure tattoo that blazed underneath her collarbone, "We may not have the time for patience. We need warriors as soon as possible."

Her gaze returned to the stars above. Spottedleaf followed her stare and stood in silent awe at the glittering path of starts that lit the night sky.

"Has Starclan spoken to you," Bluestar asked suddenly.

"No, Bluestar," the Healer replied quietly.

A sudden light flew across the tree tops. Bluestar and Spottedleafs' eyes widened as a shooting star raced across the sky.

"That was Starclan," Spottedleaf breathed. "Fire alone can save our clan."

"Fire?" Bluestar looked angry. "But fire is an element feared by all of the clans! How can it save Thunderclan?"

Spottedleaf looked forlorn, "I only know what Starclan has said."

The leader of Thunderclan fixed her ice blue gaze on the quiet healer and sighed, "Very well Spottedleaf. You have never been wrong before. Fire will save our clan."

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