I debated wether to make a seperate fic for this, or just add a warning but oh well. This chapter has craphic sexual content, if you do not wish to read, then ignore it.


After Ms. Bitter's rude interuption, Zim realised it was past midnight and he had left the base unattented. Gaz, not wanting to take a chance on anyone else asking her to dance, decided to go with him. They checked everywhere for Gir, but only found Mini-Moose sleeping in Gir's play area. Zim wasn't concerned as the SIR unit had a habit of going out at nights to crash parties and burlesque bars.

"Well, Gir's not here, I'm sure he's out doing Gir things, and your base is still intact... I should be going home."

Zim grabbed her hand, "But I thought you agreed to be Zim's mate."

"I did, but I still have a family at home."

"He has Tak!" Zim hissed, gripping her hand a bit more, "I bared my soul to you and you just turn and leave again? You know Zim hates to see his Gaz leave..."

Gaz studied his green features for a moment, a thought crossing her mind, "Zim, How long have you felt that way about me going home?"

Zim froze. He just walked into a trap. Gaz had just came to terms with her feelings for him. How would she react to his answer? He sighed, "A while."

"And when you blackmailed me?" Gaz's voice soften to a whisper as the full situation of his intentions sank in.

"You always ignored me. You knew I wasn't human, you knew I wanted the destruction of your world, you knew I hated your brother but you always ignored me. There were the rare times you helped me and a couple times defeated me, but you couldn't care less about Zim. The one creature that captivates Zim didn't care about him. Then that filthy human tried to kill you. I had a chance to keep you close and study you, figure out what made the purple-demon special. And everytime I got close, everytime I grew content...something takes you away! Dib needs diner, Dib will be getting worried, a lowly human with a game tempts you with toxin."

Gaz looked at Zim as he trembled with fury, "You put me through all that just to be with me?"

"Yeah." Zim averted his eyes, not being able to look at her.

Gaz took his chin and directed his eyes to meet hers. She smirked a bit and pulled off his wig, preffering his alien form, before kissing him tenderly, "I love it when a guy takes charge. Less work for me."

Zim purred and kissed her passionatly. His attenae stood up as her teeth grazed his bottom lip. Wrapping his arms around her slender waist, he held her to him, purring so loudly she could feel the vibrations running through their kiss. Gaz smiled and pushed him away, "I really have to go."

"Please..." Zim knew invaders weren't supposed to beg but no invader had met such a creature before, "Zim is sick of sharing you with Dib and now Tak has entered the scene...please stay.."

Gaz smiled, she knew it would be impossibble to explain the platonic bond between her hand Dib to the alien, "You have no reason to be jealous of Dib or Tak. Or anyone else for that matter. You have me... all of me."

A warmth flooded Zim's veins as she said this. She was offering herself to him. He cupped the back of her head and kissed her deeply, moaning as she responded. This was his. He could feel the effects she had on him building up in his groin. Feeling this against her stomach, Gaz unzipped her dress a bit, throwing it aside.

Zim hissed in annoyance to see her corset like undergarments. Before she could start unfastening the hooks, Zim tore through them leaving her only in her garter belt and stockings. She shivered under his hungry gaze, feeling a demanding warmth pooling between her legs. She wrapped her arms around his neck, seeking his kiss. They both lost themselves in eachothers lips for several minuted, grinding their neediness against eachother. Before Gaz could think, she was gently thrown on the pink couch, which had unfolded into a small bed.

She watched with anticipation as Zim began to take off his shirt. Smiling, she beckoned to him. He undid hi pants and knelt over her, kissing her passionatly once more, movig his kisses to her ear and the point where here neck and shoulder met before nibbling gently. Gaz hummed in pleasure, spreading her legs around him. Zim nearly jumped in joy. She was inviting him! The thought of being inside her was making him throb even harder. It was time to make her fully his.

Gaz's heart sped as she felt him spread her knees apart a bit more before revealing his hardened manhood. For a second she felt fear. She had never seen a man and didn't think Zim would be so well-endowed. But other than being green, she supposed he looked like any normal human male.

Zim wondered how he became so lucky to have this eartheral beauty staring up at him with anticipation. He could only hope he could please her. Slowly, he placed the tip at her wet entrance and moaned. She was radiating heat. Then he pushed in.

Gaz hissed in pain and it was easy to see why as he felt that virgin peice of flesh tear. A part of him felt like a lowly dog for hurting his bride, but another part of him was overjoyed to know it was him and no one else to be her first. He wouldn't have cared if she mated before, someone as beautiful as his Gaz, it was a surprise she hadn't yet.

He bent down and licked her face, whispering, "Are you okay?"
Ga bit her lip and nodded, "Yes, just hurts a bit, It'll go away."

He nodded and gently thrusted again, her tight heat surrounding him as he kissed her face and neck.

Gaz steadied her breathing and looked at her lover, his eyes closed as he tried to restrain himself. The look on his face was pure pleasure. She couldn't have felt that good. It was such an odd feeling, him moving inside her. The pain was slowly melting away.

She smiled as he breathed heavily, placing his head in the crook in her neck and began to grind her hips against his. She gasped as he rubbed against a very sensitive area and began to grind her hips against his. She gasped as he rubbed against a very sensitive area. Without thinking, she thrusted against him, wanting more. Taking the hint, Zim thrusted harder. Gaz moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Lost in a sea of pleasure, Zim began to lose himself and began to thrust harder and deeper. Gaz shuddered as he hit a bundle of nerves repeatidly, experiencing her first orgasm. Zim savored the whimpers she made. He moaned as she tightened around him. Zim buried his head in her neck, moaning in her soft skin.

Gaz felt his teeth gently grazing her ear and was thrown into another orgasm. Zim winced when she ran her nails down his back, drawing dark red blood. How could pain feel so good? Gripping her hips, he thrusted deeper, his claws pricking her skin.

Gaz moaned, every muscle tightening around him as she came. With a cry of pleasure, Zim joined her, filling her with warmth. They layed there on the couch, catching their breath as they embraced. Gaz was half asleep when she remembered what time it was.

"Zim, I need to go."

Zim woke up from the beginnings of a wonderful dream and pulled out. The loss of her warmth fully brought him back to reality, "You're always saying that when things are going good."

Pulling herself from Zim's arms, she stood and began to gather her clothes, scowling when she picked up her torn lingerie, "Well, I can't be in two places at once."

"So, I don't care what the Dibstink thinks. Let him worry."

"Brilliant idea Zim, let my brother with psychotic tendencies AND his 'mate' who has always taken his side worry that some neurotic alien has kidnapped for his own amusement."

"You're not going to tell them about us?" Zim asked as he sat up.

"I will, eventually when they get settled in. Dib is just getting used to the idea of me working for you, I don't want to send him into an epileptic fit."

"Why not?" Zim smiled.

Gaz looked over to him and mused, "Would you be willing to tell your leaders about us?"

"Of course, it's not the first time an irken has taken another species as a mate. It's really common for invaders to bind with a native. It also spreads the irken gene, which is really looked highy upon."

"Well, I doubt Dib will feel the same way." Gaz said as she pulled her dress on.

Zim muttered, "Hypocryte... But one day you will stay with me?"

Gaz nodded as she fixed her stockings, "One day, very soon. Just not tonight."

Zim sighed and watched her fasten her garter belt to the stockings, keeping this promise to his heart. He never wanted something so much, not even conquering Earth.


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