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I'm a Spitfire shipper, but I also ship the Snarky Duo, and there's definately not enough of that on this site. So, this is a series of Robin/Artemis.

Robin: 16

Artemis: 18

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She may not know Robin as Richard, but she knew Robin and Richard.

In the past three years that their team had been formed, she had blossomed. Not that she wasn't beautiful to begin with, but really, she had... grown up. Her voice was still the same, slightly gruff, but in an extremely attractive way. She was a few inches taller, and her skin had tanned even more than it used to be. Her hair had naturally darkened into a deeper blonde-brown, and her once navy eyes were now much lighter, sparkling and deep, sincere and overwhelmingly beautiful. To be perfectly honest, Dick was a sixteen-year-old boy, so he noticed that she had gotten... bigger in certain spots. And, her frame was much curvier, her hips wider and in between her chest and waist was thinner, a gorgeous hour-glass figurine. She looked like a glass china doll, but she was anything but. Her arms were still muscular, even more than before, and her legs had lengthened very nicely.

He, too, had matured. He was now almost two inches taller than her, and his chest was much broader. He had a six-pack now, not to brag or anything, and his Gypsy skin was really living up to its genetics. His hair had gotten a bit wavier, almost curly like his mom's had been, and just barely brushed his shoulders in a tight, rocker cut. His biceps now stretched out the arms of his shirt. His legs were extremely muscled, lengthened, too. He no longer had to wear skinny jeans to make them look as such. His voice had deepened, no longer the high-pitched, tenor singer-rocker-gay-dude voice it had once been. His eyes were even lighter than before, looking like sharply cut sapphires with speckles of diamond in them. To say the least, he was now a hunk.

So, when Richard Grayson made his way up to Artemis Crock's locker, she blushed a furious shade of red and began to pull on her top, wishing that it covered the tiny, millimeter-width patch of deep tan skin that came above the waistband of her baby blue jeans.

His own jeans were deep black, and he wore a Superman emblem tee-shirt. His hair was whipping around in his face, almost in a humorous way, like on those cheesy romance movies. Like the normal player that he was, Richard leaned against the locker next to Artemis's as he put his hands in his pockets, thumbs hanging out. His sports back hung from his right shoulder.

Well, Artemis wouldn't fall prey to his game.

She slammed her locker shut, shifting her bag to her other shoulder so that she could lean against her own red metal locker. She almost blushed at the pictures of Green Arrow, Batman, and Superman on the outside of it. It had been her locker from Sophomore year, after she got that scholarship from Bruce Wayne. And back then, she had been absolutely head-over heels for the Dark Knight... Not that she would ever admit it.

Richard nonchalantly nodded towards the pictures. "You like the super-heroes, too?"

She nodded, trying to act normal. "Yup. They're pretty beast." Pretty beast? WTH are you thinking, Artemis? Are you insane?

Richard chuckled, showing off his pearly whites. "Yeah. Superman's awesome, I think. Kind of a boy-scout, though, ya think?"

You have no idea. "Yeah."

The intercom rang out, "Artemis Crock, your bus is leaving. Artemis Crock, your bus is leaving."

She inwardly swore. You idiot bus-driver! Can't you wait a few minutes?

Richard opened his mouth, then shut it, blushing.

Wait... Is he nervous?

"I think I'd better make this quick," he spoke, shifting upwards his own sports sack. "Prom's coming up. I know that I'm just a junior and you're a senior, and I know you might not really... eh, what I'm trying to say is-"

"Sure," she said with a smirk of her perfectly glossed, pink lips.

Blue eyes widened for a fraction of a second, and then Richard smirked. "Alright... Talk to you tomorrow?"

She giggled despite herself. "Tomorrow."

He watched her walk away, trying desperately not to focus on the way her hips shook gently. Blinking harshly, Richard swore to himself. "Get a grip, Grayson. Get a grip..."

Artemis breathed out slowly, shakily, as she took her normal seat on the bus, the very back. Her friend, Tanya, a Korean girl with braces, despite her age, sat down next to her. "Hey, girl," she said with a smirk, brown eyes twinkling. She put her nap sack on her lap, covering up her ankle-length floral dress. No matter how much Artemis tried, she couldn't get Tanya to wear normal clothes. She said it was something with her mom being a freakishly intense conservative. "So..." she teased lightly, nudging Artemis. "I say you and Grayson... What, was he asking for help in Biology?"

Artemis rolled her eyes. "No, you idiot. If anything, he'd be tutoring me. Plus, he's in AP Physics. My class, actually."

"Ooh... Artie's got a crush," Tanya crooned in a sing-song voice as the bus pulled off.

Artemis punched her arm gently. Tanya was as much a flower as her clothing. "Shut up!"

The slightly younger girl rolled her eyes. "Okay, so, if he didn't need tutoring, what did he need?"

Artemis shrugged, trying to tone down the conversation. She almost whispered the statement, "A date to prom."

Tanya's jaw dropped a mile. "OMG! Are you freaking kidding me?"

Artemis smacked her shoulder again, looking around with wary eyes. "Shut up! People are listening!"

"Pft. You think people care about you?"

"Thanks, Tan."

"Just tellin' it like it is... So... you wanna go shopping for a dress?"

Artemis snorted, rolling her eyes. "Yeah. Like I can afford one. I'll probably just wear my church dress."

It was no secret that Tanya's parents were rich. "Hey, girl, I can help you out-"

"No." It came out much snappier than she wanted. But, hey, she had snapped at Tanya before. "Tan, you know I hate sympathy."

Tanya waved her hand in the air. "Whatever."

Artemis groaned. "I hate you."

"Love you too, Artie."

The bus came to a stop at Artemis's cross-walk. She had a good ten blocks after this, but she really didn't want anyone to see where she actually lived. Standing up to jump out, Artemis waved to Tanya. "See ya' later."

"See ya' later, Princess."

"Shut UP!"

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