Mysterious Ways of Love

Chapter 1

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"HEY! COME BACK HERE YA' DAMN BRAT!" Yelled a Baker in his late fifties, waving a big wooden paddle used for brick ovens, after a kid in an over-sized black hoodie and a pair of dirty worn out dark blue skinny jeans who was running down the street in his red converses, carrying a bundle of bread clutched tightly to his chest.

After running for about half a mile the boy stopped and turned down an alley way so he could rest, leaning and sliding his back down against the wall, he was panting trying to catch his breath from his successful getaway.

The boy, who had a wide grin on his face while looking down at the package of bread that would feed him for a few days, was named Takahashi Misaki, age 18, dark green eyes and dark brown hair. Misaki jumped to his feet, tugging on his hood to make sure it was secure, then took to walking back on the street trying to look as normal as possible while unwrapping his bread and slowly stated to munch on it enjoying the freshness and taste of the food.

Misaki was not like most people around here; well it's more like he is not like most people everywhere. He had a secret that made people either want to purify him or take him in for human experimentation. Misaki was an orphan, he had a brother who really didn't give a damn about him, and he didn't have a real home or real friends either. The young boy couldn't even speak, or more like hasn't spoken since he was eight, instead he would answer people with sounds and hand gestures. Seldom had he gone to school and when he did no one really noticed he was there so there was no point.

While enjoying his bread Misaki felt sort of guilty for having to steal from the old man. He always swore to himself that if he ever managed to get a real job and make some money he would repay all of it to everyone. The oversized black hoodie that he wore was, uh, "donated" to him by the gracious people at a second hand store including the old, worn skinny jeans that he found fit perfect, definitely not like he thought they would be all tight and uncomfortable. Making a few adjustments to the hoodie by adding a yellow smiley face outline with a smile that looked like it was stitched and thick around the eyes with the words saying 'am I happy?' Add it all up with a pair of old worn red converse that he had and were huge when he was smaller to fitting just right completed his whole 'try to be a normal kid' look.

Being to lost in thought Misaki wasn't watching where he was going he managed to bump into someone, who apparently was not in the mood for human interaction of any sort, and managed to make him drop his cell phone and his coffee.

"Hey!" The man shouted grabbing Misaki by the shoulder twirling him around making him drop his precious bread all over the ground.

Looking down in horror at the sight of losing his meal Misaki didn't notice the man was still being shouted at.

"You are going to come with me and buy me a new coffee and explain to my boss why I am so fucking late for work!" The business man demanded grabbing Misaki by his upper arm and practically dragging him away from the now ruined bread. "Well come on, say something!" The man demanded turning the kid around to face him, but stopped his annoying whining to turn it to shocked stammering.

Misaki looked at the man wondering why he was staring at him and then his eyes went wide. Reaching up to feel for his hood he realized it had fallen back while he was being handled so roughly revealing a pair of brown cat ears places perfectly on his head, now flattened from fear of being discovered.

"Y-You're..." He stammered stuttering and pointing like it would make it any less real or make any more sense than it does. Without a second thought Misaki pulled up his hood and high-tailed it out of their to someplace that he could hide until he knew the man had either decided to drop it or that people with nets weren't out to get him. Going down the sidewalk Misaki was dashing into the street when a red car skidded to a stop barley bumping into his leg. Panting and scared that he almost got hit by a car, he put his hands on the hood of the car; Misaki and the silver haired man locked eyes and they just stared until Misaki heard the sound of footsteps and yelling coming his way. With one last glance towards the man, the neko boy was rushing down the street again.

*~*~* ( * [] * ) *~*~*

After running for who-knows-how-long Misaki finally made it to his and his brother Takahashi Takahiros' apartment, which was never occupied for his Nii-chan was always over at one of his girlfriend's places or out working and when he did get in it was only long enough to eat something and go out again. Opening the door to the apartment the boy walked in to see that once again Nii-chan is gone and with a sigh of relief walks in and pulls down his hood, locking the door tightly behind him. Misaki's ears twitched up, at last being free from their hooded confinement and they work so it was nice to finally be able to hear.

He walked to his room and undid his pants, dropping and stepping out of them, standing in his boxers while he let his dark tail unravel behind him swaying. Going over to his closet he looked through the minimal amount of clothes he has and decided on just keeping on his sweat shirt and a pair of loose basketball shorts being too tired to care what he looked like with no witnesses around. Pulling out his futon from the back of his closet he laid it out in his small, cramped room and turned on the T.V just wanting some sort of noise in the quiet house and pulled out a small bottle that read Codon 6oomg. Taking out one he broke it in half and swallowed it throwing the other half into the container closing it and putting it back into the open slit that was in the side of his futon. Misaki could feel the effects of the half pill within minutes, not even realizing how tired he really was, as he started to fall into his usual restless night. Well that would have been what he was doing if he didn't hear the front door open and the sound of multiple footsteps before he heard the door close locking again.

Being cautious as he was, Misaki flattened his ears to his head and put his tail away, then slowly crawled over to his door to peek into the living room so he could see who it was Nii-chan brought home this time. In the living room he spotted three people including his brother sitting on the sofa and a chair from the kitchen. His ear perked up and twitched when he heard the sound of the fridge opening and being slammed closed and the sound a few chairs being pulled out in the kitchen which was out of his line of view. Recognizing most of the voices he listened to their conversation.

"Takahiro, where's the fucking food? I thought you sent your little freak out to get some." Yelled the guy who slammed the fridge door as he walked over to where Takahiro sat looking calmly back at him.

"It's not my problem if he doesn't do anything why don't you go buy something then Tanuki?" He said getting up and going to the door putting his jacket on.

"Where are you going, we just got here." A guy who was sitting by the table complained.

"I'm going to Miami's, you bunch can do whatever the hell you want. Hang around here for all I care, just don't trash the place." Giving one last wave Nii-chan walked out.

"Hey Tanuki, what did you mean by 'your little freak' earlier?" Said a person whose voice Misaki did not recognize.

"Well I guess you are new Endo so let me tell you, Takahiro has a kid brother who doesn't talk or anything. Well the kid has these stupid cat ears and a tail that are real, like they work and move." Tanuki said staring over at the hall where Misaki was spying from his room.

Endo looked like he didn't believe him but when he saw that no one else was laughing he realized that this wasn't a joke. "Are you serious? There is no way a person can have real cat ears and a tail." He said looking around.

Tanuki walked over to the living room and picked up a picture from the shelf. "Still don't believe me?" he said handing the picture to Endo, who just gapped at the picture of Takahiro and Misaki with his little ears and tail.

"Hey is the kid here? I thought Takahiro once said he comes home at night." "Heh, He acts like a cat so it's not surprising." someone said. "Maybe we could get some pics of him and post them online or sell him to the zoo?" They all laughed. Misaki crawled back over to his futon, laying down again letting his eyes close and his tail wrap around him as he listened to Nii-chan's friends talk and laugh while he wished he could do that with friends instead of being the joke they were laughing at.

'Why can't I just be like everybody else?' Letting a silent tear fall down his face while he fell asleep listening to his brother's friends all night.

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