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Kismet: Deleted Scenes

Deleted Scene One: Lily Bloody Evans - Taking place on February 14th

Valentine's Day. There had been a time when Draco had enjoyed the holiday, partaking in most festivities with his current conquest by his side, and, if asked, he would deny ever taking Pansy Parkinson to any of those events, let alone two. Last year, though, he started to dread the holiday, hating the frivolous holiday with it's sickenly sweet displays of affection, it's disgusting air of love. He wasn't to sure about his feelings on the concept of love, but Draco still found it ridiculous that someone could create a whole holiday out of a feeling that was only rumoured to exist. At least, to him it was.

February fourteenth snuck up on him this year, seeming to come out of no where. One night, he fell asleep on his respective side of the bed only to wake to loud shouts and a disheveled James. The Marauders had been grinning like mad, and Draco had been relieved to find out the only reason they enjoyed the holiday was for it's multiple prank opportunities. While being dragged to breakfast, Draco couldn't help but feel the sense of impending doom. Of course, he could be exaggerating just a tad. No one would mess with him here, he was from a different time… right? On their way to the Great Hall, they passed by his Slytherin friends. It seemed Severus was on his side, snarling under his breath and grumbling about the 'bloody sentimental holiday', which Draco had agreed with wholeheartedly. He was disgusted to find out that Lucius and Narcissa blatantly participated in the damn holiday, if their snogging and sappy endearments were anything to go by. I could have lived my whole life without hearing my father call my mother his "little honey bun" or "Dearest Cissy flower". Draco growled under his breath as Sirius enthusiastically pushed him down into his seat at Gryffindor table. It was the same seating from his first day in the past - James sat to Draco's right with Sirius chattering away on his other side, Remus directly across from him, and Peter to Remus's left, already shoveling food in his mouth. In fact, there were only a few differences from his first day, but those differences were relatively big ones. One was that the Marauders were joking with him civilly, and he laughed along instead of sneering in distaste. The second was amount of pink that cluttered the hall, but, if given the choice, Draco would demolish that entirely. The third was a feeling entirely inside of him. Every time James would smile at him, he'd feel a soft fluttering in his stomach, almost like butterfly wings. The feeling was easily shoved aside, though, and dismissed as not having eaten anything as of yet. So Draco quickly filled his plate up with a few pieces of toast and a fair serving of various fruits, completely bypassing the sugary confections that littered the table and scowling at the pink decorations.

"Why so quiet, Draco?" James spoke rather abruptly, and Draco simply lifted an eyebrow at him.

"Well, you see, James, some of us like a little peace and quiet after just waking up. Just because you are a rambunctious idiot as soon as you inhale some caffeine, doesn't mean the rest of us are." Draco drawled, but his tone had a teasing tilt in it. James feigned anger, but his lips were fighting the inevitable smile.

"Rambunctious idiot? Me? Of course not! And I do not inhale caffeine!" James pretended to sniff delicately, crossing his arm and sticking his nose in the air. "I simply down my coffee very quickly." Draco snorted in amusement, rolling his eyes at his antics, while James dropped the façade with a grin. Yes, just like a regular morning.

Draco's peace only lasted a little while, it seemed, when Lily Evans stood and started to make her way over. Just the sight of the red head was enough for Draco's mood to plummet, but she just had to come over to him. James glanced over at his face and, noticing his glare, rested a concerned hand on his arm and pointedly continued eating, as if hoping to ward her off.

Lily Evans. Draco really couldn't say he liked the girl with a straight face. He did, in fact, loathe the Muggleborn. From the very beginning she had reminded him of Granger, only more annoying. It had been in charms when he first noticed her show-off tendencies, the first to raise her hand for every question and enthusiastically stating a textbook answer when called on. It was then when he had first spoke to her, as she, in her rush to leave for her next class, ran into him and caused his books to scatter. Immediately she had dropped to her knees, rambling off apologies while shuffling his books together. When returning them to him, though, her green eyes that looked so much like Potter's had widened and her words had stopped abruptly. Suddenly, he had been pestered with questions about himself. How he got there, if it was true he had time traveled, and, the most common, why he had come with James Potter. Draco had sneered at her and answered stiffly, giving away little to no information. Then, she had had the nerve to glare at him and demand answers, before assuming he was an arrogant bully for hanging around James! 'Moderate dislike' had increased to 'Mild hatred, and quickly escalated to 'loathing' as time passed and she continued to make rude comments as he passed. Once, after beating her on a test, she actually elbowed him out of her way the halls, making sure her hit the wall! She infuriated him, and James had held him back on more then one occasion just during the past two weeks.

Now, though, Evans had finally reached their spot and was standing awkwardly behind James, who was completely ignoring her. Draco would've thought he hadn't noticed her if his hand hadn't tightened on his arm. It still rested on his arm in a reassuring manner, but tensed as soon as she got close, as if suppressing anger. That would have confused him if James had not confessed to having moved past his crush on Evans, and had moved on to disliking her as she continued to try and push Draco around. The dainty sound of a nervous woman clearing her throat sounded from behind them, and Draco closed his eyes to reign in his mild irritation.

"Excuse me, err, James. Can I, uh, talk to you for a moment?" Draco scowled down at his plate and the hand tightened dangerously on his arm before the warmth was gone. James had spun around in his seat so he was facing Evans and Draco reluctantly followed the suit. The hand now rested on his shoulder, almost in a possessive manner, but Draco simply filed that back for later.

"Yeah, sure, what do you want to say, Evans?" James tone was cheerful enough, but there was a hint of impatience in it. Evans swallowed nervously and Draco rolled his eyes. Evans eyes narrowed as she caught the movement, and she automatically shifted her weight, tossing a piece of red hair over her shoulder and smiling in what was supposedly a charming manner at James, who looked increasingly nervous.

"Yes," Evans said loudly, as if that explained everything. James just looked at her like she had developed two heads over night.

"Uh, yes what?" He shifted somewhat uncomfortably, subtly shifting closer to Draco. Evans seemed to catch this movement at well, bloody stalker, and smirked at the two.

"Yes, I'll go on a date with you." Draco bit back a snicker. That was definitely the wrong thing to say. James's eyes widened and darkened with anger and Evans, misinterpreting the look, grinned excitedly at him. Oh, this is going to be good…

"What makes you think I wanted to?" James whispered, struggling to control his anger and not lash out at the bit- err, witch. Evans seemed to deflate slightly, cocking her head to the side.

"But you've been asking me forever, and I've finally said yes…" It seemed to be more to herself then to them, but, none the less, it brought a reaction out. James jumped up, anger boiling in hazel eyes.

"So you just assumed that after seven years of chasing after you only to get shot down every time, I'd still want you? You thought I'd always be there? You bitch! I've been trailing after you for seven years - you've had your fucking chance! Circe, Evans, I never knew you could be so bloody shallow! You belittle me and my friends for years, shove my newly found friend around just for your amusement, and you expect me to still want you? I'm over it! You can't treat Draco or any of my other friend's like that, you nasty little cunt!" Blue eyes widened as James's volume increased till he was shouting in Evans face, eyes blazing with emotion. There was a slight pull in his chest, something Draco couldn't identify. But just then, Evans turned on her heel and ran away, wiping tears from her eyes. Draco hid a smirk, burying the slight twinge of pity. It seemed the yelling wasn't over yet, though.

"James Potter, 50 points from Gryffindor and a months detention with me!" Professor McGonagall screamed herself hoarse at James, enraged by the man's foul language. When James was finally allowed to sit down, Draco nudged him with his elbow in thanks, flashing him a half smile. Glancing up at the head table, though, Draco almost groaned at the twinkle in the old coot's eyes. Yes, there was no denying that Dumbledore knew something he didn't.

Okay, so it's not exactly what it was originally, but I have my reasons. This happens about a week and a half after Draco started calling the Marauders by their first names.

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