Bobby hung up the phone and shook his head. This was a cluster fuck of a mess. Sam was back on the demon blood, hardcore according to Dean. Apparently Ruby had figured out how to break Kat's binding spell. Kat had told Bobby she would though; the binding had only been a temporary fix. Kat and Bobby had been hoping that Sam would change his mind and decide that trying to kill Lilith was a suicide mission. Apparently they had given the boy too much credit.

Bobby stood there and looked at the phone. Dean had asked him to get the panic room ready that Sam was about to go though some detox. Bobby knew that he should call Kat, they would need her. However, it had been six long months since Dean had talked to her and about eight months since he had seen her. Bobby still hated the entire situation because he knew the one that was really suffering was Addie. The baby girl hadn't seen Dean since she was a couple of months old.

Bobby picked up the phone and made the call that he knew was going to throw everything up in the air but he had no choice. Kat had learned how to control her powers more and Bobby had a feeling that there was a fight coming and that they would need the witch in their back pocket if any of them had hopes of winning.

Kat heard the phone ringing but chose to ignore it. She looked at Addie taking her bath and smiled at her nine month old daughter. She laughed as Adora splashed the water in the bathtub and laughed. Her little girl had a beautiful laugh and Kat felt her heart ache to know that Dean wasn't around to hear it. Kat reached out and brushed a brown curl away from Addie's face and bit her lip to hold in her tears. She had told herself that she was done with the crying and that she needed to move on. She was going to make a life for her and Adora away from Dean; even if it killed her.

"Sugar, what have I told you about answering the phone?" Missouri asked walking in the washroom carrying the phone in her hand.

"That I should answer it every time it rings because someone on the other end might change my life," Kat said grabbing a towel to wrap Addie in.

"And today is your day."

Kat let Missouri take the towel while she took the phone. She walked into the hallway of her tiny apartment and brought the phone to her ear. She closed her eyes and knew that it was either Bobby or Sam. And at the moment she really didn't want to speak to either of them.

"Hello," she said softly.

"Kat, honey, I wouldn't call you if it wasn't important but-," Bobby started.

"I know. She broke the binding. I felt her break it."

Kat heard Bobby's silence on the other line, "Are you telling me that you did nothing to stop him?"

"There is nothing I can do, Bobby. He needs to want to help himself."

"Katerina, he is addicted. According to Dean, he is like a cocaine addict with this shit."

Kat closed her eyes and mentally started making a list of everything she would need to pack to make the drive from Lawrence to Sioux Falls. She opened her eyes and saw Missouri holding Addie in her arms. Her little girl smiled at her and in that moment all Kat could see was Dean's smile.

"I'm on my way," Kat said into the phone.

"Dean is not-."

"I don't care. Sam is my family too and he needs me."

Kat hung up and banged her head against the wall. Seeing Dean again was going to be painful and hurt like a bastard. She wasn't going back for him though, she was going back in hopes that finally, after eight months of searching, Ruby would show up and that Kat could keep her promise. She was going to kill that demon skank no matter what the cost.