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Chapter 34-Saturday IIIII

As always, Dave woke up and got ready to take his morning jog. Only this time, as his feet met the footpath, it was happy thoughts circling his head, something that hadn't happened for a long time. The past months had been a silent emotional struggle for him. At first he was trying to deny and hide from his sexuality, then he was scared about people finding out and then when he came out he was largely upset and angry with some people's reactions, namely his mother and Azimio. But on this particular morning, his mind was at ease and a smile covered his face as he jogged through the streets thinking about his time spent with Blaine the previous evening.

After meeting up for coffee, the two had driven around aimlessly for a while before parking up in a secluded location. The two teens had then climbed into the backseat and just cuddled up together as they talked. On more than one occasion they had ended up in fits of hysterics, laughing over the most ridiculous of things for several minutes. They'd also just really talked to one another, intimately, opening up and sharing childhood memories, future hopes, past troubles and long kept secrets. Dave had even confessed things to Blaine that he'd never even been able to tell Azimio before.

Then they had kissed, a physical connection beautifully representing the more personal connection they had made through their deep and meaningful talks. Although both of them had been given a nine o'clock curfew, they didn't worry about meeting it. Blaine insisted his parents wouldn't even notice and Dave easily decided he didn't care about the consequences as long as he got to spend more time in Blaine's company. Being with Blaine meant that Dave could forget about the difficulties he faced everywhere else.

They had kissed some more, their kisses slow and unhurried. Both knew they ought to bring up a discussion about what it all meant between them but both were too shy. It was only after another hour of enjoyable make-out sessions that Blaine finally found courage enough to ask if they were now boyfriends.

"Um, do you want us to be?" Dave asked.

"You know I do." Blaine replied.

"So, we are boyfriends now?" Dave asked to make sure.

"Yes, I mean, I think so." Blaine stammered. "Only if you want us to be."

"Yeah, yeah I want us to be." Dave nodded. "But only if you do."

"I do, if you're sure you want to." Blaine said.

The awkward conversation carried on for quite some time before they finally laughed at themselves and confirmed they were boyfriends before sharing more kisses. Just before midnight, the two had accepted that they ought to head on home. So Blaine had dropped Dave off at his house before driving on back to Westerville with arrangements for them to meet for lunch at the mall on Saturday.

There were a couple of red marks littering Dave's neck that proved as evidence of the previous nights activities. All he could think about was telling someone what had happened between him and Blaine. He wanted to jog on to Azimio's house and brag about his night spent with Blaine, but he knew his friend wasn't ready to share details of the gay variety just yet. So instead, Dave jogged to Tina's house.

Rather than knock on the door, he leaned against the garden gate and fished his cell phone out of his jacket pocket and sent her a text stating he was outside. Half a minute later, one of the upstairs windows was pushed open and Tina stuck her head out. Seeing him, she waved and signalled for him to climb up.

"Are you serious?" Dave mouthed and she merely nodded in response. "Damn crazy chick." He muttered to himself before approaching the house with a certain degree of apprehension. "The hell am I doing?" He asked himself quietly before climbing up the drainpipe, onto the porch above the door and then in through Tina's bedroom window.

"Careful," Tina whispered at him as he stepped onto the chest of drawers beneath the window, "don't knock anything off."

Moving slowly, Dave climbed down onto the carpet, successfully managing not to knock off any of the ornamental dragons that were arranged on the top of Tina's drawers. He followed her over to the bed, taking great care not to stand on any of her dirty underwear strewn all around the room. Together, they sat down on the mattress, the springs squeaking under their combined weight as Tina gathered the covers around her shoulders.

Not wanting to risk waking her parents by talking, Tina snatched up a pen and notebook from off the floor by her bed and scrawled down a message asking Dave what he was doing at her house.

I needed to talk to someone. Dave wrote back to her as he handed the notebook back for her to read.

Is everything ok? Tina asked handing the pen and paper back to him.

Awesome, Blaine's my boyfriend. Dave revealed watching Tina's eyes light up as she read his words.

Fangirl squeal! Tina responded with and Dave just grinned before hugging her. She hugged back for a while before pushing him off and adding more words to the notebook demanding that he provide her with all the details. Grinning, Dave relayed the previous night's events to her in writing, as well as informing her that he was meeting Blaine for lunch that day. I'm picking out your outfit. Tina informed him through writing before the sounds of her parents getting up and moving around could be heard.

She led Dave back over to her bedroom window with the promise that she'd be round his house in a couple of hours before watching him climb safely down to the ground and jog away down the street.


In her bedroom, Quinn was joined by two of her fellow Cheerio's, Tanya and Georgia. The three were working together on designing posters for Quinn's Prom Queen Campaign.

"I can totally count on your votes, right?" Quinn asked them as they experimented with different styles of font.

"Totally," Tanya replied as Georgia said, "for sure."

"Great." Quinn smiled. "But we have a lot of work to do. I should have started working on all of this weeks ago. All the other Prom Queen candidates put up their posters two weeks ago so they have big head starts."

"Don't worry about it," Tanya assured her, "it's better to start your campaign a littler later."

"Yeah," Georgia agreed, "your posters will have a greater impact when we put them up on Monday. Everybody is so used to seeing the other girls' posters that they don't pay attention to them anymore. But yours will be new so they'll stand out more making the fact that you're running for Prom Queen seem more exciting."

"That is so true," Tanya nodded, "just keep smiling, Q. You're totally gonna win this."

"What colour do you want your name to be in?" Georgia asked returning the focus to creating Quinn's poster.

"How about pink?" Tanya suggested.

"No way," Quinn replied instantly, "that's Rachel Berry's favourite colour. Besides, pink is too girly and could potentially alienate the male half of the student body. We need to choose a neutral colour so that boys will look at it too."

"That is so smart." Georgia praised.

"You should also think about trying to extend your social circle next week, really mingle with different cliques so you can get their votes." Tanya told the blonde. "Try and sit with different groups of people at different tables each day at lunch. Stop to say hi and make small talk with people in the halls. Make the effort to talk to different people in classes."

"Flirt with guys," Georgia said, "give them a killer smile and bat your eyelashes at them."

"Just make sure you don't flirt with guys who have girlfriends," Tanya advised, "you need girls to vote for you too. Talking to less popular girls with low self-esteem should be a good start. If you just talk to them they won't be so intimidated by you. They'll see you as an actual human being, someone they can relate to and then they'll want you to win."

"Obviously the Cheerio's have all got your back so you don't need to worry about that," Georgia added, "and I'm sure you'll be first choice for anybody who goes to church with you."

"What about the Jazz Band and the Glee Club?" Tanya asked. "Do you think they'll vote for you?"

"I don't know," Quinn shrugged, "I'm sure I can sweet talk the Jazz Band but I don't know about the Glee Club. They weren't exactly thrilled that I quit, especially Finn."

"He was never good enough for you." Tanya was quick to say. "And he's not even that attractive if you really look at him."

"He definitely would have lost you votes if you were campaigning for King and Queen together," Georgia said, "it's so much better that you're doing this alone."

"And the girls at our school will totally admire that," Tanya said encouragingly, "you're promoting girl power and female independence. Girls will really respect that, especially the single ones that don't have a date for the prom either."

"I really appreciate you girls helping me with this," Quinn told them, "I'll be sure to mention you both in my acceptance speech when I get the crown."

"Oh my gosh you're gonna look totally beautiful on prom night, just like a princess." Georgia gushed and Quinn smiled happily before searching through photos of herself to select one for the poster.


Hearing a knock at the front door, Dave stampeded down the stairs to answer it, expecting it to be Tina. He was therefore shocked when he found Azimio standing on his doorstep along with two other guys from the football team, Anthony and James.

"Hey bro, what's up?" Azimio greeted.

"Um, I'm sort of waiting for Tina." Dave replied.

"The goth chick." Azimio clarified for the other two. "That's cool; she can watch me kick your ass. We're on for a games day, dude." He said holding up some of the computer games he'd brought with him before stepping into the house, Anthony and James following behind him and making their way to the living-room.

Closing the door, Dave followed after them and sat down in the armchair while Azimio moved to the T.V to set up the Xbox.

"Your parents home?" Anthony asked from where he sat on the sofa with James.

"Dad's at work and mum's buying groceries." Dave answered; choosing to leave out the fact his mother was often out of the house when he was home so as to avoid him.

"Cool," Anthony replied as Azimio handed him a control pad, "so how you been, man?"

"Fine." Dave shrugged.

"You weren't at the party last night, dude," James pointed out, "you missed an awesome night."

"Right, yeah, I had other plans." Dave told him accepting a control pad from Azimio as he handed it to him along with a clap to his shoulder.

"Ok boys, let's get this game on." Azimio declared.

Focusing on the T.V screen, Dave concentrated on the racing game. It didn't take long for him to get ahead of the other three, easily beating them to victory. He was just celebrating his third win, sharing a fist-bump with James and feeling like things were the same as they'd been before he'd come out when his mother arrived home.

"Oh hello, Azimio," Paula Karofsky greeted with a warm smile, the kind of which she hadn't directed at Dave since he'd told her he was gay. "It's good to see you and David spending time together again. He needs friends like you around, you'll be a good influence on him and help him through this silly phase of his." The atmosphere in the room instantly became awkward though only the four teenage boys seemed aware of it. "Can I get you some snacks, something to drink?" She offered.

"No thank you." Azimio answered, his words polite but his tone cold.

"Well if you change your mind just let me know." Paula said. "I'll be upstairs."

"Damn, when did your mum become the bitch from hell?" Azimio asked once she had left the room.

"When I told her I liked cock." Dave replied keeping his eyes on the T.V and setting up another game.

"Sorry man, that sucks." Anthony said sympathetically. "How's your dad dealing with it?"

"He's cool about it I guess." Dave shrugged.

"Hey dude, is it true that you made out with Finn?" James asked.

"He's really not my type," Dave answered shaking his head, "he's also straight."

He beat the other three on another computer race when there was a knock on the door. Placing his game pad down, Dave got up and invited Tina inside. The girl was part way through a sentence when she noticed the other three boys in the living-room.

"Hey Mike's chick." James nodded by way of greeting.

"Come on, Dave, let's play." Azimio called.

"Actually I've got other plans today." Dave replied. "Tina's here to help me get ready… for a date." He added quietly.

"A date," James repeated, "is she hot?" He asked enthusiastically before receiving similar looks of disbelief from the others in the room. "Oh right, you're gay now. Um, is he err… handsome?"

"He's gorgeous." Tina confirmed.

"Well, that's cool, man. Have fun." Anthony told him. "I guess we'd better go."

"Wait, you have a date?" Azimio asked looking at Dave.

"Aww, Z, are you jealous?" Anthony teased good-naturedly.

"Shut up," Azimio retorted before turning back to Dave, "why didn't you tell me about this?"

"Do you really wanna hear the details about me making out with my boyfriend last night?" Dave asked him.

"No thanks, dude." James answered.

"Boyfriend?" Azimio repeated. "You mean little prep boy is your boyfriend now? I thought we agreed that I have to meet the dweeb and make sure the fairy's good enough for you."

"Z, come on, it's their first date," Anthony reasoned, "You can meet this guy some other time. Right Dave?"

"Yeah, I guess so." Dave answered.

"But right now you have to let me get you ready." Tina told him. "Come on, we haven't got much time and you can't be late. You three can show yourselves out." She called back to the three jocks.

"I really hate that chick." Azimio grumbled.

"I think she's kinda hot," James said as they moved to the front door, "in her own weird loser kind of way. I can tell by her clothes that she's in to all kinds of kinky porn."

"Damn, you've got issues, J." Anthony laughed before they left the house.


"Ok, tell me honestly, which bowtie is sexier?" Blaine asked of Wes and David.

"I have to be honest and say they all make you look like a dork." David answered. "In an endearing way of course." He added.

"Would a regular tie be better?" Blaine asked them. "I don't have many besides my Dalton one."

"Warbler Wes votes 'no' on any form of tie." Wes responded banging his gavel down on Blaine's desk. "Warbler Blaine, please explain to me what is in your hand?" He demanded as Blaine pulled an article of clothing from his wardrobe.

"A cardigan." Blaine informed him making to pull it on.

"Warbler David, please offer your opinion on the subject matter of the cardigan." Wes asked.

"It may be appropriate for a meeting with somebody's grandparents," David mused, "or for snuggling up by the fire to read a good book. But for a date it suggests that you are both a virgin and a prude."

"Warbler Wes has to agree," Wes said, "the cardigan must take its rightful place in the rejection pile."

"But I like my cardigans," Blaine argued, "they give a sense of cosiness and they're comfortable to wear."

"The cardigan detracts from your charm and sex appeal," David told him, "wear that to a first date and your relationship will be over before it has truly begun."

"Warbler Wes would like to suggest that Warbler Blaine simply attends the date in his Dalton uniform." Wes spoke up.

"Suggestion disapproved." David replied snatching the gavel from Wes' grip and bashing it on Blaine's desk before Wes promptly snatched it back. "I'm not sure about the pastel coloured polo-shirt either and those pants simply won't do," David said eyeing Blaine's outfit critically. "Undress Warbler Blaine, we need to start again."

With a sigh, Blaine pulled the polo-shirt off and tossed it onto the bed with the rest of his rejected clothing items before stripping off his pants.

"Warbler Wes fears the situation is worse than previously thought," Wes announced upon seeing Blaine stood in nothing but his tight white pants that had a yellow smiley face on the ass. "If the date should progress to a point where your pants are removed, the sexual mood will surely be destroyed when your date discovers you are wearing those."

"Agreed," David nodded, "they just aren't at all sexually appealing."

"They're my only clean pair at the moment," Blaine told them, "my mum hasn't done my laundry yet."

"Then you'll have to go commando." David said decisively. "I would also recommend these pants." He held up a pair of plain black trousers, looking to Wes for approval.

"Warbler Wes deems the black pants as acceptable." Wes declared with a bang of his gavel.

"Fine, turn around." Blaine insisted and the other two looked the other way as he stepped out of his smiley face underwear and pulled the black trousers on over his nude ass.

"Is Warbler Blaine now presentable?" Wes asked.

"I'm decent," Blaine replied, "now help me pick a shirt."

"Too bright," David muttered throwing one bubble-gum pink, one banana yellow and one burning orange button-down shirt onto the bed. "Too dull," he commented throwing three more shirts, one grey, one brown and one beige. "This is a possibility." David announced holding up a sleeveless navy blue button-down shirt.

Blaine pulled the garment on and fastened up the buttons before looking to his friends for their verdict.

"It shows off his arms very nicely." David complimented.

"But now Warbler Blaine looks too easy," Wes said, "that isn't the type of impression a gentleman of Dalton Academy should give. Rejection pile." He bellowed with an accompanying bang of his gavel.

Many shirts and sweaters later, Wes and David finally agreed that Blaine should wear a forest-green shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

"There, smart yet casual, and sexy but sophisticated." David smiled cheerfully. "Now hurry up and go or you'll be late."


That lunch time, Sam found himself carrying Mercedes and Rachel's bags as they wandered around the mall. They were just rounding the corner to the food court when the two girls gasped then ducked down behind a pillar. Before Sam could ask what they were doing they had yanked him down with them.

"Oh that's so cute." Rachel exclaimed in a whisper. "Do you see how relaxed they are in one another's company? And check out that intense eye-contact, that's a very good sign, it means they'll have dramatically romantic intercourse."

"Huh?" Sam asked having no idea what was going on.

"Duh, Dave and his new boy," Mercedes informed him pointing to where Dave was seated at a table with Blaine, "they should totally sing a duet."

"Or I could perform an impromptu solo on their behalf," Rachel said, "I've done it for my dads plenty of times and trust me; it always increases the romantic atmosphere. The two of you are perfectly entitled to harmonise for me and sway in the background while I sing." She told them before standing up, preparing to make her way over but Mercedes pulled her back and slammed her hand over her mouth.

"Oh hell to the no," Mercedes argued, "my boy Kurt would not approve of you singing in his mall. I'll do it. My chocolate thunder will definitely make things hot and Dave could certainly use some boy on boy action."

"Or," Sam interjected, "we could walk away and leave them to enjoy their date."

"But I wanna sing." Rachel pouted.

"And I'd definitely be down for watching those two dudes make-out." Mercedes commented.

"That's enough, the two of you are insane and you're freaking me out." Sam told them standing back to his feet with the shopping bags. "Just let them have some privacy ok."

"I suppose we could always sing for Kurt later when we help him get ready for his date with Noah." Rachel reasoned standing up and straightening out her mini-skirt.

"Ok, let's just go." Sam insisted guiding the girls away from Dave and Blaine.


At four o'clock, Mercedes and Rachel joined Kurt in his bedroom to help him get ready for his date with Puck. Every now and then, Finn would come along and knock on the door to say something completely meaningless that was obviously just a ploy to try and get Rachel's attention. It was clear he wanted to talk to her and convince her to give their relationship another chance but Rachel had no such interest.

"These outfits are all wrong." Kurt sighed despairingly adding more items of clothing to the growing rejection pile on his bed.

"This would be a lot easier if we knew where he was planning on taking you." Mercedes pointed out.

"Well I've challenged him to surprise me." Kurt replied.

"I for one think its just lovely that Noah is going to take you somewhere unknown," Rachel said, "it adds a sense of mystery and excitement. But if it helps at all my sixth sense is picking up a strong vibe that would suggest a night watching a performance at the local community theatre." She sang the last here words out happily as she threw one of Kurt's scarves around her shoulders like a shawl.

"Rachel, that scarf doesn't compliment your outfit." Kurt frowned at her. "Should I wear a skirt or kilt?" Kurt asked them. "Noah's only ever dated women before so a date with me, a boy, is a big change. Perhaps wearing something more effeminate will help ease him into the transition of dating me instead of some girl."

"As killer as your legs are in a skirt I don't think it's a good idea, baby." Mercedes replied. "If you're somewhere public you don't wanna risk drawing extra attention to yourselves."

"I have no fear when it comes to expressing who and what I am, Mercedes," Kurt responded, "and that isn't about to change now. If the narrow-minded Neanderthals of this stupid cow town can't handle the wonder that is Kurt Elizabeth Hummel then that's their problem. I won't ever let it change me."

"As much as I admire that I have to agree with 'Cedes," Rachel said, "you don't want your first date ruined by unnecessary acts of homophobia. My dads' first year anniversary was ruined due to some hateful taunting they had to endure simply because one of them wore a pink floral shirt. You can still go out and be the proud and fabulous Kurt Hummel, but you don't need a skirt to do that. A skirt may not even be practical for whatever Noah has planned for you. Besides, I think you should dress in something simple."

"Simple," Kurt repeated, "you mean boring."

"You don't need eye-catching colours or the latest fashion designs and most expensive labels to stand out, Kurt," Rachel told him, "Your awesome personality shows through all on its own."

"Exactly," Mercedes agreed, "that's why your skinny white boy ass can pull off outfits with a black and white or grey colour scheme. You don't need to wear the bright and beautiful colours because your personality creates the colours for you already."

"Mercedes, I couldn't have said it better myself." Rachel complimented as they smiled at Kurt adoringly.

"Well then, shall I go for black pants and a white sweater, or white pants and a black sweater?" Kurt asked.

"White pants." Mercedes and Rachel answered together before turning away so Kurt could pull them on. "Here, wear this with it." Mercedes suggested handing Kurt a plain white tank top along with a black mostly see-through sweater.

"I recommend these boots," Rachel said selecting a pair of flat black boots, "they look good and they'll be easy to walk in. And you definitely have to wear the necklace he got you."

After dressing and pulling on his boots, Kurt clasped the snowflake pendent around his neck. He then perched on his stool so Mercedes could tidy up his eyebrows just a little as well as put a barely noticeable amount of eyeliner and mascara on him.

"Can I do your hair?" Rachel begged before receiving a horrified glare and a very firm 'no'.

At ten to seven, Kurt was nervously pacing the length of his bedroom while Mercedes lounged on the bed texting Sam and Rachel amused herself by trying on all of Kurt's different scarves and hats.

"I admit it; I'm a little nervous," Kurt confessed, "what if he stands me up?"

"I'll have Sam break his legs and I'll shave his mohawk." Mercedes replied.

"Relax, Noah will be here." Rachel told him reassuringly.

"No, no he won't, he isn't coming I just know it." Kurt sighed. "This is all just a ridiculous joke. I'm not right for Noah and he's completely wrong for me. We don't go together. We're a total mismatch just like the majority of your wardrobe choices when you put ridiculous animal sweaters with mini-skirts." Kurt babbled.

"Whoa, calm down," Mercedes advised, "Puck will be here in…" she checked the time on her phone, "like five minutes. Just breathe, Kurt."

"He's so gorgeous," Kurt commented, "how could he possibly be seriously interested in someone like me?"

"I used to think that way about me and Finn all the time." Rachel said sympathetically.

"Girl, don't be making this situation about you." Mercedes warned. "You're fabulous, Kurt, and Puck sees that. That's why he likes you."

"You kept all his letters right?" Rachel asked and Kurt nodded distractedly as he continued to pace. "Maybe you should re-read some of them now, remind yourself of the way you two connected through the written word. It'll make you feel better."

They heard a knock sound at the front door and all three of them froze.

"That'll be him," Kurt said, his eyes wide in panic, "oh no, I can't do this. I don't know how to behave on a date. I don't even know where we're going or what we're doing. I'm simply not prepared."

"It's ok, you'll be fine." Rachel told him gripping his arms and trying to calm him.

"I'll stall him for a while, I'll say you're still doing your hair," Mercedes offered, "but don't be too long." She left the room to join Puck downstairs along with Burt, Finn and Carole.

"Just relax, Kurt, I know from personal experience that Noah is a lovely boyfriend." Rachel said with a smile. "Now you deserve to go out and enjoy yourself."

"No, no I can't. Tell him I'm sick." Kurt pleaded. "I really can't do this, Rachel. It feels like I'm about to be forced onto stage in front of all of my idols and ordered to perform without knowing the tune or the lyrics."

"I've totally had that nightmare before," Rachel commented, "but this isn't a nightmare. This is a date. Now go down there and show Noah Puckerman precisely why he fell for the charms of my best friend." She pressed a kiss to his cheek then gave his bum a gentle pat of encouragement as she guided him towards the bedroom door.

Standing at the top of the stairs, Kurt clutched to Rachel's hand tightly for comfort before carefully making his way down. Entering the living-room where his family were sat with Mercedes and Puck, Rachel called for everyone's attention and gave Kurt a twirl to show off his outfit.

"You look good, dude." Finn offered. "You too Rachel." He added and Mercedes rolled her eyes.

"I don't know Kurt, do your pants really have to be that tight?" Burt asked uneasily.

"Honey, be quiet." Carole ordered. "You look very handsome, Kurt."

"You're beautiful." Puck smiled standing up and handing over a small bouquet of tulips.

"Thank you." Kurt replied shyly as he accepted the flowers, feeling a little uncomfortable knowing that his dad was watching them like a hawk.

"I'll put them in water for you," Rachel said taking the flowers from Kurt.

"Ready to go?" Puck asked with just a slight detection of nerves in his voice too.

"Sure." Kurt answered before leading the way to the front door, grabbing a black jacket on his way out before seating himself in the passenger side of Puck's truck. "My dad wasn't too intimidating while you were waiting for me was he?"

"Nah, babe, your old man was cool," Puck replied, "Mercedes was the scary one."

Kurt's lips twitched in amusement and he turned to look at Puck and properly admire his outfit.

"You look great, Noah." Kurt told him and Puck grinned at the compliment. "I can't believe I was so worried that you might not turn up. I'm really glad you did." He found himself admiring Puck's lips, really craving to feel them upon his own. He silently berated himself for not seeking advice from Rachel and Mercedes about kissing techniques.

As Puck pulled up, Kurt looked out of the window and furrowed his brow in confusion when he realised they were parked outside of an old people's home. Not questioning it, he simply climbed out of the truck before walking alongside his date as Puck draped an arm securely over his shoulders.

"I figured we should get something to eat first," Puck said as they walked up the pathway, "and there's this really badass chick I want you to meet."

Remaining quiet, Kurt followed where Puck led him. After Puck had talked to a few people who worked at the retirement home, they were walking down a long corridor before Puck knocked on a wooden door. Without awaiting an answer, Puck pushed the door open and stepped inside, leading Kurt behind him. The room was a very simple one. There was a bed, a wardrobe, a television and an old looking stereo. There was another door that presumably led to a bathroom and by the window of the bedroom was a cosy looking armchair that seated an elderly but strong looking woman.

"Hey Nana," Puck greeted bounding over to the old lady who had turned to him with a smile, extending her arms up in the air in demands of a hug, "you're looking exceptionally wrinkly today." He told her cheekily.

"Behave, Mischief." Nana Puckerman retorted pinching her grandson's cheek.

"Sorry," Puck replied pressing a kiss to the back of her hand before looking over to Kurt who was still stood in the doorway, "Nana, there's someone special I want you to meet." He held his hand out and beckoned a nervous Kurt over with his finger. "Nana, this is Kurt Hummel, my boyfriend."

"Um, nice to meet you." Kurt said shaking the woman's hand, surprised to discover she had a strong grip as well as being shocked that Puck had referred to him as his boyfriend so easily and all his Nana had done was blink as she examined Kurt.

"He's pretty." Nana decided letting Kurt's hand go then petting Puck's hair briefly. "How long have you been an item, Kurt?"

"This is our first official date together." Kurt told her and Nana screwed her lips up in disapproval as she turned her eyes to her grandson.

"Your first date with Pretty Boy and you bring him to meet some old lady?" Nana asked Puck. "That's not nearly good enough, Noah, not romantic at all. Don't let him have any rewards tonight, Kurt, you just tease him and make him squirm but no rewards."

Kurt found himself torn between amusement and awkwardness as he realised that 'rewards' meant sexual favours. Nana Puckerman then rambled on about how the men used to worship the ground she walked upon back when she was a young woman.

"Oh I was such a looker in my youth," Nana claimed, "people swore I was a dead ringer for Judy Garland."

"Judy." Kurt sighed adoringly.

She then started to tell them about her first ever date which had included her aunt acting as their chaperone.

"You should take Pretty Boy on a proper date, Noah," Nana tutted, "that pretty face and firm buttocks deserve to be shown off in public."

"I'm gonna give him a great night, Nana," Puck promised, "I just wanted you to meet him first. And I figured the three of us could have dinner together."

"Very well, we can eat," Nana accepted, "but then its time for me to cheat at Bingo and you to take Sweet Face out on the town. Pass me my whacking thing." Nana Puckerman requested and Puck handed her the walking stick that was resting against the wall.

Without aid of the walking stick, Nana stood up easily from the chair and walked across the room effortlessly. Leading the two teenage boys through the corridors she twirled the walking stick around a little before hitting one of the male volunteer workers across the back of the legs with it. As soon as he turned round Nana was hunched over and faking a limp as she used the walking stick to hobble along, barking at him to get out of the way.

"Sorry, Lady Puckerman, so sorry." The young volunteer apologised quickly moving out of the way.

"Lady Puckerman?" Puck asked once they were out of earshot.

"I told him I'm of noble blood and that I'm to be treated like royalty or else he shall lose his head." Nana explained as she led them to the cafeteria. "Get outta my seat." She snarled at an old man who seemed to soil himself in his pants before moving away. "I've never liked him." Nana commented as she sat down, Puck and Kurt joining her, before she banged her walking stick for attention.

Her efforts led to a worker hurrying over to their table to ask Nana Puckerman what she would like to eat that day.

"I also request a plate for my grandson and his boyfriend." Nana said. "Tell that smelly old cook not to let it get cold this time." She demanded and the worker nodded, looking just as intimidated as anyone who had ever been a victim to Puck's bullying.

"Told you she was a badass." Puck whispered to Kurt proudly.

Their food came very quickly and Kurt was surprised to find that it was of a healthy and tasty quality, not what he would expect to find in an old people's home. It was definitely much better than anything served in the cafeteria at McKinley. It also became apparent that Nana Puckerman was something of an old flirt, making sweet but slightly disturbing suggestive talk with some of the elderly gentleman and squeezing the bums of some of the more attractive male workers as they passed by. Without a doubt, the woman was definitely Noah Puckerman's grandmother.

"It was a pleasure meeting you." Kurt said politely after he and Puck had escorted Nana back to her room.

"Yes," Nana mused taking hold of Kurt's chin and turning his head from side to side so as to admire him from different angles, "very pretty indeed. You can keep this one." She told Puck before giving him a hug and kiss goodbye then shoving him out with a whack from her walking stick.

Back in Puck's truck, they drove on listening to music while Puck shared some of his childhood memories featuring Nana Puckerman. They drove for a long time before Puck pulled up in a parking lot and Kurt noticed that it was just coming up to half past eight. Getting out of the car, Kurt followed Puck's lead up to a slowly forming queue feeling the other teen force something into his hand.

"This is ridiculous," Kurt whispered seeing that Puck had handed him a fake ID, "no-one is going to be foolish enough to believe this."

"You'll be surprised." Puck replied sounding amused as he stood behind Kurt, wrapping his arms around the slender boy.

"Scandals," Kurt read aloud seeing the name of the club they were queuing up outside of. "I've never heard of it."

"I heard about it a while back," Puck admitted, "that Sandy Ryerson pervert told me about it when he tried touching me up in the showers."

"W-what?" Kurt asked in shock upon hearing Puck talk so casually about being abused.

"Forget it, I'm not traumatised over it or anything," Puck replied, "Coach Sylvester walked in before anything could really happen which is lucky because I was about to kick his ass."

"Oh, good, I mean… I'm glad it wasn't worse and… sorry." Kurt said feebly unsure what to say about the situation.

"It's all good, babe, just enjoy tonight with me." Puck told him.

They reached the front of the queue and showed their fake IDs. Although Kurt was certain they'd be laughed at and turned away, the bouncer on the door happily let them in. Stepping inside, Kurt found himself inching ever closer to Puck, finding the interior to be a little seedy and most of the other people in the club were all over the age of thirty and made Kurt feel uneasy.

Leading Kurt to a table on the edge of the dance floor, Puck sat him down and pressed a kiss to his temple before heading to the bar to order them drinks. In his absence, Kurt looked around watching as men danced together freely without ridicule, some even being able to kiss without fear of hateful attacks. He also found himself admiring some of the outfits being worn by a number of drag queens. Watching a man dance nearby dressed as Marilyn Monroe, Kurt was just thinking of ways he could improve the outfit when Puck returned and handed him a drink.

Sipping carefully at his Shirley Temple, Kurt realised the dance floor was suddenly being cleared and one of the younger looking drag queens was standing under a spotlight with a microphone in hand. He, or she, announced that it was performance night, a declaration that received numerous cheers and applause around the club. The first act was then introduced. A man took to the dance floor dressed as Barbara Streisand and gave a rendition of 'Don't Rain On My Parade' that would have probably caused Rachel to have a heart attack or brain haemorrhage over how badly out of tune it was. For Kurt and Puck however, it was thoroughly entertaining.

Marilyn Monroe was next to perform and Kurt found it to be surprisingly delightful. He applauded enthusiastically before they were tortured with witnessing five grown men with beer bellies wearing tight revealing clothes as they imitated the Spice Girls. The most disturbing part of all was that under the women's clothes and make-up, Posh Spice looked a lot like Mr. Ryerson.

A few more drag queens took their turn to sing before a trio of good-looking men dressed in leather performed a strip-tease to Hot Chocolate's 'You Sexy Thing'. Next, to bear-like older men sang a shockingly tender and moving version of 'Up Where We Belong'.

"I'll be right back." Puck said to Kurt.

At first, Kurt assumed Puck was getting up to use the restroom, but he soon realised Puck was planning to perform as he perched upon a stool in the middle of the dance floor with a borrowed guitar.

"Hey, I'm Noah," Puck greeted, "recently out of the closet," he added earning some supportive applause and cheers of congratulations. "And I'd like to dedicate this song to my boyfriend." He said which resulted in a chorus of resounding 'aww's'.

Sitting up straighter, Kurt couldn't keep the smile off his face as Puck strummed the guitar and prepared to sing.

"You're better than the best," Puck sang, "I'm lucky just to linger in your light. Cooler than the flip side of my pillow, that's right. Completely unaware, nothing can compare to where you send me, let me know that it's ok. Yeah, it's ok and the moments where my good times start to fade." He paused to smile at Kurt before singing the chorus. "You make me smile like the sun, fall out of bed, sing like a bird, get dizzy in my head, spin like a record, crazy on a Sunday night. You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breathe; shine like gold, buzz like a bee, just the thought of you could drive me wild. Oh, you make me smile."

The two teens retained eye-contact throughout Puck's performance before the song came to an end and Puck received earnest applause as he made his way back to Kurt. Sitting together, the two simply gazed at one another while a man dressed in Tina Turner drag performed.

"Ready for our next stop?" Puck asked.

"Just let me use the restroom." Kurt replied before heading to the toilets.

He opted to use one of the stalls for some privacy rather than stand at the urinal. After he came out to wash his hands, he found himself standing in the company of Marilyn Monroe.

"That's a good-looking boy you've got out there, baby," Marilyn told him with a dazzling smile, "you definitely don't want to let him get away."

"I don't intend to." Kurt answered glancing in the mirror to ensure his hair was still perfect.

"Good boy," Marilyn smiled approvingly, "now be an angel and help this little girl zip her dress back up." He asked turning his back to Kurt so he could close the zip on the back of the pink strapless dress.

"There, all done." Kurt announced.

"Thank you, sweetie," Marilyn replied looking through his purse then pulling out a tube of lip-gloss. "Here, smear a little of this on your lips so your mouth looks all the more kissable. It's cherry flavoured too," he informed Kurt as the porcelain skinned boy applied the gloss to his lips, "once he gets one little taste he'll be desperate for more. Let me give you a little friendly lip-gloss advice, honey," Marilyn said taking the cherry lip-gloss back when Kurt finished and pulling out a tube of vanilla lip-gloss from his purse. "Vanilla," he brandished the vanilla lip-gloss in Kurt's face, "scares them away and cherry," he waved the cherry lip-gloss, "makes them stay. Remember that, sunshine." He swept away and Kurt just stood in silent bafflement before heading back out to find Puck.

"What took you so long?" Puck asked as they headed out to the parking-lot, Puck's eyes instantly drawn to Kurt's cherry-glossed lips.

"Just a little girl-talk with Miss Marilyn Monroe." Kurt responded.

As they climbed back into Puck's truck, it was coming up to quarter past ten so it was dark outside. Not having any idea where Puck was taking him to next, Kurt simply listened to the music playing from Puck's truck stereo, wondering if he and Puck would kiss at the end of the date.

"Ok, do you trust me?" Puck questioned parking up and it was so dark that Kurt couldn't really tell where they were.

"The fact that you asked makes me want to say 'no'," Kurt replied, "but Kurt Hummel is perhaps going to live a little dangerously and say 'yes'."

"Good," Puck smirked, "then take off your boots and socks and close your eyes."

"If this is your way of trying to seduce me…" Kurt began but Puck laughed good-naturedly and shook his head.

"Just trust me, babe." Puck encouraged so Kurt got to work on removing his boots and closing his eyes as Puck had asked.

As soon as his eyes were closed he felt Puck leaning in and wrapping a strip of material around his eyes and knotting it at the back of his head, blindfolding him.

"I swear Noah, if you've messed up my hair I will never come on a date with you again." Kurt threatened.

Puck only laughed in response before telling Kurt to keep the blindfold on and just wait. Hearing Puck exit the truck, Kurt expected him to come round the other side and open the door and help him out. However, it didn't happen. Instead, Kurt heard the sound of Puck searching through the boot of the car. Then all he could hear was the music still playing from the stereo and he shifted in his seat a little nervously as he waited for Puck, still having no idea where they were.

A few minutes later, Puck returned and helped Kurt out of the truck and carried him bridal style. Arms looped around Puck's neck, Kurt tried to get an answer as to where they were going but Puck refused to tell him. Finally, Puck set Kurt down and he discovered the feel of sand beneath his feet. As Puck guided him slowly across the sand, Kurt picked up on the sounds of waves and guessed they were at a beach. He part expected to feel the cold of the sea splashing over his feet but it didn't happen. Puck brought him to a standstill before asking Kurt if he knew where they were.

"At a beach." Kurt replied before hearing Puck chuckle as he removed the blindfold. "Then again perhaps not." Kurt said upon realising he was standing in the sandbox at a children's play park and the sounds of the sea were in fact coming from a CD player set upon a blanket.

"The nearest beach to us is like three hours away." Puck pointed out to Kurt before leading him onto the blanket and handing him his socks and boots back. "But people always say walks along the beach are romantic so I figured I'd give you as close as I could get to the real thing."

"That's very sweet, Noah." Kurt told him as Puck changed the music and the melody of a love song sounded in the night air.

Listening to the music, the couple cuddled up on the blanket together underneath the stars, feeding one another the marshmallows and Doritos that Puck had brought out of the truck along with a bottle of soda. They talked amicably with one another, both of them shivering a little at the relentless night's breeze.

"Damn, I didn't really think about it being cold," Puck confessed, "I just figured being under the stars listening to love songs would be romantic."

"It doesn't matter," Kurt assured him, "tonight's been wonderful."

"I wanted it to be perfect," Puck replied sounding disappointed, "but it's so damn cold that my balls are shrivelling up. I was gonna ask you to dance with me right here and everything."

"Then what are you waiting for, let's dance." Kurt commanded standing up and extending his hand to Puck. "It might even warm us up a little."

Standing, Puck pulled Kurt close and gently swayed with him, one hand at the slender male's waist and the other clasping Kurt's hand in his own. Both of them were so cold that they only managed to dance through half of the song before admitting defeat, picking everything up and heading back to the truck.

"I'm really sorry," Puck apologised as he drove Kurt home, "I should have thought of something better and warmer to end the night with. This night should have been perfect for you."

"Noah, it was perfect." Kurt insisted settling his ice-cold hand atop Puck's equally frozen one over the gear-shift.

"You're perfect." Puck replied.

"I am, aren't I?" Kurt responded with playful arrogance and they shared a laugh.

Pulling up outside the Hummel/Hudson residence, Puck and Kurt got out of the truck and walked up the driveway together. Standing on the front porch, Kurt found his keys out from his jacket pocket but made no move to go inside. Cherry-glossed lips glistening in the glow of the moonlight, Kurt lifted his gaze to meet Puck's and smiled up at him as he thanked him for a magical evening.

"I really had a good time." Kurt told him.

"Yeah, me too." Puck answered as they moved nearer one another.

The tips of their noses brushed together and they both felt the coldness from the other's skin. They rubbed their noses together lightly, an act initiated by Puck, before their lips tentatively met. Moving his hands up, Puck gently held Kurt's face in his fingertips as he deepened the kiss a little. Letting out a small moan of enjoyment, Kurt pulled back finding that he wanted to kiss Puck all over again.

"Wow." Puck gushed darting his lip out and capturing a taste of cherry on his own lip, a taste that had been transferred from Kurt's mouth during the kiss.

Feeling more confident, Kurt pressed his lips against Puck's again, one hand moving behind Puck's head to hold him there a little longer as they introduced their tongues to one another and exchanged the taste of Kurt's cherry lip-gloss.

"Wow." Puck breathed out again when they pulled apart.

"You weren't so bad yourself." Kurt replied, his voice sounding slightly lower than normal.

"How did you do it, Winter Babe?" Puck asked fiddling with the snowflake pendent around Kurt's throat.

"Do what?" Kurt returned.

"How did you write me happy?" Puck asked him holding the boy's face in his hands and staring at him in adoring wonder.

"I don't know," Kurt answered, "but you wrote me happy too."

They kissed again before Burt came to the door to order Kurt inside and Puck to head on home.


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